Pauline Hanson says Australians are sick of being labelled ‘racist’

While you were sleeping Pauline Hanson has come out in defence of her policies, saying they are based on fact and

While you were sleeping Pauline Hanson has come out in defence of her policies, saying they are based on fact and not racist.

The politician is contesting a Queensland Senate seat and believes her views on Muslim immigration are not intolerant and that what she has highlighted are points of fact.

“I think the majority of Australians are so over being labelled as ‘racist’,” Hanson told Sky News.

She referred to her maiden speech, where she presented figures that if Australia continued its current immigration trend then the country would have a population in 2050 that was “52 per cent Asian”.

What Hanson says she argues now that Islam is not compatible with the Australian way of life and laws and people are “rightfully” concerned.

“I’m not going to back away from my beliefs,” Hanson said.

When asked if her policy platforms were similar to the anti-immigration position of presumptive United States Republican nominee Donald Trump, Hanson says: “I have not put that in my policies.”

Hanson is believed to have some chance in her Senate bid because of the fact the quota for election in a double dissolution is half of what it is in a normal Senate election. She goes up against first term senator Joanna Lindgren.

Do you agree with Pauline Hanson, is the racist card overplayed towards Australians? What are your thoughts about Hanson’s possible return to the Senate?

  1. Carolyn Mash  

    Go Pauline! Why is it that everything that she says is labelled racist? Most people I have talked to agree with what she says, we are scared of having our whole culture and way of life destroyed. Immigration is fine, in moderation, but you do not move to another country and then tell them everything must change to suit you, YOU must accept the laws and ways of that country and fit in with it. Would you come to my house and tell me to redecorate and change my lifestyle to suit you? If you would then you are rude and would not be welcome.
    We have had immigrants from many countries and religions over the years but never before has any group tried to change our laws and way of life, and THAT is the big problem. If protecting your own culture is racist, then so be it…..but it means most countries in the world, especially muslim countries are racist too!!

    • Mary Forrest  

      I totally agree, I don’t want to leave my grandkids the legacy of apathy, a Muslim Australia. It won’t take long if we don’t wake up and protect our way of life!

    • Jean Kiem.  

      I agree completely, Carolyn. Every word you say is true.

    • Phil Smith  

      I agree whole heartedly with Pauline she is only saying what a big percentage of the population is saying, Australia is no longer the country I grew up in and I fear for my grandchildrens way of life

    • I’m not sure that the original occupiers of Australia would agree with your comments – their way of life was taken over, they had no say in it. So get off your high horse.

    • Janice  

      Well said Carolyn, I agree with everything you said.

    • Dorothy Hall  

      Australia does not have to allow any immigrant group to change our laws and way of life !!
      Then blame them – perhaps it is our leaders fault!!

  2. Donald Luscombe  

    While ever we promote minuscule issues as “big problems” we will continue to give the newspapers stuff to write about and the ability to manipulate people’s thinking – or I suspect lack thereof. The 2011 census shows that Islam is the 4th largest religion in Australia. Sounds threatening doesn’t it ? Until you look at the numbers:
    Christianity – 61%
    No religion – 23%
    Buddhism – 2.5%
    Islam – 2.2%
    So do we think that we would get richer starting out with 2 cents that the person with 80 cents ?
    Let’s put some clear thinking into the issue and stop making the argument about Muslims or Asians or Homosexuals. Let’s make it about what it should be about – the right to enjoy your life as you choose without a significant impact on anyone else’s similar right.

    • Henry  

      It ‘s not that Islam is a threat in Australia it’s that they have the arrogance, the impudence to be in your face and dictate how people should live in Australia.

    • If as you say muslims are only 2.2% why are the government allowing such a small minority to get such a big say in everything and we are called racist.

      • Sam  

        Unfortunately the Australian Census is not an accurate measure as some people may choose not to complete it, or fill it in incorrectly.

      • mik  

        at 2% they push for halal at 5% they push for shara law and so on utube it

    • Funny the minority of many issues is ruling the governments decisions. These statistics don’t mean a thing!!!! If Muslims choose to live in Australia then they must accept our laws of the Country. We also need to strongly protect our wonderful carefree way of life, which is why muslims want to migrate here, and they come, I believe with a will and belief to eventually take over everything we hold dear. Do not underestimate every muslim’s long term belief to take over the western world.

