Pauline Hanson takes unusual step to address her candidate’s past

We’re used to Pauline Hanson doing things a little bit differently to what most politicians do. And this time she’s
Pauline Hanson is giving the people their say on one of her candidate's future. Source: Pauline Hanson's Please Explain/YouTube

We’re used to Pauline Hanson doing things a little bit differently to what most politicians do.

And this time she’s taking the unusual step of putting one of her candidate’s future in the hands of the people.

One of her One Nation candidates for Western Australia, Brian Brightman, has a controversial past.

The former customs officer was convicted of stealing departure tax stamps and selling them to Australia Post for $1000 back in 1993.

But instead of dropping him as a candidate or putting him out for “trial by media”, Hanson is giving her followers the chance to decide whether he should remain a candidate.

On her Pauline Hanson’s Please Explain Facebook page, the One Nation leader said Brightman came to her before he was nominated and explained his past.

“In life we all make mistakes. After that what matters is how you deal with them. Do you run from your mistakes or do you turn and face them with courage and honesty?” she wrote.

“I believe in openness, transparency, honesty and giving the people of Australia the chance to be listened to and voice their honest opinion.

“Because of his willingness to tell the truth, even when he knew it might cost him a chance to follow his dream, I decided to give him a chance.

“What do you all think? Is it fair that after someone has atoned for their mistakes that they might be given a second chance?

“If you want, now’s your chance to have your say, I think we should give him a go.”

Hanson directed her followers to a poll on the Sky News Australia Facebook page, where they could vote on whether Brightman should remain a candidate.

The results of the poll are expected to be released soon.

The WA election, which will be held on March 11, has a field of 55 One Nation candidates.

A Reach-TEL poll last week has One Nation polling at 11%, but Hanson herself believes that number is much higher.




  1. Keith Cashman  

    I think the man could not be any worse than the other ‘sophisticated’ thieves that we have representing us today. I support Pauline’s decision and I hope he proves to be a powerful ONE NATION representative.

    • Des Brown  

      Give him a go , if he really beleives in One Nation and thats what this is all about then let him make up for his mistakes! Pauline is right that we have all made mistakes as we are human but we must get better and more experienced so we become better people , he just needs to be honest and when asked about the truth , tell the truth , no lies ever , truth always ! Love you Pauline

  2. Danny  

    Well it is a change usuall we hear about their crooked dealings well after their in politics and had more than a good amount of the publics money give him the chance

  3. The watcher  

    What? This mob beleives in rehabilitation? Forgive me while I vomit at their hypocricy. That said, it is a complete irony that a nation founded as a convict colony would not allow someone convicted of such a stupid crime so many years ago stand as a member of parliament.

  4. Irene  

    Look at our government now………They do far worse and are never held to account

  5. As a former public servant in a position of trust this guy planed his offence over a period of time, had it been a spontaneous crime of opportunity and done on the spur of the moment one could excuse his laps of judgement however this was only 23 yrs ago committed whilst a public servant and premeditated,
    I believe that everyone should get a second chance but allowing this guy to put his hands in the cookie jar again would be a mistake.

  6. Lesley Sullivan  

    As long as she puts him on notice that this is his chance to prove himself and if he puts one foot wrong them he’s out.

    • Charles  

      Problem is, once he is in it is not so easy to toss him out.
      Larceny as a servant is the ultimate betrayal of trust, especially as a law enforcement official.
      He knew the likely consequences when he did it and must pay the penalty.
      Knowing what we now know, I would not vote for a thief or a Party that supports one!

  7. carol sisson  

    We need honest trustworthy people in government there are far too many shifty cheating politicians that are ripping of tax payers. No you/we don’t want him in government

  8. elena  

    A thief is a thief…He has confirmed it, a thief will always be a thief. We have enough legalised thief in politics don’t want one self-confessed more. P. H. , I think, is a honest person, unfortunately she is highly ignorant and uneducated to be in a place like politics.

  9. Peter McKenzie  

    No chance,it will damage One Nations credibility,he was in a trusted position and abused it.

    • John Edwards  

      Credibility??? Ha ha ha. You must be joking. PHON has NO credibility to damage😂😂😂😂

  10. Julie  

    Condemning people for a mistake in life is why we have such a judgemental and unforgiving attitude pervading our society. I always admire those who forgive and give others the chance to make better lives having learnt from a past mistake. Give the guy a go.

  11. Guy Flavell  

    No Pauline, I think you are just asking for trouble with this guy.

  12. Pat Simpson  

    I thought there was a rule that if you had been convicted of an offence you could not be a representative in parliament???? Maybe I am wrong!

    • Ray Harvey  

      I think it’s a media misnomer to say a convicted person “can’t be a candidate or hold office”. There have been cases in the past whereby people have been elected and held public office,

    • Laila Andre  

      Give this guy a go Pauline, what’s done is done. He’s honest enough to m m

      Give this guy a go Pauline. He’s been honest about what happened and I’m sure if you look at some of the other politicians we have then I guess he’s OK.

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