Pauline Hanson releases “Islam Policy” for her party

There’s no in-between with Pauline Hanson – you either love her or you hate her. And her latest message for
via Pauline Hanson Please Explain Facebook

There’s no in-between with Pauline Hanson – you either love her or you hate her. And her latest message for her supporters is a very polarising one: she says there’s no place for Islam in Australian society.

Putting aside the fact that other religions exist in Australia that many practice daily, Ms Hanson addressed her Facebook fans last night, and released her new ‘Islam Policy’.

When questioned about the post by a ‘fan’ who said “Islam is a religion. Sharia law is an ideology. I agree on some points however people of the Islamic religion have a right to worship without prejudice or harassment”, Pauline Hanson’s team clarified they’re not banning worship.

We’ll let the words below speak for themselves. How do you feel about what Pauline Hanson is proposing?

Islam has no place in Australia if we are to live in a cohesive society. We have seen the destruction it is having around the world. If we do not make the necessary changes now to stop the advancement of Islam in Australia, there will be no hope in the future. Do you want your children and grandchildren to be living under Sharia Law and treated as a second-class citizen with no rights? We don’t and that’s why we are standing up.
We will enact the following:
– Call for an inquiry or Royal Commission to determine if Islam is a religion or political ideology
– Stop further Muslim Immigration and the intake of Muslim refugees
– Ban the Burqa and Niquib in public places
– Driver’s licence cannot be obtained without showing the full face and having photo ID on driver’s licence
– Surveillance cameras to be installed in all Mosques and schools. Mosques to be open to the public during all opening hours
– No more mosques to be built until the inquiry is held
– Oppose the introduction of Sharia Law
– Investigate welfare payments paid to Muslims who may be in multiple marriages, having multiple children
– Ban Halal certification. Halal certified food not to be provided in prisons or the armed services. Companies may comply for export but no monies must be paid
– Call for a referendum to change Section 116 of the Australian Constitution
– Muslims will not be allowed to be sworn in to Parliament under the Qur’an
– Female genital mutilation to carry lengthy jail term

  1. liz tant  

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  2. Ok quick questions.

    Name a political movement that has decided to single out a group for special treatment and its ended well?

    Wouldn’t enacting these types of polices be unconstitutional under section 116?

    • Jeanette Armstrong  

      Peter, halal cert. Is an extortion of money by an political religion, why is extortion legal in Australia
      . On this alone i will vote for One Nation..

    • Michael  

      YES, in most part completely unconstitutional…..but, some aspects of her policies could be introduced as administrative functions not requiring legislation. I presume s she would be calling for referendum to alter section 116, I presume most of the changes would be passed if it is changed etc.

  3. John  

    NO special treatment for immigrants. No concessions for cultural or religious beliefs. Adopt a far tougher attitude to immigrants who break the law in a serious way – deportation. No naturalisation until have resided for x number of agitation free years. Australia is far too soft in allowing those who choose to live here basically bring their troubles with them!

  4. Ellen  

    I agree with her totally, they come to this country then accept us as we are our believes our tradition, NO SHARIA LAW in Australia

    • So Ellen, Jewish people should not be allowed to practice their religion? What are our beliefs? Many Australians don’t identify as Christian, so what then? If you are not a Christian, you can’t live here or, if you are a Christian you can’t live here? Please make yourself plain. Aboriginal people mostly don’t identify as Christian. So they should not be here either – or should those of us who are not Aboriginal leave the country?

      • Ted Jaeger  

        Islam does not allow you any other beliefs. We do not seek to kill non Christians. We have many other religions that practice peacefully here, do not seek to impose their beliefs on us, and do not wish to usurp the law of the land with their own. Islam is not peaceful.

      • Steve schofield  

        Elaine. She was specific with sharia law.
        If you agree with sharia law . Please go live in a country that practices it fully. Then cone back and give us your opinion.

      • Ray Connors  

        She didn’t say that, did she?

    • Charles James  

      I agree, All immigration should be reviewed and a Contract of Agreement needs to be in place for all to sign who wish to come and live in our great country. All migrants, and I suggest all Muslims particularly, who have entered Australia by Visa or Asylum, should sign a contract of agreement stating clearly that they wish to live in Australia and sware to abide by our way of live. Our rule of Law. And if not speaking our language now, agree to learn at their own expense. Any breach of these contract conditions should evoke mandatory deportation back to their country of origin. No court case, just Deported. Permission for Muslim Churches and Schools should also be reviewed.

  5. colin  

    while at it get rid of the Christians., they have a lot more blood on their hands and are equally as discriminatory, AND no special rates or tax exemptions for any of them,

    • I L Moulton  

      At least with the Christians we have a separation of church & state. The muslims have no such separation & guess who’s blowing up more children these days, indeed killing anyone & everyone in the name of their cult. It ain’t the Christians.

    • Judith Plumpton  

      Not for the last 500 hundred years or so if you are talking about the crusades. You see, we advanced in knowledge and culture. We don’t do that any more!

