Pauline Hanson says we should vote Independent

She’s one of the most controversial and polarising political leaders in Australia and now she’s put her foot down and
via Pauline Hanson's Please Explain

She’s one of the most controversial and polarising political leaders in Australia and now she’s put her foot down and told everyday Australians that if they want something done, they need to vote Independent.

The former MP and One Nation leader has taken to Facebook to show just how serious she and her party are about making change in the country.

“Polling released today shows both major parties are on the nose with voters, revealing 12% of Australian’s are shifting their support to minor parties and independents”, says the post on the Pauline Hanson’s Please Explain Facebook page.

“Both Labor and the Liberal National Parties have criticised the cross benches that hold the balance of power, saying they’re a hinderance to passing bills in the Senate, yet when GOOD POLICY has come before them, they have passed it.
“Minor Parties like One Nation WILL NOT stand in the way of good policy being passed. WE WILL NOT HOWEVER SUPPORT POLICY THAT HAS DETRIMENTAL EFFECTS ON THE AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE.

“I would encourage you all to send a clear message to the major parties this election and put them last on your ballot paper.

“One Nation have Senate candidates in all States across the country this election, and solid candidates in some of the lower house seats across the country.

“I trust you’ll look seriously at placing a no.1 in the box for our One Nation candidates and other like minded independent candidates across the country. Let’s put the major parties last”.

Her call for Australians to put their votes in for her party comes as the 61-year-old rallied her supporters to consider Opal Card’s choice to give asylum seekers discounted travel.

In another Facebook post, the outspoken Queenslander said, “It only further creates an ‘US’ and ‘THEM’ scenario and denigrates the chance of assimilation. If it’s not jobs, health, education, housing, loans and social welfare, it’s cheap travel.

“When will the handouts cease?

“If you want the out of control handouts and refugee intake to stop, think twice who you vote for. One Nation will put a stop to it”.

With an election now set for July 2, time will tell if Pauline will have her dream of being an MP again. Tell us, who will you be voting for?