Pauline Hanson’s prison mug shot has been exposed after a decade hidden

After more than 10 years of serving jail time, Pauline Hanson’s mugshots have now been exposed and now Ms Hanson is claiming that a

After more than 10 years of serving jail time, Pauline Hanson’s mugshots have now been exposed and now Ms Hanson is claiming that a former Queensland Premier changed the legislation to ensure she would be jailed for more than 12-months – a move that would stop her from running for office again.

“I blame Tony Abbott and I blame John Howard and I blame Peter Beattie,” Ms Hanson told Sky News anchor Paul Murray.
“This was purely to get rid of me off the political scene,” said Ms Hanson who was initially sentenced to three years in prison, but was released after serving 11-weeks on appeal.

Peter Beattie was scheduled to join the live program shortly after Ms Hanson’s appearance, and so Ms Hanson asked on the live television program:
“Why did he change the legislation prior to my trial – from a six-month jail term or a fine under the Electoral Act, and made it seven-years, retrospective?'”Ms Hanson said.

When Mr Beattie went on next, he responded, “They were not targeted at Pauline at all.”

“She will believe that until the day I die, or until the day she dies, and good luck to her with that,” he said.

According to the law, people who have been jailed for more than 12-months would be in breach of the Electoral Act if they attempted to run for parliament.
Mr Beattie’s Queensland reform meant that anyone convicted of electoral fraud could be jailed beyond the cut-off to run for parliament, reports Daily Mail.

“She went through the courts and the courts made a decision. The judges sent her to prison, I didn’t.”

Mr Beattie, a former Labor Premier of Queensland, forced his own MPs to quit after it was revealed in 2001 they’d falsely enrolled people.
He also forced Jim Elder to resign as Deputy Premier.
“You might recall, Paul, that prior to Pauline going to jail, the Labor Party had a number of electoral rorters,” Mr Beattie told Murray on Tuesday night.
“We brought in a whole lot of laws that were very tough, and they were designed to stop electoral rorting by anybody.”

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However, Mr Beattie did say that he agreed Ms Hanson was wrongly jailed.

Ms Hanson and her adviser at the time, David Ettridge, had been found guilty in August 2003 of fraudulently registering One Nation.
The former fish and chip shop owner was also convicted of fraudulently obtaining electoral funding to the tune of about half-a-million.

After more than a decade after Pauline Hanson was jailed and acquitted of electoral fraud, the politician has come out to speak about her 11-week prison stint in 2003 in a documentary directed by Anna Broinowski.
Ms Hanson who was teary in the documentary said the court case was a “sham” led by the then-Liberal government’s Mr Abbott with Mr Howard’s support.

She was initially sentenced to three-years in prison, but was released after serving 11-weeks on appeal.
The pair were acquitted and their convictions overturned.

“I blame Tony Abbott [and] John Howard for my imprisonment and no one will ever change my opinion about that,” said Ms Hanson in the interview.
Mr Howard said it was “a ludicrous conspiracy theory”.

Do you agree with Pauline’s conspiracy theory or was it entirely unrelated?

  1. Chris  

    I have never seen media or politicians try to demoralise anyone more than Pauline Hanson. Why? Is it because she has the guts to speak up? If her opinions clash with politicians – isnt that what being a free country is all about? To have an opinion without being abused because it is different? We live in very strange times………

    • Joan  

      They really wanted her out of the way that’s for sure. She is saying what most of the general public are thinking. She is very brave and definitely deserves to be sitting in parliament. Of course if they had the interests of Australians at heart she would not have been elected. Just shows how sick and tired everyone is of our current crop of politicians.

    • Ian Bailey  

      An old WW2 Bomber Pilots saying ….. If you are copping lots of flak, you must be “right on target”!!

      • Wiso  

        Love that saying !! That being true, and going by the amount of flak Pauline is copping right now, I guess she must be hitting the bulls eye !!

        All power to her.

    • John  

      I agree 100% with you Chris, as far as I am concerned all the polies agree too, but have not got the guts to say anything, just give the woman a fair go, lets see what she can do, I support Pauline in most ways also the way it seems to me the media is harassing her to see if she breaks, but she is to strong for that, so just give her a fair go, and what they don’t seems to understand Pauline was elected by the people.