    • Jack  

      Clearly an uneducated statement. Read what the koran says, and read what the bible says. Christians have been fed to lions and, boiled in oil, burnt at the stake, torn apart by horses, decapitated and crucified for 2, 000 years, and all of them went without protest to their death. you never saw riots in the streets over a christian death or riots over a bible being burnt! Now did you?

      Muslims killed millions of christian over a 400 year period, before the crusades put a stop to it. And, the crusaders were not christian, they may have been funded by the catholic popes, but Catholicism is not Christianity. Do not put Catholicism’s crimes on to the Christians. They are not even close to being followers of the ways of Jesus Christ. Don’t forget, the Romans killed Jesus and they’ve been persecuting and killing Christians ever since.
      And here’s a little history for you. All religious related deaths amount to 3 percent of the deaths world wide over the last 2,000 years. And when you remove Islamic deaths, it drops to under 1 percent. So much for all the wars being due to Christians. Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Mussolini, Hitler, The Chinese government, all none christian. Democide killed 260 million people in the 20th century alone. And that’s not counting the genocide perpetrated on the Jews by Hitler.

      End of history lesson. You’re welcome.

      • Scott  

        So by bringing up events that happened 100s of years ago we should just say. Oh well let’s just ignore the suicide bombings, beheadings, shootings etc that we hear committed in the name of Islam nearly everyday around the world.

    • Ken Morgan  

      A totally ridiculous comment. What are Christians doing today that offends you? What do they (this includes me) preach that upsets you? Yes, the truth hurts and this is probably why you say the things you do. The whole comment you make is ridiculous in the extreme and really isn’t worth the time it’s taken me to write this reply!

    • I think you mean CATHOLICS I consider my self a CHRISTION and I am of no RELIGION my father once said to me 2 things cause wars and they are RELIGION and POLITICS

    • James Jacka  

      Actually this is rubbish! Buy a book called ‘The Encyclopedia of Wars’ by Collins and Axelrod. They catalogue 1,763 documented wars down through recorded history. Only 233 are genuine ‘Religious Wars’ and 66 of them were due to Islam. Other religions such as Hinduism and even the usually peaceful Buddhists. The vast bulk of the other wars (1,530 of them!) were over purely ‘secular’ matters, and the largest loss of life is from proponents of Atheism, mostly in the last couple of centuries.
      Unfortunately the ‘Christians have more blood on their hands, blah, blah, blah’ is just a hoary old myth. As one of the Nazi leaders once said “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will eventually come to believe it.

  6. Margaret Pinney  

    There is only one law in Australia that is Australian law.
    I say ban sharia law in this country

    • Paul Galna  

      You are definitely correct Margaret .As is in our Constitution, One Law! we are ONE country under one governance .there is not one good thing in Islam that could possibly improve the way we live ,anyone who argues differently has no concept of the danger involved in any assumption otherwise and must be obliviously ignorant to what is happening in the rest of the world.

  7. Jessica  

    All the immigrants who came here after WWII were from CHRISTIAN countries.
    They integrated well, & no major problems have occurred.

    The moment the pollies’ let in the Islamists’, there’re problems galore, on a scale we’ve never seen before.
    Bombings, killings, ‘lone wolfs’, rapists’, murderers’, kidnappings.
    Their cult is one of evil, Country takeovers, enforced ‘dark ages’ law, & just wrong in every way.

    Women(?) dressed from head to toe, unable to see their faces. That’s a security threat right here.

    Pauline is right, yet again, & what she proposes is what many true Australians are thinking.

  8. Cathy Howat  

    Margaret, Sharia law is religious law and that is already not acceptable in this country, along with Jewsih Religious law and Catholic canon law

  9. I agree with Ms Hanson. Islam is an inappropriate ideology for Australia’s values, freedom and democracy. It will be suicidal to allow moslem immigration to continue and Islamic principles to expand in Australia. We already have much societal disruption and adjustment (all the moslems way) with only a small number of moslems.

  10. marilyn willson  

    I do believe in some of what she is supporting, I feel our society has already been affected, the Christian traditions in schools for example, wanting pork banned etc, they have been welcomed into OUR society, for a better safer life for their children, NOT for them to change our way of life, and the Burqa or women being covered head to toe is definately a security risks on so many levels, it also stunts integration, which should be the next primary reason for living here. Governments should keep eyes on the controls of legislations to protect the many others that conform to our way of life.

  11. Albert Schokker  

    at the end of the day we live in Australia therefore Australian law by default must rule and one law for everyone

  12. Majeed Khan  

    I am a proud Australian muslim, my family has been in Australia for over 100 years, we have suffered so much discrimination from such good Christians, how many people who oppose muslims know anything about them? do they know muslims were with the Bourke and Wills expedition? were they mentioned? muslim camel drivers opened up Australia, unable to marry Australians, unable to bring family to Australia, learn your history and learn about the true Islam, not what the media portrays about a small minority of radicals.

    • ian head  

      good on you mate i am sick of aussies denouncing a faith they know nothing about. Racism and bigotry raises its ugly head as usual

      • George  

        U tell’em Richard!

        • Islam!….Women without any rights….uneducated… jobs…..breeding machines! Yes, Pauline Hanson, I believe in the future there will be many more Muslims then anyone else…..all of us following Sharia law!

