The most beautiful picture in Prince Williams house: spotted!

The Obama’s visit to Kensington Palace to meet little Prince George in his pyjamas, along with the Prince and Princess

The Obama’s visit to Kensington Palace to meet little Prince George in his pyjamas, along with the Prince and Princess of Cambridge yielded a view of their home that the papparazzi are scouring for clues on their personality.  And there is only one thing that we thought was worth sharing today.

In pride of place in the Prince’s home, on the table of his front room is a picture that goes back to 1994 of Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry cuddled up.  It looks to be positioned as a beautiful and cherished piece and loving reminder of his childhood.

The picture makes for the perfect loving feeling in the royal family home that used to be Diana’s.

It is said to have been taken at Christmas in 1994 of Princess Diana with a young Prince William and Harry.

A beautiful birds-eye view into our heir to the throne and his lost and well-loved mother.

The President of the United States and the First Lady enjoyed a relaxed dinner with the royals last night. Photos have been emerging throughout the day of their encounter.

And finally, this picture which sent the world into a tailspin this morning. More here in our earlier article.

  1. Linda Butler  

    Would be very surprised if there wasn’t a framed photo on show of Prince William ,Prince Harry with Princess Diana. after all she was their Mother,

  2. That is a beautiful pic with her boys. Very hard to look at without getting upset about the way she died and how young they were. Also I think it is wonderful how they can be so laid back to allow George to come. and see the President of the USA in his jarmies I would love to have been a fly on the wall and to have listened to their conversation. I bet it was fun. I am not a royalist but I like William and Kate and their family. I wonder who was taking the pictures?

  3. Rae Bryant  

    And another photo I love they having fun on the water train and Diana gets wet and doesn’t have a care as she is having fun with her two boys.

    • Kay Nuske  

      Yeah, me too. Di and the boys were so happy then!

  4. People have photos of their parents on display. Not sure why this would melt my heart. He is a loving son and loved his mother and like the rest of us has a favourite photo on display. It is a beautiful photo and one I always admired.

  5. Kay Bryan  

    Love that the Prince and Princess of Cambridge not the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as reported have decided to display this beautiful family photo.

  6. pat zammit  

    It really annoys me when she is called Kate Middleton or the Princess of Cambridge she is Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, she is not a princess yet

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