Pauline Hanson targeted by angry protestors who say she’s racist

As one of the most polarising figures in Australian politics, Pauline Hanson is no stranger to protestors. It seems last night

As one of the most polarising figures in Australian politics, Pauline Hanson is no stranger to protestors. It seems last night in Brisbane was no exception: 50 angry anti-racism protestors chanted and shouted outside the Norman Park Bowls Club where Ms Hanson was launching her Senate campaign.

Protesters carried signs that said “Pauline Hanson is Racist Scum”, as well as yelling “Pauline Hanson, go to hell – take One Nation there as well”.

Protester Carl Jackson told 9News Ms Hanson’s politics were unwelcome in Australia.

“There is a wave of racism rising in this country, and we have a responsibility as anti-racists to stand with our Muslim brothers and sisters, to stand with Asians, to stand with Aboriginal people,” he said.

“All the people who bear the brunt of the kind of racism that Pauline Hanson and her motley crew whip up.

“Maybe we can’t stop them from being racist, but maybe we can make them too ashamed to admit it in public.”

As Ms Hanson’s supporters arrived at the launch, the group of protestors said “shame on you racists”.

Inside, a protestor said “you’re all a bunch of f—ing racists” to guests, despite security and police attendance.

Ms Hanson launched her Senate campaign on the hope that this will be her best chance of winning a seat in QLD as support for her has grown over the years.

Tell us: do you think Pauline deserved this incident last night? Is she racist?



  1. Don Walker  

    Amazing how people with different views always fall back on the racist card to try and force their views on others.

    • Too frequently it’s the racist card accompanied by violence, Don…….and such is their mentality that the protesters using that approach can’t see anything wrong with it !

  2. Margie  

    Pauline has the guts to put into words what many ‘true-blue’ Aussies’ are thinking.
    Do hope she wins a Senate seat.

    • Wiso  

      Me to Margie. It is a pity that people are too frightened to tell the truth and say and what they think for fear of being targeted with the racist label and/or violence.

    • Lynne Young  

      Australia does not want Sharia Law….We want people who love, honour & respect our country……Honour our flag, sing the National Anthem……Treat everyone with respect, no matter what colour, creed, religion. Do not preform barbaric acts on young girls, allow marriage of young girls…..Everyone should show respect to our Indigenous people…….

    • Funny thing Margie, I have a cousin here, currently, from the USA, and she says the same thing about Donald Trump, that he says what people are thinking…. And for sure I don’t want the likes of him here.

  3. I have just read some articles that say that aboriginals do not want islam in this country – they say it is so far from what they believe they don’t want it here. So that shouts down one of the protesters arguments, as far as the Asian population are concerned I do believe that they do not want to be taken back to the dark ages where women are suppressed in what they wear or how they conduct their day to day affairs, Asians are progressive in nature. That shoots that argument down. Now we get to the issues in hand. Making out Pauline is a racist is wrong – what she is doing is trying to preserve our way of life in Australia as we know it, if the islamic people keep swarming us with their population and beliefs we will not have Australia as we know it. If they assimilated nobody would object however changing our food into Halal wanting Sharia Law and many other propositions that the general public are not aware of is changing our lives into theirs. Rebuild their country and let them go home to where they can practice their so called religion without opposition. Solution to all of this discourse. Pauline is not a racist she is a protector.

    • John Powell  

      Good on you Jenny I would say 95% of Australians would agree with every word you have said, and well said by the way

    • Wiso  

      Well said Jenny !!! I agree with every word you say.

    • Carol samata  

      Are Jewish people shamed or harrased for wanting kosher food because of their religion

      • Marcia DiClemente  

        Carol Samata, Jewish people are not shamed and harassed for wanting kosher food because they don’t impose their beliefs on anyone else, keep to themselves and don’t commit acts of terrorism in the name of religion.

    • Deborah  

      I totally agree with you. .😊

    • very well put Jenny those who oppose her are ignorant to what is going on around them BUT they will the first to cry out for help.

    • Patricia Barone  

      what a wonderful comment and very true, i know Pauline Hanson will be getting my vote for the Senate as you have said she has the guts to tell it how it is. Yes we are losing our country and identity with these new interlopers.

    • Thank goodness for some commonsense. This rascist crap— Islam is not a race it is a religion. I have a better idea send them home and let them fight their own battles instead of our men/women doing the job for them.

  4. Fred Bassett  

    The “racist” card is overplayed by the protesters. Pauline is expressing an opinion that many of the silent majority support. She is defending our freedom which is what we have and yet certain elements want that changed so that they can rule us.

  5. Race and religion don’t need to be so divisive if we ignored extreme views live and let live. London can vote in a Muslim mayor without panicking. Why can’t we be more tolerant?

    • David Fleming  

      London voted in a Muslim Mayor because the majority of the English are too lazy to vote, so the Muslin population voted in large numbers to achieve their objective.

    • Don’t forget he was standing as a labour candidate and most if not all muslims vote labour, why do you think Shortun wants to increase the muslim intake.

    • Jack Dice  

      Do these people Realy believe that they would ,or could live under Muslim laws ,especially woman ,Have they seen how they are treated ,Only yesterday I saw a picture of a Muslim man leading three woman in full burkas chains on their ankles and him holding the end and a caption reading .Wifes or Slaves take your pick ,They disregard our laws and way of life ant we are all Infedels to them ,To be converted to Islam or Kill us if we won’t convert ,.What a way to live ..God helps us and our Grandkids down the track ..Wake up !

  6. The new fascists at it again. Pauline never was racist just expressing the views of the silent majority. These new fascists are a product of our indoctrination system oops! education system.

  7. Carol samata  

    She may or may not be a racist but she is a xenophobe

  8. why is Pauline racist because she speaks her mind, that is her god given right, a right that thousands of Australian men & women fought for & died for, you too have the same right which I plainly see, but you also bring along the violent talk, the yelling & screaming obscenities ,the racism card is played too much . & Carl Jackson get a life

  9. Deborah  

    I agree with Paulines principles. ..if nothing is done Australia will definitely not be the same good country it is.

  10. wayne pennington  

    islam is not a race it is a backward cult of people of incredible stupidity

  11. Frances Elizabeth Miller  

    I am an ex- missionary from among the Australian aboriginal people, and I know that they object to the Muslims seeming to ‘take over’ our country using the banner of ‘racism’. Most aboriginal Australians are nominal Christians , if not practicing Christians. We are all grateful for Pauline for standing up to say what all loyal Australians feel.

    • Steve  

      Agree with all said.
      Speak out
      And protect us from these brain washed

  12. Trevor  

    Have you noticed that the protesters are always violent and try to stop anyone with a different view from having a say
    reminds me of Hitlers Germany

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