Pauline Hanson reveals her plans for ‘leftist’ ABC

The Queensland senator wants the ABC to focus on regional and rural content
Pauline Hanson admits she's tired during her livestream. Source: Facebook/Pauline Hanson

Pauline Hanson wants SBS and the ‘leftist’ ABC sold, saying she’s “sick and tired of them.”

The Queensland senator, who admitted she was absolutely worn out following the hectic West Australian election last week, was speaking to supporters on a Facebook Live video last night.

She said the $400 million in government funding for SBS and the $1.2 billion for the ABC could be better spent elsewhere.

“I think everyone’s sick and tired them with their leftist attitude,” the plain-speaking MP said of the national broadcaster, adding that the ABC should focus more on rural and regional content and cut the “highly-paid salaries” it gives its executives.

ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie was given a salary package of $900,000 when she was appointed in December 2015, but the national broadcaster is currently laying off 200 workers as it restructures.

As for the SBS, “we don’t need it,” Hanson said. “People can hook in through their iPads or whatever and look at the news from their country of origin. Why are we funding that, when we don’t need to?”

The SBS Charter sets out the channel’s principal function as providing “provide multilingual and multicultural radio, television and digital media services that inform, educate and entertain all Australians and, in doing so, reflect Australia’s multicultural society.”

Do you agree with Pauline Hanson on the ABC or SBS, or are you a big fan of the government-funded broadcasters?

  1. John_Crame  

    100% use the money for hospital’s instead. I can’t see any politician from left or right having the ticker to privatize it

    • Heather Sorson  

      Without the ABC and SBS, I would have no need for TV, as I don’t watch the rubbishy commercial stations. I like to be better informed than Murdoch would have us. We don’t all like to be mushrooms.

    • Greg Hills  

      No. You don’t need to privatise it. Keep it as a profitable government business by letting them advertise like the U.K., Canadian and New Zealand national broadcasters.
      They make a profit and still don’t compromise their balanced political point of view either!

  2. What I am sick of is senators and Government Officials,like Pauline Hanson, telling me because she is sick of something that I am too. I think I am old enough to decide for myself. Fact is, I am getting rather sick of Pauline.

    • lyn clark  

      I love my ABC!! Hands off Pauline!!

    • Anthony Borg  

      I totally agree, just cause Pauline is sick of it, doesn’t mean most of us are. Sounding more like a dictator with comments like this. Pull your head in Pauline, you don’t own the bloody country.

  3. Ross Rogers  

    Yes, I agree that we should abandon the funding for the ABC and SBS as they encourage the lefties to breed a hatred of any conservative ideas, present constant replays of tired old shows and docs , and are paying an incredible number of middle management roles that achieve nothing other than employment for administrators.

    • Bob  

      breed a hatred of any conservative ideas ?
      What are you saying, Conservatives don’t have any ideas that are worth hating.

    • Rubbush! I have hear it all now…you have made my day with this wonderful “logic”.

  4. Neil  

    Why are we even asking the question. ABC and SBS are the ONLY media that provides an intelligent commentary of life in Australia. It’s scope goes far beyond just providing News. Pauline yet again demonstrates how narrow her world view is.

  5. Guy Flavell  

    I partly agree with Pauline. The ABC is long past its use-by date and offers
    little programming of consequence other than the continual hammering home
    of their left-wing biases. The only programs I’d miss are Lateline and Poldark.
    The SBS however needs to be retained to service our multicultural population
    who really do wish to know what’s happening ALL around the World … especially
    on the news front. Surely they could also pick up some of the un-biased
    worthwhile content from the ABC ?

    • Bob  

      Poldark. really ? not just the Government out of touch then

      • Guy Flavell  

        High quality English drama Bob …probably a bit too highbrow for DILLS !!!

    • Marg Byrne  

      You do know that the ABC is a lot more than television, don’t you?

      • Guy Flavell  

        Sure do Marg … love the ABC shops and enjoy RN on the wireless.
        Refuse to listen to the leftard crap on 774 though.

  6. Jennifer Bannerman  

    I certainly don’t agree with most things Pauline Hanson has to say. The ABC and SBS play a valuable role in getting out information to communities all over the country, who informs us when there is a catastrophe, more than likely the ABC!! Not everyone has an IPad to find out stuff. Anyway the job cuts at the ABC will enable more regional areas to have reportage as that’s where the funding will be going. Don’t touch my ABC or SBS!!

  7. Bruce Taylor  

    Really Pauline? A fascist like you wanting to close down a media outlet which encourages an overall view of the situation and reports with honesty?
    As each day goes by you remind me more and more of Hitler.

  8. Peter  

    So you think the ABC has a left leaning tendency well that might be true but it does help to give a more balanced view for many who are sick of the Murdoch/right leaning media outlets, there continual beating of the high end of towns drums and absolute disregard for the average working joe

  9. david  

    abc maybe left leaning but at least it shows what the multinational product placement commercial stations dont let us know sick and tried of cross promotional crap that goes for programs on the commercial station s , and if i see another lifestyle cooking or old american or british show i will throw up we have to many stations and they should be cut buy half at least

  10. Kristine Barker  

    I am sick of people labelling the ABC leftist, they only appear that way because our other choices are so right wing anyway and dominated by the Murdoch empire.

  11. Therese  

    I think I am a fan of the ABC – I do agree it has very leftist views though. I watch ABC24 as I find it gives me a varied world news which is sadly lacking on commercial channels. SBS has reached its used by date. With the internet, language specific programs are more readily available and varied. Transform SBS into semi-govt translation service and have them pay their way – better use of staff

  12. Alan  

    I doubt you will ever be able to get rid of the ABC or SBS although the level of funding should be directly related to performance. Instead of producing a bunch of programs that are little more than platforms for opinion pieces by tired journalists, who cannot hack it in the commercial media space, require the broadcasters to produce a more country based format where the integrity of reporting is a primary requirement.
    Establish a watchdog over both radio and television for national broadcasters with specific KPI’s to monitor performance, independence and truth in reporting. If the watchdog reports a 75% compliance, then funding is cut by 25%. A 100% performance in the KPI’s would see funding retained and give the broadcaster access to petition for greater funding going forward.
    At least holding them accountable would see a more balanced approach to reporting and journalism.

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