Pauline Hanson’s popularity has just skyrocketed

The latest polls have shown that Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party has seen a huge surge in popularity since the

The latest polls have shown that Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party has seen a huge surge in popularity since the election.

The Newspoll has revealed the party has increased its support to 6 per cent, up from 1.3 per cent on polling day, reports The Australian.

Ms Hanson found support during the election campaign over her hardline stance on immigration and while many slammed her for fear mongering, it seems this hasn’t stopped others throwing their support behind her.

Ms Hanson and her party colleagues hold the balance in the Senate with the government unable to pass legislation opposed by Labor and the Greens without One Nation’s support.

It’s a powerful position to be in for what some have called the most divisive party in Australia.

The poll results also found that voters have moved away from the major parties since the election.

The minor parties and independents seem to be growing in popularity with election results showing 23.2 per cent of people did not vote for the Coalition or Labor — the highest percentage since 1934.

While Ms Hanson was in the media a lot leading up to the election, she has stayed relatively quiet since.

She did, however, cause a stir with her first parliamentary speech where she claimed Australia was in danger of being “swamped” by muslims.

What do you think of Pauline Hanson? Are you a fan of her and her party? Or do you disagree with her policies and ideas?

  1. Carolyn Mash  

    I am unashamedly a huge fan of Pauline Hanson. I have believed in her integrity and love of this country since the beginning, I have heard her speaking in person and been disgusted and hurt by the editing and misinterpretation of her comments. I cried for her when she was gaoled and cried again joyfully when she was rightfully freed. Now I watch her success with a feeling of absolute happiness that so many people have realised the truth, but also of amazement that so many couldn’t see her value to us and this country before. She is one dedicated and determined lady and makes me proud to be a woman and Australian. Go get ’em Pauline!!

    • Have long felt that our beautiful Australia was heading in the wrong direction and now we have Pauline back in the saddle we may be able to turn around and make a huge difference and bring Australia back to its former glory.

    • kathleen Hay  

      Correct about editing and misinterpretation of her comments, Carolyn. I attended a public meeting of hers to try to find out exactly what she was saying, back in her early political career. The selective editing by the press was nothing short of astounding. What I heard and what I later read were referring to two entirely different people.

    • kathleen Hay  

      Correct about editing and misinterpretation of her comments, Carolyn. I attended a public meeting of hers to try to find out exactly what she was saying, back in her early political career. The selective editing by the press was nothing short of astounding. What I heard and what I later read were referring to two entirely different people.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Very well said. I agree totally with all your comments. At least she listens to the people and has always done so even when she was jailed. That was all concocted up by the Liberals and Labor as they did not want her in Parliament and made false accusations.

    • Brian Tranter  

      I also remember when she was first elected into the senate and how nervous she was. She fell flat on her face a few times and her “please explain” remark brought derision from the so called Media. True, she did not know the meaning of the word xenophobic but then again neither did 90% of the population didn’t either. However, due to her innocent ignorance 90% of the population do now. She has come along way and I also support her wholeheartedly. Her ranking since her recent election has grown from 1.6% to 6%. Bloody good on her. Now she and her team control the senate we should see an interesting time in parliament.

    • Kon  

      Your are 100 % right Paulin your are very,very good .

    • Khadar  

      she and her party are dangerous to great
      Australia that I love so much and it’s community which lives with harmony.
      but Iam sure main stream Australian disagree and apposed her filthy, bigetory, and racist policy against many Australian
      society like Asians and particular Muslims.
      Iam sure her filthy and bigetory policy will
      fail and never success.

      • Pamela  

        We want to keep our country Australian and limit immigration and sale of Australian assets.

        We particularly do NOT want moslems here. They are terrorists who follow that evil, barbaric terrorist instruction book, the quran/koran and its appalling pedophile writer, mohammed, slaughter people indiscriminately and are disgustingly cruel to animals, among other atrocious things.

