Sally Field has some strong words about gay rights

According to the latest independent poll, Australians support for same-sex marriage has reached its highest level ever. This comes as

According to the latest independent poll, Australians support for same-sex marriage has reached its highest level ever. This comes as 69-year-old actress Sally Field offered up some strong words about gay rights.

Crikey reports that 66% of everyday Australians want a national vote on the issue of same-sex marriage, although support for the idea is higher than ever. Over two-thirds of people want to see same-sex marriage legalised our country.

These results come as much-loved actress Sally Field revealed her horror that some families disown their gay children. Sally has long been an advocate of gay rights, even winning the Human Rights Campaign’s Ally for Equality Award.

Sally Field offered this advice to families whose children are coming out as gay. “First of all, don’t be frightened. Don’t put your own prejudices or fears about sexuality – your own fears about sexuality – on your children”. she said. “Sexuality is a human glorious part of existence.”

When Sally’s own son (Sam) came out as gay, it was initially difficult for him to be self accepting. “I welcomed him to welcome himself and find that part of his life”, Sally said. She called for other parents to be similarly supportive.

“What horrifies me is that there are parents who so disapprove, who are so brainwashed to think that this is something out of the Bible or ungodly or against nature”, Sally said. “It’s not against nature if nature has actually done this. Sam was always Sam, this wonderful human that he is, from the time he was born”.

“Some people actually shut their children out of the house when they’re young, they’re teenagers”, Sally described. “They’re having a hard enough time to be teenagers and own any part of sexuality. I’m still trying to figure it out!” Sally added.

Do you support same-sex marriage? Do you agree with Sally Field’s candid comments?

  1. My son was my son, I wouldn’t have felt any differently about him if he’d been gay. I couldn’t/wouldn’t have ever turned my back on him

  2. ingrid hoppe  

    I have nothing against gays, but I do wonder why the Government is involved in this decision of the marriage rights.
    I’m also not sure why it is important to the gay individual to be married? Would like an explanation please. Don’t they already have some sort of legal palimony rights equal to all?

  3. The government is involved because the Marriage Act is an act of the Federal Parliament that clearly defines who may by married and it requires an act of parliament to make any changes. Marriage is the ultimate commitment that one human can make to another human – even if approximately half marriages end in divorce, the vast majority of couples enter marriage with the firm intention of it lasting their lifetime. The LGBTI community have had to fight for every little step towards equal treatment within our society and under the law. Sure the LGBTI community is a very small percentage of Australians, but to those in the community each step towards full recognition is extremely important. Palimony, registered relationships etc are fine for what they are & for the recognition they give under law, but they do not hold the same spiritual (in a non-religious sense) or mental significance as a marriage does. Meaningful ceremony has great power and this is something that should be available to all couples. A marriage between a couple who identify as LGBTI does not make any other marriage less valid or worthy. A marriage is between a couple of consenting adults, generally beginning with a ceremony held in front of that couple’s close community of family and friends who tacitly give their support by their presence.

    • ingrid hoppe  

      Thank you Merlin, I appreciate your comments, also I have gleaned a little more of the LGBTI & what it’s about.

  4. Cheryl Moulton  

    Marriage is ‘A Close and Intimate Union’…or a joining together of two parts….Everyone on Gods’s Earth have the right to be married!
    There would be very few families in this day and age who would not have been touched in some way by a homosexual person, sibling, child, cousin, friend etc…it is simply time for selfish people and particularly Governments to get over themselves and step out of the way of peoples’ happiness!

  5. Rkosemary Tate  

    Yep once a son always a son. That no only goes if they are gay it is for anything, just have to try and wade through everything

  6. Of course I support gay rights for homosexuals, why interfere with nature, haven’t we done enough harm as it is. Your children, someone else’s’ children are all human beings no more and no less so of course we must all support individual rights! What on earth are parents thinking, disowning their own blood……….that’s unnatural, not homosexuality!

    • HS  

      Perhaps it’s because they abhor sodomy, sexual deviance and the decline of civilized behavior, Most parents who bring children in to this world do so with the aspiration that their children will follow their traditional image and carry on the multiplication of the bloodline. Homosexuality stops this. Some parents disown their children who become homosexuals because there is no further bloodline to flow. Those parents become understandably devastated, they feel they have failed. If you support gay rights do you also support masochism, cannibalism, devil worshiping, incest, pedophilia? No? Why not?

  7. Jenny  

    Yes I do support marriage equality and it would be wonderful if this could be sorted as soon as possible. It is a matter of discrimination not to support it. I think we have taken too long and upset too many of the LGBTQI community with many of the arguments against marriage equality.

  8. Bronwyn Lewis  

    Well said Sally. I know that having a gay son has helped me with this decision. He is a wonderful person and deserves to be treated the same as anyone else. I sincerely believe, however, that I would be supporting equal rights and opportunities for the LGBTQI community without that personal connection. Anyone who doesn’t is simply selfish and narrow minded.

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