People are freaking out about Pauline Hanson’s big win

It’s only been two days and already One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is causing a stir with her big win

It’s only been two days and already One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is causing a stir with her big win at the election and her plans for Australia.

Ms Hanson’s party, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, could claim up to six seats in the Senate once all the votes are counted, meaning she could have a real say in the direction of the country’s future.

While this is music to the ears of her loyal fans, it has many other people worried as they fear that she will go too far with her views on immigration, multiculturalism and Islam to name a few.

Ms Hanson says that unlike last time she held a seat, she now has a united party behind her ready to push for policies like Family Law reform and putting a major slowdown on foreign investment.

“Clearly the way our nation is going is not in the right direction,” Ms Hanson told reporters.

“My opinions and my policies were clearly accepted by the Australian people just last Saturday.”

Ms Hanson said that neither Malcolm Turnbull or Bill Shorten have picked up the phone to talk to her yet – although she did ambush Mr Shorten by calling in while he was live on-air at a radio interview – but she is ready push on without them.

She has called for an inquiry into Islam to determine whether it is a religion or a political movement – a call which has already earned her more than a few enemies.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale is positioning himself as Ms Hanson’s nemesis, and has labelled her views as “very, very dangerous”.

“I hear the comments that she directs at people of Islamic faith, I hear the same sort of slurs that were directed at families like mine a generation ago,” Mr Di Natale told ABC radio.

“One of the roles that I’ll have in the Senate is to make sure that she’s in there for one term and one term only.”

But Ms Hanson says multiculturalism has failed in Australia and said that people must adhere to our “Christian values” if they want to live here.

“You have our values, our culture, and our way of life,” she said.

“You don’t have a full burqa, you don’t keep putting up mosques.

“I’d like to know what they are teaching in those mosques. You can’t deny the fact that in these mosques they’ve been known to preach hate towards us.”

Her words have angered many who say she is just preaching hate and fear-mongering to get her way.

What do you think about Pauline Hanson? Are you glad she won a seat? Or is this bad news for Australia?

  1. Margaret Davey  

    I am very excited that Pauline, Derryn, Nick & Jacquie are in and will hold the government accountable (whichever gets across the line). I agree wholeheartedly with her policies – we have allowed other people to dictate what we have in this country.
    My forfathers pioneered this country and would be turning in their graves watching what has happened to our freedom. To see that people from other countries come in to overtake and have our country become like theirs. We are a unique country we need to keep our christian values, this country was established because of them.

    • Kay West  

      Well said Margaret, the trouble with those putting these people down cannot see outside the square.

    • Not just Muslims, religion is the root of all evil and definitely has no place in our government.

    • Pat  

      Congratulations Pauline….How do you feel about Muslim children attending school and fasting during Ramadan. I wonder if they just sit and watch the other students eating? Does this occur with all Muslim youngsters?

  2. Ian wright  

    Read all her policies and decide ,i dont like a lot of things that the LNP and LABOUR are contemplating,and the GREENS i dont like any of their policies so how about a balanced opinion of all, look at the overall picture

  3. Sue  

    I would be more concerned about Mr Di Natale’s over-the-top reaction. He was elected to act like an adult and try to govern Australia responsibly, not to throw a hissy fit because he doesn’t like some of the other kiddies sharing his workspace. He appears to have the ego of Malcolm Turnbull – and by the way, I don’t agree with all of Pauline’s policies but I will defend her right to be exactly where she is. She was elected honourably and appears to be honest, which is more than I could say about a number of Mr Di Natale’s cronies in The Big Three.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      I agree totally with you Sue, Pauline is honest and upfront, like she was 20 yrs ago. Liberals did not like her then and they got her charged and spent time in jail for no reason. This was because she was honest about immigration and multiculturalism in Australia. and what would happen which is exactly what has happened. Our Govt is letting anyone, China to buy up all our farms and land, what else do we have left to sell as Liberals sold off our assets years ago. We need this stopped.