  2. What lengths some low lifes will go to,to bring people down Pauline served her time,was proven innocent ,so please get over yourselves and let the woman get on with what we voted her in to do,fight for us in such a weak government…….

    • Bob Collinson  

      Pauline Hanson is the one who has done the interview and dragged this out of the past.

    • David Aitken  

      Your term LOWLIFE (S) is a very apt discription for 1 Tony Abbott, sometimes discribed as a political animal , but very under estimated as just blindly single minded SCUM ,not even an Australian by birthright.
      My father who recently passed, told the story often of an old but well respected business man in town who was known to regularly say of undesireable persons …..” I would rather an angry 6 foot black snake come through my shop doorway than that man ”’.
      with that said… Enough is said of 1 tony abbott little man,huge ego zzzzzzzzzz

  3. grace rojas  

    We don’t need more divisions in our Country, politicians should work together specially now whit everything that is happening in the world. Pauline has to stop making racist divisions we are all the same, Australians as much as other people coming from other Countries make the same mistakes don’t point your finger to one Country, jails are full of people from all Nationalities Australians included. Just Stop it.

  4. michael  

    Politicians from both major parties CRUCIFIED Pauline Hanson because they saw money from votes being a major problem if the groundswell was to continue. The laws to advertising do not apply to political advertising (outright lies during every campaign) and her opinions clash with politicians as do some of the policies from within both major parties– isn’t that what being a free country is all about? To have an opinion without being abused, labeled racist or vilified because it is different … I thought Australia was better than this

    1 REPLY

    • lurch  

      One of the problems is that the ones in power do what anybody to rock the boat. For them it is easier to do nothing and take all the credit if something does go their way. Arse kissing in front of the media seems to be their favourite pastime. Not only this but all governments want to sit there with your mouth shut and brain switched off. ( can not have free any thinking indverdiudals out there, they could be trouble makers.)

  5. J Costello  

    Election is done and dusted Now can we let the people that was voted in do there jobs a try get our beautiful country back on track

  6. Pauline I agree with you about Abbot and Howard – they are dirty politicians that would do anything to stay in power, both are the smiling assassins. Now Pauline you have the floor of the upper house and you need to start your agenda for your policies. Forget the old now it is behind you, they will continue to throw mud but wear teflon and keep up the good fight for Australians.

  7. Anita Schuetz  

    Pauline they gave you hell.
    I’m glad you’re back. You’ll have a hard time and hope you can handle them. Keep them honest.

    • Allan house  

      They wouldn’t be game to try and get rid of her now the weak pricks they are. Especially Malcolm turdcoat.

  8. Countessa  

    The media and thePoliticians both caused Pauline’s downfall.
    It’s appalling how much influence the media has…who actually runs this country?
    Leave the woman alone, she’s only trying to protect our country and enviable way of life.

  9. Cheryl French  

    Why the hell did they release it. Gutter people that is all they are without morals or forethought. Disgusting is the only word I can think of to do such a thing.

    • Don Lerwiis  

      Who was the person that took this photo from the files of corrections and released it. There should be an investigation and that person should be punished for attempting to defame a person using what I believe should be classified information. After all, how often is a criminals mugshot ever published let alone a person who was acquitted???

  10. I don’t like her ideas, or her ways in putting things across, but the mug shot is dam right disgraceful. She has my backing on that and whoever in press is a lowlife. She was wrongly imprisionedd andd that is unfair.

  11. Yes Abbott Howard are the faces to that day of imfamy.

    Well the ghost of Pauline past has now come back to haunt the PC mob.

    Go Pauline you are the Phoenix risen from the abbott ashes.

    Keep saying it the way it is. ..

  12. Robyn  

    You know what really irks me? There’s lots of things about Pauline’s views I don’t agree with BUT .. why do the media always have to point out sarcastically, that she was a former ”fish & chip shop owner’. Whats wrong with that, & all the more kudos to her for doing it. A single mum working her you-know-what out, on her own, for her family, is to be admired .. and not forever being put down by media for being a small business owner in her own right. Didn’t vote for her but I have to say, what a gutsy lady!!

    • Cyril Torrington  

      They sneer & put her down, because they have university degrees. Which they think makes them more superior, to a fish & chip shop owner

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