Pauline Hanson’s views on this sensitive topic may surprise you

Pauline Hanson has revealed that one of her grandchildren is not vaccinated, and that she would ‘think twice’ before vaccinating
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Pauline Hanson has revealed that one of her grandchildren is not vaccinated, and that she would ‘think twice’ before vaccinating children today. Her comments have been branded as ‘rubbish’ by Derryn Hinch, but where do you stand amidst this heated debate?

“One of my grandchildren is not vaccinated, that was their parents’ choice not to vaccinate them”, Pauline told Sunrise television hosts today. “I had my kids vaccinated, but I tell you what, I’d think twice about it theses days”.

Pauline Hanson called for “common sense” to surround the vaccination debate, which was reignited after an anti-vax mother organised a children’s party at the Melbourne Zoo.

“If other kids have been vaccinated, what’s the problem here?” Pauline questioned, before accusing the government of adopting a ‘nanny approach’ by forcing Australian parents to vaccinate.

“I have had so many people who have brought it to my attention, that’s why their kids are autistic”, Pauline said about anti-vax arguments.

“We haven’t done the research enough, what is causing these kids to have autism, what is having all the cancer in our community, have we had enough answers into the cancer?”

Her remarks were lambasted by commentator Derryn Hinch though, who said “you are being irresponsible on national television”.

Unfortunately Derryn did not offer additional constructive debate, except to accuse Pauline of “talking dangerous rubbish”.

It’s a surprising turn of events, that has left some people scratching their hands. We want to know where Starts At Sixty readers stand. Do Pauline’s comments give you pause for thought?

Are you surprised that Pauline Hanson would “think twice” about vaccinations? Do you agree with her calls for “common sense” in the debate about vaccines? Did you vaccinate your children?

    • Maybe more research is not such a bad idea. If pro vac is all clear. ..nothing to fear. BUT if there are serious questions re vac ingredients& how these toxins effect our cells. ..THEN Pauline has valid concerns. Speak to a mother who labors now with a damaged child&you may reconsider Pauline concerns.

      • Graeme Poole  

        Everyone needs to take a breath here. The research, should people actually want to read it has been done. Independent research in both the UK and US has shown no, emphasis on NO, connection between autism and vaccination. If Hanson chooses to have an opinion, she has an obligation to get the facts, not simply repeat misleading anecdotal rubbish.

  1. If Derryn had nothing concrete to contribute why was he part of the discussion except to be rude? I don’t necessarily agree with her at all but love that we live in a country where we are all entitled to an opinion.

    • Opinions are one thing, spreading lies is another. And when the health of children and of the nation is at risk, no people do not have the right to spread lies.

  2. Ffs Pauline is so uneducated. Before she opens her mouth she should find some reputable information. Seriously everyone knows that vaccinations don’t cause autism. Has she been living under a rock.

    • Where are your studies to show conclusively that there are NO side effects from vaccines? Speak with a mother who knows from experience; maybe you may think differently.

    • There are many studies Robyn and I think dying from tetanus would be pretty bad. And I’m not arguing the pros and cons of vaccinations here because the last time I got embroiled in an argument the thread went on for days. BESIDES I’m not a scientist so actually don’t have to prove myself to you . You are probably old enough to look up whatever studies you want

    • Stupid and ignorant debate. May as well try to prove smoking is harmless. Just bite the bullet and get your kids vaccinated FFS.

  3. Agree with Derryn Hinch, we can’t put our children at risk unvaccinated

    • Un vac children pose NO risk. Rather the stats are showing vac kids getting diseases they are supposed to be immune from! !! Common sense tells you a lot. We need far more research. ..unbiased.

  4. The way I see it you are either in the scientific medical research camp or your into the alternative therapies camp. Medicine doesn’t have all the answers but at least the most knowledgeable scientists have had to do their research. With the anti vaccine campaigners and the natural therapies companies, they are not required to do research or clinical trials. They don’t have to prove their theories to anyone. If a medical researcher who has spent months/years on trialling vaccines says they are safe, I tend to believe them.

    • I use some Natural Therapies and have used them successfully, but no way would I join the anti-vaxers!! Vaccination is a necessity if we want to avoid the return of children dying, yes DYING!, from polio, whooping cough and measles. When these were rife, the death rate for children was much higher than it is today. This isn’t about a handful of kids, this is about huge numbers.