    • Vivienne Skeen  

      Same here, Totally agree with you Carolyn

      • Leon Miller  

        You my dear are the lost one Pauline n One Nation is Australias only way forward

    • Gary  

      It sickened me when Pauline was jailed. Then she was released and found innocent. Chief Magistrate Di Fingleton was jailed not long after for tampering with a witness. Peter Beattie, Qld Labor Premier pardoned her and released her with a compensation payment of $40,000. Pauline rightfully asked if she would also gt a similar payment. Self righteous bastard Beattie refused. I used to be a Labor voter but since then have not voted Labor or any other party until Pauline outfit showed up again. I am now solidly a One Nation voter.

    • Barry  

      I am a huge Pauline Hanson fan. I think why she is becoming so popular, is firstly the arrogance of Malcolm Turnbull saying that she was not welcome in Australian Politics before the last election, and Malcolm it is not up to you or any other leader of party to tell the voters of Australia who to vote for, secondly a huge number of Australians are disgusted with the greed and egos of our members of parliament, ripping off the system, double dipping with there rental deals while in Canberra, retiring with massive pay outs and ridiculous pensions and lurks and perks forever, and thirdly, I believe Pauline Hanson genuinely loves this great country of ours, that previous and current members of our Armed Forces, have fought and died to protect our unique Australian way of life, which I must say is declining at a rapid rate.

    • Dave  

      Pauline is OUR VOICE IN PARLIAMENT. The major parties did what they wanted and ignored us. Pauline isn’t.

    • Brenda taylor  

      l have been a supporter of Pauline Hanson for a long time and so glad to see her return and to return so powerful so brilliant, this is exactly what this country has needed and to know that what we have been saying for a long time is now being supported in government is great WELL DONE PAULINE…………

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Carolyn I agree with you.

    • Lynne Chisholm  

      Well said Carolyn! Pauline was let out of jail however, they wouldn’t give her money back. It’s nothing new with the polls, she has always been respected and myself is one! The Governments need to think and take notice of what the people want! Otherwise, they wont be here next election. Yes, you go Pauline!

  2. Dave  

    Yes very popular when she says nothing , seems to get into trouble when she opens her mouth. Very interested to see how she goes on the NBN inquiry committee, this will be her very first important test. NBN very big deal for many country based businesses and institutions, so support from her to clean up this absolute ha fished mess that LNP have made will be very important.

  3. chris  

    This is temporary. Her ideas are archaic, and her followers bigoted and racist.

    She and Malcolm Roberts have absolutely no idea how to run a country. Just listen to Malcolm Roberts talk about key issues – the guy needs to stop wearing his tinfoil hat.

    Why are we wasting our time with these fools? Oh yea, because any one can vote. Every bigot, racist and sexist moron can vote.

    • Marija Fickling  

      Yes they can and that is why the freedom to speak your mind and vote as you are inclined in this country is why so many people follow Pauline. She may not be the sharpest knife in the block but she will go down screaming to keep Australia a safe and prosperous country which remains in Australian hands.That’s not bigotry, that’s patriotism.

    • Kevin  

      chris the only people who are bigoted , racist and sexist are themselves morons ( your words ) Did you stand for election so you could make a difference? Try being positive there are a lot of people out there who want the best for this country of OURS , fanatics not welcome everyone else is.

    • Bill James  

      Chris. It appears you are one of many with your head in the sand.
      Open up your eyes to whats happening in the real world.

    • marilyn flynn  

      agree, she is very ignorant and racist. Malcolm Roberts is a fool too. (climate science skeptic). I suppose you would all vote for Donald Trump as well.

      • Rosemary Tate  

        I am not racist, sexist or a bigot and I didnt vote for Pauline but I reckon she is on a fairly good take on what a lot of Aussie believe. Sorry but you can see where other countries have been taken over. I do want Australia to be Australian. We have a fairly good mix of multi culture and I am happy to live along side these people, work with them. Some races have several wives and no way can they support them and all their off spring I think it makes it too hard of our welfare system (which I am not dependent upon either).
        Why do you find it necessary to insult people. It is not warranted.

