Pauline Hanson stirs debate with radical ID call

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has called for a drastic overhaul to our national security system, saying Australia needs a
One Nation leader Pauline Hanson.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has called for a drastic overhaul to our national security system, saying Australia needs a new identification scheme to curb welfare fraud across the country.

Under Ms Hanson’s proposal, every single Australian would be issued an identity card that is unlocked by their fingerprint, making it much more difficult for anyone to steal someone’s identity and defraud the system.

“Australians have always been very protective of their identity and concerned about big brother watching,” she wrote on her party’s website.

“Now is the time for us to consider introducing secure identification that cannot be stolen by others to defraud our welfare, medical, schools, pharmaceutical benefits and any other taxpayer funded service.”

While it sounds like a great way to fight bludgers who are ripping off Centrelink to some, others say it’s just another way for the government to track our every move.

Many believe that fingerprint IDs are the way of the future, but with fears over computer spying and phone tapping already swirling among some voters there are worries this could be just another way for the government to keep tabs on everyone.

However, Ms Hanson says welfare fraud is becoming too big an issue to ignore and plenty of people agree with her.

“There’s a lot of aliases out there and a lot of people are simply using their relatives’ Medicare cards when they come to Australia and that gets billed to the taxpayer. It’s common sense. People should need ID if they want to access welfare,” she told News Corp.

Malcolm Turnbull has reportedly said he is open to the idea, buts wants to look into other avenues as well.

With welfare fraud becoming such a big issue around the country, there are many who are saying it’s time we tried something as drastic as this to fix the problem.

Do you think this is a good idea? Or would it make it be too much like ‘Big Brother’ was watching? Do you think welfare fraud is a big issue in Australia?


    Not a big Pauline fan, but, if your not doing anything wrong, and paying your taxes to fund the services you use and not bludging off the system, what have you got to worry about.

    • Josephine B  

      Carol Russ, it’s not the good guys that would have to worry about anything, but the fraudsters/criminals and blood-suckers that would be weeded out. So, I’m all for change in “identifying” us clean-skins.

    • Why not try the New Zealand system as it works. If you do not have a permanent address you receive zero.
      You have to have bills that match to the address you live at and bank account paper information that also leads to the same address. All benefits are paid to individuals accounts even couples.It enables each to take care of themselves and not for one person to control another. All people on benefits must have a cell phone where any messages can be left re getting work. etc. between bank account statements, verifying addresses, bill statements photo ID one is sure to get it right.

  2. Keith Cashman  

    We have been through this before and people reacted as though the sky was falling.
    Surely people must realise that all ‘honest’ citizens are already able to be tracked anywhere at anytime.
    It is the ‘other’ people (citizen or not) who need to be identified.
    Last time it was just an identity card and even though I supported it I knew that it could be copied well enough to be a meaningless item. Once again it was only good for ‘honest’ people.
    The finger print or eye identification method is much more secure and would not affect most people in regard to privacy, but it would certainly flush out the rats.
    Paranoids are around in all avenues of life and they will scream against this as they always do. What the hell they have to worry about is beyond me. We have a REAL problem in this country at the moment that needs to be attacked from every avenue we are capable of using and this would be a big step forward. Of course Muslim radicals will be the biggest problem, as usual, and of course criminal elements won’t like it if they haven’t already had their identity recorded this way.
    Go Pauline.

    • des Prince  

      This is an excellent idea , I agree with Keith.
      Only the people bludging off of the system will be affected.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Yes totally agree. Great idea, Go Pauline. This would sort out the rats in our society who are cheating.


    Paline has to watch what she says, because eighty percent of the people that vote for her are on welfare lol, ,…… i dont think most of them want to be identified ,……..

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      I certainly don’t agree with you. There are thousands of workers who agree with her. But this is the only way that cheats can be found out. Fingerprint is a marvellous idea.

    • Graham  

      How do you know this? Please post verification of your information so we all can be privy to it!


      Bloody nonsense Fred…pensions are not welfare and pensioners are strong believers of Pauline’s opinions while they see their entitlements get whittled away while we pander to immigrants .
      If you have nothing to hide I say go for it,unless your part of the black economy they know your business anyway.

      • Andrew  

        I agree with you Geoff. Aged pension should not be classed a welfare. Tell that to your local MP. Every time the government wants to bang on about the dole bludgers and those rorters on DSP, they mention the total welfare bill which includes aged pension and family tax benefits. Buy the way, my father was a 1947 migrant who made it out of WW2 Europe by the skin of his teeth. I suppose that makes me a second class citizen who deserves to be spat on.

  4. Lyn smith  

    Why not? Sensible idea ,already too many making a mockery of the present system .

    • Ken Nichols  

      I’m sure that 90% of people who are on welfare wouldn’t have problem with it. It is that other 10% who wouldn’t like it,….those are the people such a system would weed out.

    • Andrew53  

      Fine. Then EVERYONE gets a card with their fingerprint, photo and DNA sample on it. George Orwell was right. He just got the date wrong.

  5. John McInerney  

    I think it should be remembered that welfare fraud is the result of actions by two people – the person collecting the welfare and the person employing the fraudster by paying cash in hand. I’m not sue Pauline’s idea would be a success.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Yes it would, to access your account you need your fingerprint. Everyone has a different fingerprint and DNA so this would stop the cheaters and rorters from claiming more then one lot of dole money. Not worried about the cash in hand situation as not many are doing that as they are too lazy to work.

  6. des Prince  

    Keith above has it all right. It should be essential for all.

  7. Dennise  

    Great idea. If you are honest and have worked and paid your taxes there should be no concerns. The Govt has you bank accounts and you TFN anyway. This would stops the wroughting by the welfare cheats.

    • Andrew  

      So all Australians should have their fingerprint and DNA recorded on some government database?

  8. Josephine B  

    I also agree with Pauline and Keith Cashman because something has to be done. It would shake things up and only the fraudster/criminals and blood-suckers that wouldn’t want this “body-style” (finger-print or eye) of identification as ID “cards” would be in fraudsters hands “like Flynn”. Pauline is on the right track only the creases have to ironed out. Go girl!

  9. Agree with that & with Keith ……… Govs. already know just about everything an honest does / is

  10. Yes. Only the fraudster cheats bludgers need to worry. We are already ‘tracked’ anyway by the gov. ATO etc:

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