Pauline Hanson wants you to do this before you enter a relationship

Whether you agree with her or disagree with her, there’s no denying Pauline Hanson has some strong (and sometimes controversial)
Pauline Hanson thinks all couple should sign a pre-nup when entering a relationship or getting married. Source: YouTube

Whether you agree with her or disagree with her, there’s no denying Pauline Hanson has some strong (and sometimes controversial) opinions.

But if you thought her views on issues such as Islam were controversial, wait until you hear the latest issue she’s spoken about.

As you would know, Hanson has some strong views about family law.

AAP reports that Pauline Hanson has opened up about her blueprint for Australia, and family law is high on the agenda.

But it’s what she wants all couples to do that’s bound to have people talking.

The One Nation leader wants all couples in Australia to sign a pre-nuptial agreement before they enter a relationship or marry so they can work out how to deal with their children and assets if their relationship breaks down.

She said that family law needs “a complete overhaul”.

“It needs court-approved premarital agreements on finance and parental issues,” Hanson is quoted by the Australian.

“So before someone goes into a relationship or a marriage, you must have a premarital agreement. It would be confidential (and lodged with courts).

“We’ve got to free up our court system. It’s overloaded. A lot of judgments aren’t being handed down for years.”

While some of us have probably signed pre-nups before getting married, it’s not exactly something that everyone does.

And it brings up the bigger question, when we get married, should we even be thinking about divorce?

Do we think about the end of our relationship when it begins?

Hanson also spoke about her success, stating that people see her as “their sister, their mother, their neighbour next door”.

“They don’t see me as a career politician … They’ve seen me running a small business, rearing kids by myself. They see this person, I’ve had knockdowns, I’ve been in prison, I’ve come out of there and guess what? They haven’t beaten me, I’ve got up again. They can throw everything at me and I’ll still keep doing what I believe in,” she said.

“I don’t change my tune, whichever way the polls are going. If you look at what I said 20 years ago, it’s exactly what I’m saying today. I’m a type of person who can make a decision. The past makes you more aware of what not to do in the future.”

What do you think of Pauline Hanson’s views on pre-nups? Should a couple be forced to sign a pre-nup before they get married?


  1. Vince Willis  

    If you have a pre-nup and after some years domestic violence occurs and the marriage folds. Then the pre-nup would have to be ruled on by a court otherwise the partner committing the violence, be it the husband or wife, would be allowed to have access to the children. Stupid Pauline! A pre-nup should be personal choice not mandated!

    • J Rose  

      So I imagine that certain points would be mandatory and these would include legal requirements on DV or other criminal activity that makes the perpetrators rights under the pre-nup, that either totally negate their rights or massively reduce them as a punitive and deterant

  2. Charles  

    Just another step towards becoming over regulated. With a large percentage of the population living in defacto relationships, one would have to ask how it could be applied to those people.
    The only way to free up the courts is to remove these processes from the courts and more importantly from the lawyers to seek to profit by fighting and drawing out the legal process. Change the Family Law Courts to a Civil review panel with the powers of administration and no appeal process. A three month preparation period and then hearing before a panel with no adjournment, but simple final decision. Then leave them to live with the results of their bad decisions in life. It seems everyone craves being a victim in life these days anyway.

  3. bernadette  

    this has merit and maybe include session on why you are getting married as well as how you see it panning out include discipline issues when it comes to children or even if you want them.

  4. Geoff sharp  

    Onya Pauline…..go for it… nice to have a real person in politics for a change….

  5. Colin  

    Ho hum . Another silly idea from a silly woman . She professes to be a Christian so she should be pushing to stop all divorce and abortion and euthanasia . It’s all against her bible so a pre nup is not needed asarriage is for life

  6. If Hanson was as pragmatic about One Nation as she is about a Commission of Inquiry into Islam, she would ask that the same process be applied to the birth, the rise, the fall and the meteoric rise of what she dishonestly claims to be her party.

    Any one of us, had we been given the lucky breaks and dishonesty, to lever us up, could do what Hanson is mouthing off about today. She had the fortuitous platform decreed by the dropping of her as a Liberal candidate only moments before the masses went to the polls. Manipulators of history, then lurched on in a drunken stupor and allowed men of dubious characters to ferment the problems that have surrounded One Nation since it inception.

  7. Clinton  

    Compulsory pre-nups may be a little too far, but the idea of pre-marital counselling definitely deserves being discussed. Perhaps even a basic parenting competency check linked to the tax benefits and child-related allowances? You need a licence to drive, to marry, to fish, to busk, even….but absolutely zero required skills to bring children into our society? This may be one situation where more regulation is good for us, collectively and individually.

  8. Karen  

    I remarried three years ago bringing more assets to the marriage than my new husband. We looked at a pre nup and discovered via legal sites that it was a lot of money to set up and easily contested and often ruled invalid after breakups. We decided to trust in each other and our future instead, We are in our late fifities, no dependant children.

  9. wally  

    defineately agree, saves a heap on lawyers fees too, they thrive on marriage breakups.

  10. Joan Marshall  

    I totally agree on prenups to stop both women and men from trying to destroy each other financially. Like Pauline I agree be fair.

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