    • Joy Holbrook  

      Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that those leaning to the left find it impossible to advance an argument without the use of personal abuse?

      • Jim Ladd  

        Oh, like J A Bourke, you mean? Two comments down from yours. Your point is meaningless, as soon as you go through all these comments you will find rudeness and name-calling on both sides. It usually happens when people don’t actually have a sensible argument to put forward.

    • tony Kouch  

      Chris ( or any one that was not born or have not been in a Muslim country )please do not comment because all you will be doing is showing your ignorance .

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Chris you have more then your head in sand more like concrete. Her ideas are not archaic, bigoted or racist. Wake up you stupid idiot. This country has gone down so far since Malcolm Turnbull and Liberals took over. They do not care about Australians only their huge wages and perks. They only work for themselves NOT THE PEOPLE.

    • Ron Elms  

      Well Chris, by not supporting people who have the courage to stand up and defend our country, are you prepared to accept responsibility for when Australia ends up like Europe is now (numerous terrorist atttacks, illegal immigration by the hundreds of thousands) it is too late to stop it now. I have recently returned from Europe and have witnessed first hand the result of illegal immigration – it is now unsafe to walk the streets of Paris, Calais and other European cities and being accosted by Sudanese, Syrian and other illegal immigrants. I personally witnessed daily, dozens of police trying to round up the illegal immigrants, but the police are outnumbered – it is too late to stop them now! Hundreds of innocent people are being senselessly slaughtered by ISIS terrorists across many countries because we chose not to accept the Islamic faith. Chris is this what you support? I hope not!! That is why I support Pauline – she is saying what me and many others who do not have a voice in government. Like Pauline and all who support her – we love Australia, it is truly the best country in the world and we are prepared to fight for it! Chris, do yourself a favour and visit other countries and witness for yourself the effects of illegal immigration and terrorism – don’t merely repeat what other uninformed people are telling you (that’s just parroting) Remember, if you want to come to Australia to enjoy OUR way of life, don’t come here expecting us to change to YOUR way of life. Australians cannot wear budgie smugglers in a Muslim country without being arrested, but Muslims can wear a burka in Australia? – GO FIGURE – the perfect example to highlight my debate.

      • Arlette Figon  

        Wow, Ron Elms so well said. I was born in France but left 50 + years ago. We realised the danger we would face. So we came to a beautiful country called Australia to which I am very proud to call it home. What do I see here? same as what we saw so long ago. Yes anyone can come to our country but dont expect us to change.
        Yes Chris try to travel in Europe now. I lived in Baghdad for nearly 3 years working on the international airport build by Saddam Hussain. No we were not allowed to change their ways of life. WE KNEW THE LAW & WE ACCEPTED IT. As a white woman it was very very hard to live there. I always dressed accordingly so not to offend anyone. Guess what? the burqa offends me. I don’t want my grand children to fear for their lives in their country.

        • Ron Elms  

          Thank you Arlene Figon. It is good to hear from someone who has experienced for themselves how illegal immigration has taken its toll on other countries. Like you, this is what I fear for Australia and my grandchildren’s future. Politicians are so afraid of offending a minority group to the detriment of our Australian way of life. In Japan if you are of Islamic or Muslim background to cannot immigrate there and this is how it should be in Australia. If you cannot assimilate to our way of life , then stay in your country where it is accepted! We don’t want you here!
          Look at Indonesia now! – tens of thousands of Islamic people rioting and destroying property all because someone made a comment about the Koran. I do not want these people in Australia, for my grandchildren to live in fear of Islam and Sharia Law. So YES Pauline can speak for me!

    • Lori  

      Really? Turnbull, Rudd, Gillard, Bandt, Shorten etc. etc. know how to run a country? Is that why they all got us into this mess? Terrorism, losing our most valuable assets to China, “safe schools” invasion of Asians, (yes, I know, I am racist) and much more??? Give me a break.