    • KATAN  

      1 in 4 people in the world are muslim.
      2 in 100 people in Australia are muslim.
      Most rejected immigrants /asylum seekers in Australia are muslim.
      Most critized people in Australia are muslims
      No will to accomodate muslims with prayer rooms in australian workplace
      . Muslims feel Halal food is not welcome in Australia.
      Not to mention the criminilisation of muslims who go to or send aid to their brethren who are being slaughtered by western backed puppets.
      Call me crazy but if that not racial /religious prejudice what is?

      • Jeff Hill  

        And 9% of those in jail are muslim…

    • Nikki  

      Good point except Afghanistan, Lebanon, Indonesia didn’t start out as muslim countries either. It was a slow process that followed remarkably similar steps in each country until islam was large enough to dominate. The exact same steps that are in full swing in Britain and soon Germany. Waiting for the inevitable as it will just be the problem of our children is pure evil.

  3. Cassandra of Troy  

    Pauline is right. For more information about the threats Islam presents to Western liberal democracies, have a look at the range of articles published by the Gatestone Institute.

  4. Maz  

    Pauline for Prime Minister… She was right years ago and is still right…

    • Eva Mayr  

      You are asking for a female Hitler.It always starts innocently enough, but things always escalate too- it was always thus! Nothing has changed, since the beginning of time.
      Remember – being a kind person is still only a choice, and not a genetic trait – and everybody can become nasty, when the propaganda is the right one. If one hears every day – all Muslims are evil and need to be exterminated – eventually many will believe it too and act on it
      It happened 60 years ago – and it will happen over and over again – unless we stop and try something new after thousands of years! Such as to get along with each other.
      Hitler said about Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, criminals, political enemies, disabled people, mentally ill people, homeless people, prostitutes, Poland and half of Europe – what Pauline spouts about now -at first at least – but it always escalates

      • Karin Shannon  

        Get a life Eva Mayr. ” If one hears everyday — all Muslims are evil and need to be exterminated — eventually many will believe it too and act on it” Do you not realize what you just wrote. This is exactly what Muslims believe about about the world and Kill the Infidels. That’s us or so they think. I agree with getting on with each other, but don’t agree with them trying to change our way of life and our beliefs.

  5. Miranda  

    What Pauline had previously said, has now come to pass!

    Our way of life will be stamped out if Islamists get control of our Country. That’s their aim.
    They take no notice of our laws, but continue behind closed doors of following sharia.

    What other group of people to our shores’ have ever done this type of action? NONE!

    There must be a stop put to them, NOW!

  6. David  

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Pauline
    Enough of this political correctness .
    Is there a Muslim Hospital,Univetsity or any other institution that helps mankind . All we get is sharia law , live by the Gun/ sord.
    This is then condoned by the rest of this the muslim community
    Come to Australia. Live by our rules . !!!

  7. Russ Parker  

    It seems to be like this……
    If I care about Australia and somebody doesn’t like me or something I say, then I must be RACIST!!

    • it would seem that way but we are constantly told we must forgo our traditions so as not to upset the minority i always thought that a democrecy you all had the right to speak .but i have found being white being christian ,also a pensioner we have to shut up and put up well thats not fare cause i wont shut up or put up

  8. Suzanne  

    When the Greeks, Italians and others came to this country – they bought their own way of life and kept it, as well as contributing to the Australian way. They didn’t come here to change the laws of the land so they reflected what they had left. That is the issue with SOME Islamists, they want to change Australia to their former country. Other races speak out against other people and none of them are called racist, only it seems, those who are of Anglo decent who apologise for being white. I am a new Australian, am here by choice and I say love it or leave!

  9. Henry  

    One thing is for very sure that Afro, Asian and Middle East people are bigger racists than Caucasian people are. You go and live in their countries and see how you are treated . We allow them to come to our country and they have the bitterness to call us racist. Bloody hypocrites.

  10. Oh what it is to be wanted. The Chinese want our land, the Muslims want to take over our way of life. . It may come down to a Chinese Muslim fight with us Aussies standing by and watching. So sad.

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