This humble truckie should be Australian of the Year

Brendan “Bumper” Farrell reckons he’s just an everyday bloke, helping people in need. Over the last two years, Bumper has

Brendan “Bumper” Farrell reckons he’s just an everyday bloke, helping people in need. Over the last two years, Bumper has organised for $10 million worth of hay to reach farmers in need.

Now there are calls to recognise the humble truckie as Australian of the Year. In fact, Bumper is planning his eleventh Burrumbuttock Hay Runners right now.

“It’s an unforgettable experience when you are part of these hay runs and you drive into a small country town where all the kids have ever known is drought”, Bumper told The Australian today.

“There they all are out on streets welcoming you with flags and cheers. I’ve had tears streaming down my face”, he added. However, the father-of-three doesn’t want any prizes of accolades.

“I just do it because it’s the right thing to do”, he said. “I want my kids to know there are still good people in the world who want to help each other”.

The Burrumbuttock Hay Runners has not received a cent from the government. Now Bumper is trying to raise last-minute funds to fuel a staggering 400 trucks making the trip north of Queensland and back.

“The drought is in no way over”, Bumper told The Australian. “There’s been a few little storm showers and a couple of rivers are running, but it’s patchy”.

“These farmers need our help yet so many people in the cities don’t realise how bad it still is up there”. Starts At 60 readers who want to help can visit Burrumbuttock Hay Runners on Facebook HERE.

Do you think Bumper should be recognised as Australian of the Year? Should governments be doing more to help farmers in drought?

One month and counting! The Burrumbuttock Hay Runners and Drought Angels are coming back to western Queensland, arriving…

Posted by ABC Western Queensland on Monday, February 29, 2016

1 week from kick off please listen this is huge nowThanks Brendan Farrell

Posted by Burrumbuttock Hay Runners on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

  1. cee  

    The Government should be helping these farmers instead of wasting money on illegal boat people or Syrian Islamic refugees!

    • MD  

      Just imagine Cee, if we didn’t spend over $2bn a year on offshore detention we could assist these farmers AND settle the refugees here to revitalise dying country towns like Nhill in Victoria – and we’d still have change left over. Maybe we could invest that in new regional industries that have a future like, say, renewable energy?

  2. Kylie  

    I agree the Gov should be helping these truckies .. and the farmers.. Such a good cause.. Well done guys..

  3. Kylie  

    Yes he should be Australian of the Year.. He’s supporting needy farmers because the gov isn’t.

  4. Robert  

    With helping the farmers, they are not going to come back and bit us.

  5. Owen J goodchild  

    A true mate keep up the good work and i am sure one of the oil company’s would be pleased to help with the fuel .
    They have been ripping us all off for to long time to give something back AAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Wish i was a Truckie so i could help and would be proud to have you as Australian off the year.

  6. Kay Maher  

    The government is not helping with this hay run
    But you can by donating through the Rotary Club of Sydney BSB 062438 A/c 10211156
    580000 kts of fuel for the round trip will be used
    These trickiest are giving time, their truck for about a week to help their fellow Aussies

  7. Doug  

    he should be Australian of the Year.. He’s supporting needy farmers and the Gov – Fed, State and All Local Gov should be helping

  8. Jan Fitzgerald  

    well done Brendon you are a true Aussie mate and yes you should be nominated for Australian of the year our government do not give a darn about our farmers they are too worried about helping other countries what happened to that old saying charity begins at home

  9. Kerry smith  

    I can remember in the late 60s early 70s when there was a horrific drought across southern NSW the NSW government allocated funds to supply Hay to farmers as I was working at Nowra Rail station I know how many tarps we had to roll up so it would not be anything new to cover costs of carting Hay to where it is needed

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