    • Robert McOnie  

      Hi Chris, You have shown the world your high degree of ignorance, bigotry, racist beliefs and sexist attitudes….it is very apparent that you do not have the intelligence to look, listen and consider. Pauline Hanson has the intestinal fortitude (guts, [a necessary explanation for someone as ignorant and dumb as you]) to stand up and publicly say what so many true Australians are thinking and believe. She has endured the humiliation of being imprisoned by a very corrupt government…yet she has the courage and fortitude to openly stand up for her beliefs and convictions. While I do not know her personally, I really wish I could for she is my hero and is someone I wish I could be like.

      She and Malcolm Roberts may not have the skills to properly run the country (in your biased words) but at least they are trying. As a person who designs machines I fully know that some times, no…many times, the old and archaic ways are the best, at least to start with and then you have something to build upon. While you offer nothing to society and our nation because you are too selfish and ignorant to stand up and be counted. At least, THEY are trying to make our country better.

    • Gary Hughes  

      Yeah! Point taken. Anyone can vote. Even those who don’t swallow the party line guff. It is called freedom just in case you were wondering! So allow people to excercise theirs without the name calling please!

    • Stu  

      dear Chris do you know what the word racist is muslim is no a race there for not racist educate your self 😊

    • Henry  

      Gee you’ve learnt 3 new PC words. Well done Mate. Go back and vote for your lefty mates again fool.

    • larry  

      Love to see someone from the extreme left manifesting all over the place.
      The right is finally gaining a voice, not just through Pauline but through many.
      The anarchist left in this country are finally being held to account,
      Oh well, such is life, you have a nice day Chris. :^)

    • john byrne  

      noone else in govt knows how to run the country either Chris, the major parties are full of Lawyers who don’t want to practice law, Doctors who don’t want to look after patients, bankers who are sick of counting money–there are no longer business men or lateral thinkers who will take the country forward. Every decision they make is at a huge cost and increases the defecit and has short term benefits because the next Govt. closes it down. We all see the problems in the UK and Europe and the way those govts. are in denial about the immigration disaster, rapes not being investigated. Is it any wonder people are totally disallusioned with the major parties. During WW2 australia built it’s own war ships, planes, weapons and the women make the guns and bullets in factories—what is our main focus now–gay marriage and sexism.

    • Barry Johns  

      Chris, it is sometimes better for an idiot to keep ones mouth shut and have people guessing, than to open it sprouting rubbish and remove all doubts.

      You dunno what your talking about ( Malcolm ROBERTS!! Indeed )
      Hanson speaks what a huge number of people actually believe- based on WHAT THEYVE SEEN.
      Multiculturalism is good for Australia and till recently all the migrants refugees etc have added to that diversity BECAUSE THEY FITTED IN with their host country way of life.

      This middle eastern mob don’t and won’t and what’s more, their mantra is to subtly foist THIER beliefs and culture onto us, appealing to Doo-gooders etc who like you then bleat their mantra by calling anyone who wants a change a racist or bigoted etc.

    • Curzon Dodd  

      You’ve just described yourself you turkey… I don’t you green lefty morons doing anything other than making life difficult for those who can least afford it and thats the thanks the average joe blogs gets for educating you and wiping your arse when you were too lazy to get a job…

    • roger  

      U r can have your opinion but u don’t get 6% of the public’s vote for no reason so u would have 6 fighting age Moslems as your neigbours where r all the woman and you would have living the other side of u a moslem with four wives 8 kids and on the benefit I I THINK NOT I HOPE THE APEX GANG HITS YOUR HOUSE IN THE EARLY HRS OF THE MORNING

    • Barry  

      Chris. Why is Trump doing so well in the states. is it that the plebs are so sick of the two party Machine. I am.

