People’s victory: What happens next in the Baden-Clay case

Earlier this month, there was widespread public outcry when the Court of Appeal downgraded wife-killer Gerard Baden-Clay’s murder charges to

Earlier this month, there was widespread public outcry when the Court of Appeal downgraded wife-killer Gerard Baden-Clay’s murder charges to manslaughter. Thousands marched in the #doingit4allison #doingit4all rally throughout Brisbane, and over 100,000 Australians signed an associated petition online.

The petition called for Queensland’s Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath to appeal Baden-Clay’s lesser charges in the High Court. Now according to reports today, the state’s top prosecutor has indicated he will appeal the downgraded charges. It’s one small step in achieving justice for murder victim and mother-of-three, Allison Baden-Clay. 

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Michael Byrne QC, informed the state government that he intended to apply for special leave for an appeal date of January 4. Even though Attorney-General D’Ath has refused to comment on these latest events, January 4 marks the first day the High Court registry opens next year.

It is understood that QC Byrne has been working on the laborious High Court appeal during the Christmas holidays. His actions have been welcomed by the public, with Facebook user Belinda Siataga writing, “I am sure I speak for majority of Australians, we are right behind the DPP and want this murder conviction reinstated!”

Do you support the DPP’s latest efforts? Do you believe Allison Baden-Clay’s family and friends will ever see justice properly served?

  1. I am definitely right behind the DPP and want this murder conviction reinstated.. Justice for Alison, may he rot in hell

  2. don  

    glad he is going to appeal justice should prevail Baden_Clay needs his nuts cut off then fed to him

  3. I hope they lock him up and throw away the key, he deserves to rot in prison although that’s to good for the mongrel.

  4. Our court system needs to show to ALL Australians that we will NOT tolerate murderer’s in our midst, keep him locked up FOREVER

    • Totally agree David, hope you & your family had a great Christmas & your wife especially

    • yes thank you Lyn she was well enough to eat at the table with uus, we had a lovelty ime , thanks for asking and hope your Christmas was wonderful too

  5. Evidence needs to be brought to the table every time, no matter how small but this evidence was crucial and was withheld from court… that in itself is wrong.. I can only go on what I read and kept reading, it seems to me that he wanted that insurance money to keep his company and his standing in the community… He would’ve lost face, and was a vain and attention seeking man it seems.

  6. Go for it, I still wonder why he has not been charged with perjury?

  7. Brian Lee  

    I have NEVER heard of a situation where some legal twit has been able to change a jury decision. They might adjust the length of jail time a little, but not the verdict. I hope common sense prevails and the original verdict is reinstated – this cynical monster should never see freedom again!

  8. Maree cole  

    Sentence should not be overturned.

  9. If you were innocent,why would you call a lawyer straight away.The best thing that Allison did was scratch this low life.I don’t know how much more evidence they need to convict this prick.The things that he has done to this woman is unbelievable,not to mention his daughters,all because he wants to be a big man.Get all the evidence this time and get it right so this arsehole can be locked up for a long time.

    • yes so much points to this cowards pre meditated murdering ways.. Pure greed and then leaving her in that horrible place… If you were innocent, you would call an ambulance, police etc… I am over our stupid justice system I really am.

    • I agree with you both. Some times a jury is useless also as they either cant agree or don’t want to be responsible for putting someone away. Hope they get it right this time.

    • Do you think it is the jury who gets it wrong….maybe it is the judges or magistrates who are out of touch

    • Lol. I suggest if ever you find yourself in the position where you have killed someone you either call your lawyer first, or a very trusted friend preferably an ex police officer who can give you some good post incident advice..!!

  10. He is so guilty l hope he never gets out.His children should have been given her life insurance money to help their education etc.

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