Pauline Hanson supporters pull ‘sick prank’ at church

One of Australia’s most prominent far-right groups have left churchgoers shocked and upset after pulling at prank at their Sunday

One of Australia’s most prominent far-right groups have left churchgoers shocked and upset after pulling at prank at their Sunday service.

A group of men and women from the Party for Freedom – an anti-immigration and anti-Islam group – stormed into the Gosford church on Sunday dressed in burqas and mock Muslim attire and started pretending to pray on mats while blasting music.

The group uploaded a video of the incident to their Facebook page where they can be heard speaking sarcastically of the “rich tapestry of Islam”, claiming “the western world is living in denial”.

Father Rod Bower who was giving the service at the time said people were left “deeply traumatised” by the event.

“Using a loud speaker starting to abuse me in particular for the work we do … they violated our sacred space,” Father Bower told Fairfax.

“It was typical rhetoric from the extreme right, vilifying Muslims and multiculturalism as a whole.

“[They said] Muslims are taking over, they had some prayer mats and mock prayed, they had a recording of the Koran being sung.”

Later, the group from the Party for Freedom uploaded the video saying, “We just went into Father Rod Bowers’ church and let him know we’re not happy with his … nonsense about sponsoring Islam and multiculturalism.”

The Gosford church is known for accepting people from all faiths and walks of life and has been a prominent supporter of refugees and the closing of Nauru.

While Pauline Hanson does not have a direct link with the Party for Freedom herself, the group uses her picture as their Facebook profile photo and supports her anti-immigration policy.

The group has previously found a lot of support throughout the country, but is now receiving huge backlash over the prank with people saying they went too far by interrupting a sacred space.

“What a bunch of pathetic little snivelling morons!” wrote one person on their Facebook page.

“You are all disgusting pigs,” said another.

Do you think this is one step too far? Should people face consequences for pranks like this or are they just exercising their right to free speech?

  1. The heading for this story is misleading, Pauline Hanson has nothing to do with this party, you can use a photo of anyone on your fb page!
    Their actions however are rude and disrespectful, while they may have a point with some of their beliefs, they have no right to disturb people inside their place of worship.

  2. Yvonne Robinson  

    That is going overboard, and they owe Pauline an apology, and should be charged for indiscriminatly using her photo and interupting a Christian service, just as well it wasnt a mosque or they might not have got off so easily !

    • …and what does that say about the “religion of peace “? Kind of supports their point.

      • Barbara Phi  

        Doesn’t support their point at all given it was just an opinion from another commentator. I thought the whole exercise was in bad taste and unmannerly. All sacred places should be inviolate. Ms Hanson should distance herself from this incident by issuing a formal statement of disapproval..

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Yes Yvonne I agree with you wholly. They should be charged for their attics. Not funny, just plain stupid.
      APOLOGY TO PAULINE is needed immediately.

  3. Susanne Otto  

    They are crazy ratbags! And why drag Ms Hanson into the report? She has nothing to do with this group.

  4. Bruce Taylor  

    Just goes to show the mentality of the people who support Hanson. I am still ashamed that people in my country could elect her. Even though she received less than 5% of the vote it still means there were enough extreme racists here to vote her in.

    • ScottM  

      No, Bruce actually your comment goes to show you own lack of judgement. Many of us are equally appalled by your own mentality – its stupid. You, like the imbeciles in the media use such a situation to unreasonably taint all Hanson supporters. These people who committed this act are as stupid as you. Wake up mate!

      • jimbob  

        Stop being so defensive. If you’re beliefs are justified then why do you need to react like an imbecile?

    • Anne Wolski  

      I fully agree with you Bruce. No wonder Australia has such a terrible reputation about human rights and people like Hanson make it worse. It really makes me mad when she says “I just say what all Australians are thinking”. Well you dumb imbecile, not all Australians are racist twats like you are.
      An interesting point made to me recently from a lady who is Catholic. She said the IRA were catholic and they were terrorists but nobody ever treated her badly because she is a catholic so why do we treat all Muslims badly because some of them are terrorists. She makes a good point.

  5. I am sure that Pauline Hanson would not approve of her Photo being used by these clowns sand I am sure that she would disapprove of disturbing any religious meeting, As for this article to suggest that she would have anything to do with this is very miss leading even though you say their her supporters, They are clearly a party unto them selves as you can see by their logo so a play on word’s hide’s a lot of insinuations & and innuendoes it would seem,

  6. Brian Lee  

    I think one step too far was putting Pauline Hansons photo at the head of this article – and making sure its VERY large too, so the impression is given that she is somehow to blame. I can tell you, I’m getting very close to ‘the last straw’ with SaS, not because I like Hanson and her ideas, but because of your bent and misleading and very obvious extreme left wing thinking!

  7. Trouble with the so called Father Bower and his Anglican Church in Gosford has been the constant placement of leftist signage on the church notice board. His constant criticism of the Government over its policy on illegal immigrants is widely reported on FB, yet anyone who criticises him or his church on their own FB page cops an immediate ban.
    Why doesn’t Father Rod ever say anything about the chronic murder and assaults on Christians and the burning of their churches by the so called Religion of Peace in Muslim countries or does he worship the devil? Turning the other cheek is a Christian trait totally exploited by the enemies of Christ and you’d have to be totally blind not to see it!

  8. colin  

    this group is part of ONE NATION and her tirades that start this racist nonsense. The priest is entitled to put appropriate commentary on his notice board but this sort of behaviour is not amusing or in the least acceptable.

    • Wyzolma  

      IF….a very big “if” ….you bothered to LISTEN to what Ms Hanson ACTUALLY says, you might become educated enough to make a reasonable comment. This group uses Ms Hanson’s photograph but are not “part of ONE NATION” . The minister makes many rude and often offensive comments on his noticeboard which do NOT reflect the perspective of all his community. Fr Rod is a vindictive stirrer and cannot tolerate being challenged for his views.

  9. Margaret Harvey  

    They’re complete morons! But the media will do anything to discredit Pauline Hanson or make her look foolish! Don’t always agree with her but the media campaign against her is vicious. As for those idiots, they’re their own worst enemy!

    • Jenny brown  

      I have to agree with you – the media always jump on any little thing to drag her name through the mud!,

  10. What an absolute crock of sh1t to link Pauline Hanson to this mob of morons in such a ‘loud’ manner. Having said that, I include the priest in question as part of that same mob. He deserves all that’s coming to him for his stance and publications outside his church. He too is an idiot and needs to remember that he’s a priest, not a far left wing politician, but if that’s what he thinks he is, then he shouldn’t be surprised to get treatment in kind from the opposite side. In the meantime the real message is lost.

    As for SAS, well it seems, we see you go another step towards oblivion. Why report this stuff? Why give it that credibility? Or are you also so anti-Hanson that this is another ‘play the player, rather than the ball’ efforts the left love so much. You also owe PH an apology

    • R green  

      Right on Rob. Sas is so far left they are in danger of running into their own backside.

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