    • P Hainsworth  

      Well there you go, the pot calling the kettle black. One Nation has never said they have all the reasons to Govern the country, however they have a mandate from the people who voted for them to represent fairness in the way the country is run. Do not be so bios that you are completely blind to the issue that all people have the right to an opinion.

    • P Hainsworth  

      Well there you go, the pot calling the kettle black. One Nation has never said they have all the reasons to Govern the country, however they have a mandate from the people who voted for them to represent fairness in the way the country is run. Do not be so bios that you are completely blind to the issue that all people have the right to an opinion.

    • Lynne Chisholm  

      It is called “FREEDOM OD SPEECH! If you don’t like Pauline, why are you on her page?

  4. Di Field  

    I am totally ,one of her admirers, she has the guts to come out and say what a lot of us true Aussies are too afraid to say ,because we will be labelled racist.She gives me hope that the Australia I grew up in will hopefully remain the same for my grand children.
    Keep going Pauline .

    • Kerry  

      The world has changed Di. We must evolve. When your precious grandchildren are taught to be inclusive and accepting of diversity, they will not fear multiculturism as past generations of Australians have. Teach your grandchildren love not fear.

      • Chris B  

        Kerry, I read your response to Di. Unfortunately your wording is most patronising towards this lady and regards to her grandchildren.
        Respect for a persons family should be paramount.

        Aside of this, ‘inclusion’ is only now a trendy PC word since Illegal Asylum Seekers, (who are NOT Refugees), commenced paying for their seat on a ‘leaky’ boat. Payment of US$48,000 to a people smuggler network for a family of 3 to travel from Iran to Australia, via Indonesia is NOT a $ figure available to a refugee family under duress.

    • Jan Gillard  

      Absolutely. 100% behind Pauline. Sure, she is going to need some real talent around her for One Nation but give her time. The media will eventually get it……Australians have had enough of the major parties!!

  5. mary hutchinson  

    I love Paulin congratulations on your chair in the NBN just hope this is not just a distraction form her asking hard questions about ISLAM and all they entail



    • Pete the Pirate  

      Keep YELLING Dylis…..someone is bound to hear you sooner or later.

      • Charlene  

        Yeah, Pete, his screaming might reach Canberra’s clowns b4 his email! Lol!

    • Wayne Miller  

      Dylis, you may get a reply some weeks down the track from a secretary or some wombat!
      This government is and has been under the control of the UN Together with Obama. So Turncoat is just that, and will eventually totally destroy the culture and freedom of this nation!!

  7. Brian Symkins  

    I was never a One Nation supporter. I always voted Liberals. But I’ve recently had a change of heart. The Major Parties are a joke at the moment. Listening to them in parliament is so infuriating, both sides claiming false outrage over the other, neither in touch with the general public and neither with the countries best interest at heart, just petty point score which they believe the public is uninformed enough to swallow.
    The internet and the speed of social media has changed all of this. People are now far less blindsided by the elites and their media machines nowadays.
    I was blindsided plenty of times in the past by the media pushing their agendas and misrepresenting people and quoting them out of context.
    The only politicians that are speaking from the heart and with the nations best interest up their sleeves are the Xenophons team, the 4 One Nation senators, George Christensen and Jackie Lambie.
    Greens are dead in the water.
    The next election will have to see both major parties giving each other first preferences to stay a float.
    The public is sick of it all and although I don’t agree wholeheartedly with everything Pauline says and does, I will definitely be voting for her One Nation party in the next election because something has to change……. Something has to change!!!!!

    • Julie robertson  

      Totally agree with u the major parties are a joke and only seem interested in lining their own pockets. We do not want to end up like Europe. I believe in the Australian way of life and its beliefs. Noone should have the right to move here and force religious fanaticism on our country. Go Pauline u are one gutsy woman I am with u !