    • Lindi Jarman Polio was rampant when I was small -children dying and some having mobility problems for the rest of their lives. Our parents couldn’t wait to get us vaccinated.

      • Karen O'Brien-Hall  

        My father had polio as a child and just like your parents Jeannette, we were vaccinated as fast as he could organise it. Additionally, there is a further disease, Post-polio syndrome which is mainly characterized by new weakening in muscles that were previously affected by the polio infection and in muscles that seemingly were unaffected. My father started to suffer from this in his 50’s.

    • Yes, Jeanette, precisely why we should be vaccinating. Who would want to return to those days?

    • Burnt into my memory is the sight of a boy a bit older than me at school who couldn’t get up the stairs and fell with those leg irons – he was crying and I didn’t know what to do as I was the only witness and was in kindergarten. Why would people want to go through that sort of trauma again?

    • and Australia was lucky because we had Sister Kenny, who prevented so many from being crippled entirely for life. Other countries weren’t so lucky.

  5. I cannot believe we are even discussing this, still! Tests were faked, they have been disproved. Autism has been around longer than vaccinations. Children who have not been vaccinated have also been diagnosed with autism. More scaremongering by the ill informed. Typical of Pauline Hanson. Can we move away from topics that don’t add to information, only stir up arguments, please? Some relevant topics would be nice.

    • I’m sorry i havent seen those reports. Now would think i would have being a youth worker,now wouldn’t you?

    • I have seen them. Just because you are a youth worker and haven’t seen them, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

    • newborn babies have no protection from any of these diseases, a child who has not been vaccinated can pass the disease easily onto a newborn and something like Measles can kill them very quickly

    • My Dad suffered with polio which left him with a deformed leg and foot – he was one of the lucky ones he could still get around without a wheelchair. You never get over polio as Dad got older he would shake uncontrolably – I had to feed him hold his cup for drinking, it is called polio syndrome later in life. He remembered till the day he died how Sister Kenny would come and pull his body and made him do stretches etc which would strengthen his legs and body core as well as severe pain. If you saw the ongoing pain that polio gives the patient you would always vaccinate your child. As far as autism I have worked with many children with this and I would not really blame the vaccinations, something just went wrong when the child was being developed.

    • I’ll put this as simply as I can : there are 42 different strains of measles and you are not inoculated against all of them. The fact that we now live in a super hygienic world where very few children come in contact with dirt – have a look around people’s yards : if the ground isn’t concrete, the lawn covers everything. There is no chance for children to build up any ” natural immunity”. Personally , I did have my children immunised back in the ’60’s but that doesn’t alter the fact that the general public shouldn’t have the right to choose – we are supposed to live in a democracy. Everyone should also have a look at all the rubbish that’s in these shots – Mercury is one, & there is already too much mercury in the environment.

    • Lorraine, the mercury in vaccinations is a different form to that which is poisonous and is already in our bodies. The research and the facts re the ingredients are out there if you care to search scientific sites and ignore the anti vax sites that don’t relate the facts. And the reason vaccinations work, is because most of the “herd” is vaccinated. Start reducing the amount of people vaccinated and you very quickly find an increase in infection. This is being seen already! Once herd immunity is reduced, the vulnerable (babies, cancer patients, those with impaired immunities due to disease fighting drugs) are at a very high risk. Do you want to return to the pre vaccination years where so many died or were left with debilitating conditions.

    • Lorraine, have a read of this article. “The measles virus doesn’t change as much. So showing the immune system one type of it through the vaccine is enough to protect the body against all types.

      “The measles vaccine protects against all strains of measles,” says Andrea Berry, MD. She’s an assistant professor at the University of Maryland’s Center for Vaccine Development, in Baltimore” ….. Webmed is a very reputable site …

    • that is the form of mercury that anti-vaxers think is in immunisation formulas. It’s not. I wonder how many anti-vaxers avoid fish? Or how many make sure their children are never exposed to the air where cars drive? How many avoid using plastics and furnishings etc that give off toxic fumes? How many avoid using microwaves, or mobile phones? How many avoid processed foods?

