Phil Collins reveals secret 14 year feud with Sir Paul McCartney

Phil Collins has revealed he has held a bitter grudge against Paul McCartney for the last 14 years, due to

Phil Collins has revealed he has held a bitter grudge against Paul McCartney for the last 14 years, due to a snub at Buckingham Palace.

The singer’s anger goes back to the time he claims the former Beatle made a condescending remark towards him during an encounter at Buckingham Palace.

Collins told The Sunday Times he had asked McCartney to sign a copy of a biography of The Beatles backstage during the Queen’s Golden Jubilee celebrations back in 2002.

Phil alleges that when he asked Sir Paul, who was with his then-wife Heather Mills, to sign a copy of Hunter Davies’ book The Beatles he was met with a patronising response.

“I said, ‘Hey Paul, do you mind signing this for me?’ and he said, ‘Oh Heather, our little Phil’s a bit of a Beatles fan’,” the Against All Odds singer told the paper. “And I thought, ‘You f***, you f***.’ Never forgot it.”

“McCartney was one of my heroes. But he has this thing when he’s talking to you, where he makes you feel … (like), ‘I know this must be hard for you, because I’m a Beatle. I’m Paul McCartney and it must be very hard for you to actually be holding a conversation with me’.”

Do you enjoy the music of Phil Collins and Sir Paul McCartney? What do you think of this feud?

  1. Janis  

    Bet there’s more to this than Collins’ is letting on.

    IMHO, he’s got much jealousy of Sir Paul McCartney.

    • Robert  

      How do you know where you there at the time?

      • Janis  

        Do you mean ‘were’, not ‘where’?
        And there’re two sentences’ in your comment.

        Not only can’t you spell, you don’t know how to use proper English Grammar!
        Yet another idiot who doesn’t bother to read-back what he’s written!

        So your reply comment rates a big, fat 0…………..

        • Che  

          Janis, your just a tart…lolo….and of the same ilk as the arrogant McCartney…you wern’t there sweetheart. Just admit it. Judgemental hag. Pick on my spelling if you like and prove my point….lol

  2. Jenna  

    Have never been a Beatles fan…oh shock, horror. They were/are highly over rated, in my opinion. Whereas I do like Phil Collins’ music, always have. Paul Macartney? Sorry, wouldn’t go to the opening of an envelope to see him.

    • Tom  

      Just remember … there would never be “musician” Phil Collins without Paul McCartney and the Beatles in the first place. McCartney has earned his stardom … Phil Collins? Obviously your taste in music is somewhat suspect …

  3. Frank  

    Phil Collins always looks like an angry man to me – I bet this is not the only resentment he’s been holding on to.

    • Anne-Marie  

      Yes, Frank, you’re right.
      There’s always MORE to a story with people like Collins’.

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