    • cheryl  

      I also totally agree with you! I feel the major parties are only there to line there pockets. what happened to our democracy, freedom of speech? we seem to be under dictatorship by these people ? go Pauline and the independents

    • Karmel  

      I too am now a Pauline supporter. We desperately need some politician to listen to the public. Our once proud country is slipping down the river of no return. We cannot take in people when we are sending the jobs they could do, overseas. We need 3 million jobs pronto. We need to house our homeless. Stop politicians superannuation until 65 stop their travel rorts and big payouts when they lose their seat. Too many politicians. Use the Future fund to start VFTrains to regional cities. Dam the northern rivers sending water inland to create food bowl growing Hemp for paper Cannabis for health & healing no gmo fruit vegies, fish and tourism on the dams and riverways – like another much needed Snowy Infrastructure scheme.

  8. glen  

    Have been a strong supporter since 1996 after her treatment by the Major parties. “What goes around comes around” how’s things Tony? For those of us with an open mind & understanding of what drives Pauline, even the media is starting to get the message. With the attitude of hierarchy of major parties they are headed for oblivion until they listen to “The People”!

  9. This is a shocking indictment on the thinking processes of the small proportion of Australian ON voters.

    • Karen  

      I think you’ll find its a much much larger proportion than you think. That’s how she and Derryn have managed to score a seat.

  10. Gennaro Rosini  

    Go Pauline go, you are so right in many areas this country has come to a complete Holt and nobody is listening from the major parties and it seems that they do not care about the ones already here. Changes need to be made to get back some sort of integrity within Australia.
    Our health systems is a disgrace and many people are dying due to the lack of duty of care and proper training.
    Pauline I support you 100%.
    Good Luck you are our voice within the parliamentary triangle.

    • I agree with your comment ,We need to do hospital training again ,It is not all about having the brains ,it is about being practical and the Students miss out on this in the uni system.

  11. Genazzano  

    Do You Have Trust Issues? I Do…

    By Vern Gowdie on the Gold Coast
    The issue of trust has been on my mind this week.
    The news this week that a friend was having an extramarital affair raised the question of ‘trust issues’. Will their soon-to-be former partner ever be able to trust another man?
    If a bridge of trust cannot be built, there’ll never be progress in any future relationships.
    Elvis Presley’s Suspicious Minds tells us what fate awaits a relationship when suspicion replaces trust:
    ‘Why can’t you see?
    ‘What you’re doing to me
    ‘When you don’t believe a word I say?
    ‘We can’t go on together
    ‘With suspicious minds
    ‘And we can’t build our dreams
    ‘On suspicious minds…’
    We can’t build our dreams without trust.
    Trust is the foundation of our society.
    If we don’t trust the banks to open the doors tomorrow, then we’ll find somewhere else to store our cash.
    If we don’t trust the insurance company to honour its policy, why bother having insurance at all?
    If we don’t trust the legal system to protect our property rights, guess what? We stop buying property.
    As a society, we’ve made progress due to trust.

    EXCLUSIVE: End of Australia author
    Vern Gowdie gives his final warning:
    “BRACE for IMPACT!”
    “It’s system breakdown…and we’re seeing
    it NOW…”
    See why in this shocking ‘crisis workshop’ video.