    • hanna lutz  

      I agree Sue this Di natalie a migrant himself as are nearly all of us seems to forget if you intergrated you didn’t have a problem it’s those that try to change our values and way of live that are the problem Pauline is only tiring to protect those values which none of the politicans seem to want to do so as far as i’m concerned they can all go and jump

    • Pauline Hall  

      Well said I feel exactly the same – at last the people of Australia have said enough, now if these main parties don’t sit up and realise we are not going to take it any more then they are fools

  4. my parents came to Australia in 1954, they did NOT DEMAND the Government change the Australian way of life for the Dutch way of life or laws or culture as have these Muslim minorities. , why come to this country for a better life only to want to change it for what they left behind ,just my opinion

    • Kathy Chapman  

      I totally agree with you. When the Greeks and Italians came to Australia in the 60s there was no problems they were just so happy to live in a better country than there’s…

    • Johanna van Genderen  

      Exactly right … that is what I did as well when I came to this country and it totally pi…. me off when I see what is happening now with all this pandering to these people that practice the muslim fate, I have said this over and over again respect the country that has made you welcome and adhere to their rules, but if you want to change things to your way of life then go back whence you came from….
      It is that simple folks !!!!!

    • Leigh Graham  

      I totally agree they can’t even live with each other they kill each other we don’t want them here it’s about time these politicians listened to the people

  5. James  

    You go Pauline. You come into a country and assimilate! (I’m also an immigrant).

  6. Paulette Morrison  

    Since when did DI Natale dictate how long Pauline is in the Senate! It’s up to the people not the politicians because it is the people who put her there. The way the Greens are loathed, it’s likely Di Natalie will leave first and watch from the sidelines as parties like One Nation and the Australian Liberty Alliance only get stronger to protect our nation.

    • Watch out di natale, turncoat said Ms Hanson had no place in parliament and look where it’s getting him. We people decided who represents us in parliament and we are sick of you and the other two doing deals that are of no benefit to real Australians. We the majority will support who support us an no ruling government as of late has done that of late you have three years to make the change or Get rejected after one the term

    • Rod Goode  

      All political parties are frightened of the truth and in the past have persecuted Pauline beyond belief. Wait and see.

    • Rod Goode  

      All political parties are frightened of the truth and in the past have persecuted Pauline beyond belief. Wait and see.

  7. Joy Anne Bourke  

    We should not be changing our ways of live because immigrate are coming her and trying to change us and we don’t want that, if they want a better life they need to be able to assimilate into our society. No burqa’s, no mosques in residential zones. I was at a Brisbane shopping centre and my daughter was shopping and I needed to sit on a bench close by and I was being friendly as they had young children and the reply I got was a hand sign NO English. Anyone that comes to Australia should be able to speak enough English to communicate with people, this is how it use to be years ago. They are taking over our Country, and the govt is doing nothing. We need action.

  8. alison  

    Personally I am very glad Pauline has been elected. I for one don’t believe that because she thinks everyone (immigrants) should assimilate to our way of life makes her a racist. Also as for DiNatalia, who the hell does he think he is. Pauline was elected by the people, whether he likes her or not is of no consequence, evidently we do. I would dearly love to address the parliament and tell them how bad their behavior towards each other is, how that if you get bored with what is on TV you can always watch the comedy of errors called question time. I am sure that if one of my children acted the way they do they would be severely chastised. For heavens sake we elect them to govern not act like a pack of idiots slinging insults etc. What must people think, (spectators from other countries) when they see them going on like that. I used to tell my children that people only use bad language because they are not educated enough to know how to speak, and how to use adjectives. Just look at the way our so called reps. act, name calling slur campaigns etc. worse than a pack of kids in the playground.

    • They do not only act like a bunch of idiots, THEY ARE A BUNCH OF Greedy RIPOFF BASTARDS

  9. Wendy Stirling  

    Go Pauline Hanson, and Derryn Hinch. We need a few more like you working for the good of our country.

  10. Marjorie browne  

    When are the people elected to the senate , going to wake up, it is unfair and unaustralian to start talking about getting Pauline Hanson out after one ter m, how about giving people a fair go and working together for the betterment of our country, we are not all cut from the same cloth, but that doesn’t,t mean she is unable to do her job to the best of her ability, I know she is passionate about our great country and wants to keep it that way.

  11. Ted  

    You people should take a step back, the people voted for One Nation and Pauline Hanson bacause they don’t like what the major parties are doing to AUTRALIA and Real AUSTRALIANS.GET OVER IT AND LETS GET ON GOVERNING AUSTRALIA.

    • George  

      Real Australians will kick the leftist wankers out and get on with PROPERLY governing Australia.

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