Plan that could end smoking has strong support in survey

No doubt you remember your first time trying a cigarette as a teenager. Whether you were 12 or 15, all
There are calls for smoking to be banned for people born after 2001.

No doubt you remember your first time trying a cigarette as a teenager.

Whether you were 12 or 15, all of us have given it a go at sometime.

For some of people, it stuck. For others, it was something they never tried again.

But a new plan being proposed by the Cancer Council Queensland has been put to people in a survey and it’s certainly got supporters.

The proposal, which would ban your grandkids (anyone born after 2001) from buying or smoking tobacco, had the support of 58% of people surveyed in the Everyday Health Survey on Tobacco.

According to Nine News, the survey was released yesterday on World Cancer Day.

If you’re a smoker, it might be some bad news for you. 

The survey found that most people supported the smoking bans currently imposed in Queensland and want them to go even further.

85% of those surveyed believe smoking within 10 metres of a child should be banned, and the same number also believe you should aged 18 or over to sell tobacco.

Meanwhile, 70% think smoking on apartment balconies should be banned and two-thirds are calling for a total ban on smoking in all pubs and clubs.


Queensland has some of the toughest smoking bans in Australia, which hits the 12% of the population who smoke daily.

So, you might be wondering how many of those surveyed were smokers?

Well, apparently 5% of the 736 people surveyed smoke and half “wish they had never taken up the habit”.

It looks like the days of smoking being a socially acceptable and encouraged thing to do really are over!

What do you think? Would you support a ban on people born after 2001 from smoking?

  1. Pamila Dowden  

    I totally support the bans but who is legally entitled to enforce the ban? People are reluctant to say anything to a smoker because if they are rude enough to smoke KNOWING the bans, they are’nt going to be receptive being told.

  2. Murray Walker  

    Yes support the bans, would also include a complete withdrawal of cigarette products from sale over a period of time, say 10 years. To give smokers time to get off the drug. The cost of smoking to our health system alone is good reason for the ban.

    • Gerry Smolders  

      Tell me why our kids are taking drugs, ice for example is now cheaper to buy than cigarettes, one packed approx $38.00 when you can buy a whole carton in Europe for $38.00 even on a cruise. The current government is making a killing on taxes and excise. This is why our kids are taking to ice not smokes. If the government is serious than ban the product all together, but oh no we make to much money from the sales.

  3. Diandra  

    FIRSTLY……I am NOT a smoker. I DO NOT support the ban.

  4. The trouble is the Government rake in so much tax with cigarettes and tobacco, if they banned them, where would they get all that money from, some other item would be taxed even higher. My late husband bought this up with a politician years ago, and that was what he was told. That they make too much money from them to be totally banned. So what is the answer.

    • brenda  

      They would have to tax alcohol much higher than it is being taxed at present and then there would be a huge outcry. There are more deaths, injury, domestic violence due to alcohol than cigarettes and smoking yet the tax on alcohol is miniscule compared to the tax on cigarettes

    • lockers  

      The cost of smoking outweighs the revenue raise. The only real problem is that the revenue was raised in the past but the cost is in the future. One lung cancer patient’s expenses exceed the amount of revenue raised from the cigarettes smoked. The costs go beyond just paying for hospital beds as many people who suffer from smoke related illnesses cost the community money when they require basic assistance just to retain some quality of life. I know this from first hand experience.

    • True. As do tha pharmaceutical companies from the sale of over-the-counter drugs / dietary products ect. Even from prescription drugs many of which have nasty side-effects or are deductive. But there’s no way they will allow any of them to be banned. Glad the cheating Nurophen was successfully prosecuted for fooling people into buying differently named products which were all the same.

  5. Chris  

    I dont smoke any more BUT I dont support any ban for smoking or any other thing that should be a persons right to do or not to do. How can we be a free country if we are banned from doing anything? Soon we will be banned from going outside unless we have a paid pass to do so……………

    • Jenny Graves  

      Well we already ban a lot of other drugs that damage health. The cost of treating smoking-related illnesses is massive. I’m an ex-smoker who gave up 30+ years ago and I really think we desperately need to discourage as many youngsters as possible from taking it up.

  6. Ria Young  

    Banning smoking won’t work. Look at what happened in the US during prohibition. Black market and crime. All you can do is discourage the kids to not take it up in the first place, however, this is not always successful. Alcohol also does a lot of damage, again, highly taxed, but not probibited unless you are driving.

  7. Julie Hay  

    Smoking is legal and if ALL taxes from cigarettes went into our health system there would be no problem .Smokers are treated as criminals it is discrimination bullying and hypocrisy at its highest level .The medical profession are told to say that smoking is our biggest medical cost with everything else that is happening in our society perhaps smokers would be better off being drug addicts .

    • I started smoking as a very young teenager and am now over 70. I have given up smoking but crave cigarettes every day of my life. I am an addict, no doubt about it. What I think is wrong is that people my age didn’t know any better when they started to smoke and now with the price hikes we are being punished. I don’t think cigarettes should be available to the young but I sure as hell believe people like my self should be able to smoke until the end. Perhaps I should try the other smoking thing?

  8. Wendi nichols  

    Go ahead … if it’s that dangerous take free will away BUT also at the same time ban sugar and alchohol
    Maybe tho just raise the smoking age to 20 or so same with drinking

  9. Angela Caslick  

    I totally support the ban.

  10. Diana  

    They won’t be able to ban smoking by young people. The only way – IMO – to stop young people from smoking is to make smoking ridiculous. The advertisements with a person sitting outside smoking while those inside are enjoying each others company are quite powerful. The only other solution is what they are doing anyway and that is banning people from smoking in ANY public place. What they do in their own homes is their business. About thirty years ago, I met a woman who had been sent home after coming to the Royal Brisbane Hospital for heart surgery. She had been told some months previously that she was not to smoke in the interval leading up to the operation. They measured her lung capacity at the time and when she came back for the op, her lung capacity was measured again. It was worse! They sent her home and told her that until she stopped smoking, they were wasting their time and taxpayer money operating. The policy will be the same now as then, so when smokers finally wake up, there will be less health care costs. BTW, I was a voracious smoker and gave up, cold turker, on the 5th September 1977. That is the morning I was told (after tests) that I didn’t have lung cancer – YET.!!!!!

  11. Karin  

    As an x smoker – its now been 10 years – I gave up so I could be around my grand children – it’s all about freedom of choice – if you choose to smoke – do so in your own environment (home, car) do not smoke in any public place eg – while walking down a busy footpath – I dont want to share your smoke – I now find it disgusting – smoke in your own environment – you will be happy and so will everyone else 😷

  12. After they finish with smokers they will start blaming your cars for the cancer issues…

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