    In the financial world, trust is continually being tested.
    The recent Parliamentary Banking Inquiry was a public display of contrition from the Big Four banks — we’re sorry for providing poor financial advice to our clients; we’re sorry for not paying your CommInsure claims; we’re sorry for doing dodgy loans; we’re sorry for ramming high interest credit cards down the throats of people who can’t afford them.
    The parliamentary farce had one objective — to maintain trust.
    The untrustworthy politicians got to pretend they actually cared about us — while they milk their parliamentary perks for all they can and do grubby favours for their union mates and political insiders.
    The equally untrustworthy bankers hung their heads in mock shame and pinky-promised to bring an end to the culture of systemic greed and fee gouging.
    Yeah right…
    ‘Trust us’ was the message the two most untrustworthy institutions on Earth were trying to convey.
    Another week…another rigged market is exposed.
    The allegation this time is that the gold price has been the plaything of a few banks.
    The Australian reported on 14 October 2016:
    ‘An Australian academic’s discovery of global gold price collusion has sparked a looming US trial in which four of the world’s major banks are being sued for up to $1 billion over claims they rigged the price of the precious metal at the expense of investors over a decade.’
    Barclays, Bank of Nova Scotia, HSBC and Société Générale have all been ordered to stand trial in the US for colluding to rig the price of gold.
    Deutsche Bank was also accused of being in on the game, but good old DB settled the case against them in April. In an interesting twist, ‘the poacher has turned gamekeeper’, and Deutsche Bank is providing assistance to the plaintiffs in their claims against the other four banks.
    It seems the banks can’t even trust each other.
    Speaking of Deutsche Bank and fines, it’s taken eight years, but the final tally is in on how much the banks have paid for their fraudulent activities and toxic investments that resulted in the 2008 financial crisis.
    The headline of the International Business Times article says it all: ‘How Much Did Banks Pay For The 2008 Financial Crisis? Fines And Settlements Of Over $160 Billion In Past 8 Years’.
    That’s a lot of money, but nowhere near as much as the profits they’ve made (and bonuses paid), courtesy of the financial backing provided by taxpayers.
    We then had the Libor (London inter-bank lending rate) scandal.
    The culprits, in tampering with the rate that affects all of us, were Barclays Bank, JP Morgan, Swiss bank UBS, Royal Bank of Scotland and, again, our old mate Deutsche Bank.
    They’ve all been fined by financial regulators for their roles in the Libor scam.
    Over the past decade, banks have hardly covered themselves in glory. We need them, but I for one do not trust them.
    This week we had the two most untrustworthy people money can buy slugging it out in the second US presidential debate. The policy debate went something like this: ‘You were taped talking about touching up women’…followed up with this riposte: ‘Your husband has actually touched up women’.
    Compared to Clinton and Trump, Turnbull and Shorten come across as Thatcher and Kennedy. That’s how bad and sad the situation in the US has become.
    One way or another, the US is going to put its trust in either a totally corrupt dynasty, or an egotistical buffoon who makes Kevin Rudd look like the Dalai Lama.
    Trust is in short supply these days.
    Politicians and bankers, by their actions, are easy targets to distrust. When another scandal erupts, it’ll be a case of ‘what’s new?’
    The real trust issue I have is with the institution that cloaks itself in respectability — the central bank.
    When their deceit and deception is exposed, they’ll be vilified far more than any banker or politician. We’ve been conditioned to expect that sort of behaviour from them, but not the central banker. These bookish-looking economic PhDs came across as trustworthy and all-knowing. The saviours of the world.
    They told us everything was OK; the economy was improving. We borrowed money because they made it so cheap. We invested our retirement savings in shares because they assured us they had our backs. We trusted them.
    The central bankers of the world have, in unison, implemented a policy framework that attempts to solve a debt problem with more debt.
    Asset prices have been goosed up — with cheap and plentiful money — to create the illusion that everything is under control.
    But, behind the doctored economic data and hollow assurances of central bankers, there is another story playing out.
    The social mood is changing and, with it, so, too, is the economic activity that underpins corporate profits and government revenues.
    A recent Gallup poll in the US shows that since the events of 2008/09, nearly two-thirds of Americans prefer savings over spending — in a country where 70% of GDP consists of consumption, this is a big deal.

    Source: Gallup
    [Click to enlarge]
    What the Gallup survey identified is that the change in attitude spans across all age brackets.