    • Libbi Elliot And that is why breast feeding is so important and the first feeds of a baby. The mother’s of today from what I know are keeping their babies safe by not allowing unvaccinated near. Sure there are more arguments to be had but common sense should be displayed.

  6. I like that we live in a free country. My daughter has “selectively” vaccinated my grandson after much research. I fully support her. She always been respectful of others and not pushed her opinion on them. I have seen he damage of vaccination firsthand.. I think jabbing 16 vaccines into a new baby is way too much… we need a revised program. And we need to be able to choose.

    • 100% agree with your daughters approach. So many unreported cases of damage by vaccine yet so many millions paid out in damages by vaccine manufacturers. Careful research by individuals is vital.

    • My kids had jabs 3mths, 6mths, 9mths, 1y and I think 2y. They had MM+R and Polio. That was it. Why are they having them as soon as they are born and what are the 16 in one….why are they having so many.

    • maybe I exaggerated.. 8 at one time.. 4 needles.. some mixed in together.. some live, some not

    • My eldest is 40 and when he was due to be vaccinated all the autism results were in the news so my Doctor at the time only gave him single jabs. So his body coped well not even temperatures. Was fully vaccinated took longer but worked well.

    • Bronwyn Crocker exactly… and now there are even more vaccines.. I have no idea why aussie kids need heb B at birth..and why they are all lumped together..

    • Julie Charlton Not the Gov: sites. They are all for the big pharmaceutical companies. & they have a lot to answer for.

    • You need to go to some special hospitals where you still may see some people who had polio and then tell me we shouldn’t vaccinate

    • They are probably immunised for Hep B because of the huge increase in the rate of infection with it.

    • I agree that the big worry is lumping several vaccinations together and injecting it into a tiny baby…..Way too many toxins for a tiny body to cope with. Let’s have the vaccinations but try to make them safer….

    • Lyn Backen Most folks wearing the label ‘anti vaccers” are not anti ALL vaccinations. They are anti the huge number our tiny babies are given from birth. The doses and ranges of vaccines have been more than quadrupled since you and I were babies. And they are given from the moment of birth, rather than the much later schedule we were exposed to. Your argument is valid and so are the arguments of those families who’s children have died or been severely or even marginally damaged by vaccines. The debate around this is severely overheated. Of course vaccines have brought health where before disease was rampant but why are we so unwilling to accept that allergic reactions occur to vaccines? They occur to many other things. The residual amount of so many vaccines in the systems of our young is yet to be clearly observed and documented. In the absence of this, some people want to err on the side of caution. The profits of the vaccine manufacturers are obscene but they get that way by having the ear of the governement due to large donations and political influence from the top down. Is it not healthy to be sceptical of this and wonder if profits are not being put before safety?

    • With all her ‘faults” and cringe worthy comments.. I love that Pauline can make us all think… We need her..

    • Terri Powell She does make us think. Mostly non complimentary thoughts from my side but you are right…provocation of thought is always a good thing!

    • The only problem with choice when it comes to vaccination, is that if a high majority don’t get vaccinated, then the program won’t work properly. Vaccinated children can still get a mild form of the disease, and the unvaccinated can spread a disease thruout the community, where as the disease can be wiped out if there is 100% vaccinated against it. I do agree that they have too many vaccines mixed together these days, and that this could be leading to bad reactions. I would rather take a baby in for inoculations more often, if that was the case. Then again, if you are a Mum, you know how you feel when your tiny baby is getting their shots, and so they have been lumped together for convenience, and people are more likely to vaccinate their babies if they only have to go thru that a few times. Then again, there is a family I know who vaccinated their baby for meningococcus, and the baby unfortunately caught the disease before the final injection was given. This family is coping with their beautiful daughter’s disability in an amazing way, but do they wonder what if that final vaccine had happened a bit earlier. There needs to be more research into the effects of vaccines etc, because if you google it, you will find compelling research has been done on both sides of the immunisation debate, and it is confusing. Compared to the children dying in the early days before vaccines became available, there is no choice but to immunise.

  7. How much longer to we have to put up with foolish people claiming vaccination causes autism. They would also have you believe that the world is flat. False science tried to link autism to vaccination, but this was quickly disproved as being total rubbish.

    • I want to know if vaccination causes autism, why is it then that all children who have been vaccination haven’t got autism? or polio etc?

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