    Source: Gallup
    [Click to enlarge]
    With consumers preferring to save rather than spend, it represents a marked turnaround from the heady days of debt-funded consumption that underpinned economic growth.
    The change in social mood is impacting the bottom line of governments.
    On 22 September 2016, the Rockefeller Institute (the public policy research arm of the State University of New York) release a paper titled: ‘Poor Performance in State Tax Revenues: Weak Growth in the First Quarter, Declines in the Second Quarter’.
    Here’s an extract from the paper (emphasis mine):
    ‘According to preliminary data, state tax revenues declined by 2.1 percent in the second quarter of 2016. Declines were widespread, affecting about half of the states. Those declines came at a time when most states had already adopted 2017 budgets. They may leave many 2017 state budgets with holes to fix.
    ‘Growth was also weak in state sales tax collections, which increased by 2.4 percent in the first quarter of 2016, a slowdown from the 3.6 percent average for the four previous quarters. Most of the weakness in sales tax collections was caused by slow growth in taxable consumption.
    ‘Most states forecast weak income tax and sales tax revenue growth in fiscal 2017.
    ‘“The outlook for state budgets in the 2016–17 state fiscal year, which began on July 1st in forty-six states, remains gloomy.”’
    Tax receipts always provide a more accurate reading about what’s happening in the real economy.
    The debt-funded consumption model the central bankers so desperately want to recreate is behind us.
    They know this, so the data is fudged to make it look like unemployment is falling, economic activity is improving, pension funds can meet their obligations, and corporate earnings are healthy.
    It is all a lie. The social mood that created the greatest credit boom in history has turned 180 degrees.
    Saving and paying down debt dooms the central bankers’ economic growth model to failure.
    When this lie is exposed in the most public of market collapses, the anger towards central bankers will be palpable.
    Trust issues?
    No, I trust them, but not in the way most people do.
    I trust them to stuff it up. I trust them to blame it on a ‘black swan’ event. I trust them to squirm their way out of a congressional inquiry. I trust them to land a plum job on Wall Street (what remains of it). And, finally, I trust them to not give a damn about the pawns in their ill-fated experiment to play lady and master over the global economy and financial markets.
    Vern Gowdie,
    For The Daily Reckoning

    We Are Living on Borrowed Time
    By Vern Gowdie | 12 October, 2016
    We are literally living on borrowed time. When the debt load collapses under its own weight, envy is going to turn to pity. Pity those poor Australians (literally) who believed their own BS about being recession-proof, who have borrowed to the max to fund lifestyles well above their pay grade. Our total national debt (public, corporate and private) is $6 trillion — four times the size of our economy. We have never been more exposed to an external shock. This could get real ugly.

    Question What have our politicians being doing since the last election?

    Answer: Discuss same sex marriage for three months and deny the Australian public their democratic right, meanwhile the world is 10 seconds to midnight to WWW 111 & a nuclear war – what can you expect when you are led by !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. The watcher  

    A ridiculous premise in this article. One Nation has at most 6% of the vote. The loony right of the liberal party. The party will implode as it did before and in 10 years we will all be reading as a footnote in political history. Lets not forget this is Newspoll result. Murdochs failing news empire is dependent on the luddite like Hanson demographic. It is sad but unsurprising.
    What does amaze me is that so many supporters of Hanson and the hard right are aged pensioners….. have you read their policies regarding the older citizen? Cutting pensions, medicare, hospital access to name their immediate goals……Ì’m over 65: their plans terrify me.

    • [email protected]  

      I don’t know where you are getting your information from.. If you do a little research and have a look on the One Nation website, they actually want to increase Pensions. etc. Take a look for yourself. Don’t believe everything your read in the MSM or what the major parties are saying.

      I have always been a Liberal voter. These days they are just like Labor.. Neither care about any of us. I trust Pauline, and I’ll be voting for her in the next election.

    • peter golding  

      well. i just read the one nation policy for the pension, an increase of $100 per fortnight, family home removed from assett test. seems reasonable. maby reinform yourself by visiting the one nation policy site , and please dont let misinformed peoples opinions guide your own opinions

      • Scott  

        Yes! I saw that too – “The Watcher” – needs to actually start “looking”!! hahha. Go Pauline!

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