    • Shane  

      Good on you Majeed that your family has had a positive contribution in Australia. I believe the problem is the example Mohammed set for his followers, the problem isn’t stemming from good Muslims like you. Clearly there is a problem. I sincerely believe that you may be a good person but a good person can believe in a bad thing. Mohammed did a lot of really bad things.

    • Karon Blakemore  

      Majeed Khan what would you call lakembla? The place is a getto of radicals. The day you so called good Muslim’s stand up for Australia against your radical Muslim’s maybe that will be the day we accept you! Till then every Muslim appears to be a radical!

    • Rossco  

      Good, we should only allow muslim camel drivers into Australia. But none of the others…
      They should only be allowed to enter the country after gaining “guaranteed employment”
      by a Registered Australian camel transport Company.

    • Unfortunately, it is not a small minority in Europe that is causing all this strife. Nor is it a small minority in Melbourne and Sydney that have been having a grand time raping and desecrating the areas where they are. The influx of immigrants and their nasty beliefs is what is destroying our culture. It’s not just the muslims. I believe that if you want to come to our country, no matter what colour, creed, religion, or beliefs, that you want to be here because Australia is a great place to be. If you expect us to trust you and accept you into our country, then come here with the intention of being an Australian. Do not for a moment think that we are going to live by your antiquated and barbaric laws and beliefs. If you want that, then why come here in the first place?

    • anti islamic  

      Muslims, they believe in a pedophile child rapist animal humper war monger slave hoarder dealer. psycho man hell bent on war and death and other nasty things this so called person had done…how can any one believe in a person like that begs belief.. islam is a death cult plain and simple… islam has and will have nothing for the world..

    • Glen Shed  

      And nothing happens until 3-4% of the countries population is muslim. You’ve suffered so much discrimination??? You muslims have killed more innocent men, women and children than all the deaths in all wars put together. Muslims have to follow the quaran and it simply states destroy the infidels using any means necessary. If they don’t convert execute them! You only have to look at every country “IN THE WORLD” where there are muslims. Nothing but hatred, death and destruction. Marry little girls and rape women and invoke that disease “sharia law”. Muslism bring their poison with them to every country they are in! No doubt you support the raping and killing of innocent women that’s happening throughout Europe by your so called refugees “who just happen to be ALL muslims”. Islams sole goal is to destroy anything and everything thats not related to islam.

      • AL  

        The fact is if people want to come to Australia then one needs to want to act, mix and want to be like an Australian. How can a Muslim who has had the great opportunity of getting the chance to live in Australia look back at were they come from and honestly want to turn there new life in to what they ran away from ?

        These subdivisions in Melbourne should be looked upon as a major concern as if i remember rightly the world turned on South Africa for having segregational living ( apartheid ) and here we are allowing Indian and Muslim living areas ( subdivisions ) to be built. How long will it take before we condemn these apartheid living styles and who will pay for it in the end?

        It appears to me that the Do Gooder society in Australia is so scared of everything that they allow all this nonsense to happen and actually believe the Ethnic groups lawyers who represent them in stating there case in why it is only right that there clients should live apart from Australians.

        There is good and evil in all factions of life whether it be religious, nationality or just straight out belief life styles but Australia should take steps to ensure that it can’t get out of hand like Europe.

        Australia is one of the best countries in the world to live in and all that come here should be proud to be let in and should fight all that want to change her and split her in to groups.

        Non Australian.

    • Ron  

      Hi Majeed, I for one have looked into this history of the afghani traders and how they contributed to opening up the centre of Australia. They weren’t brilliant navigators, but they overcame this by placing rock cairns in line of sight, the larger the rock cairn, the more water was to be found. Even to this day some are still standing, and in many of the old bottle dumps you can still find little blue bottles that they used to contain opium. Don’t misunderstand me ,I’m not belittling them for that as that was there tradition, their one vice that was not illegal at that time in history. to say your family has been here for 100 years prove that you can integrate to the way of Australian life peacefully. The issue now is the happenings overseas, and in Australia, which, yes is by the radicals and is spreading like wild fire! I don’t think that anybody wishes to kick you out of Australia, but Australia needs to stop the radicals from coming in, otherwise your family ,as well as my family will eventually loose everything we have worked for. This country has been built by all different types of people , Italians, Greek, English, Dutch, Serbs,Germans, Afghanis,Irish, Scottsman to mention but a few. The all integrated into our society and worked to make the country what it is today, without any great issues. But when a religion such as Muslim wants to try and introduce their laws and customs to be the new order of Australia, we all, as Australians get our back up! This is our country, and obviously yours, unfortunately you can’t have in both ways, it just will not work! We all have to make a choice, including yourself and your family. I know where I’m hanging my hat, and that’s in the place I call home, Australia!

    • Gil  

      Very well said , It would be such a relief to have all of the Muslim community behave with such dignity and want to become an integral part of being Australian ….But as a Muslim , what do you as an individual believe in .. If you do follow the rules as dictated to by your clerics, are you then not committed to obey them unquestionably ..What is your first alliance to… Australia or Islam.

    • chris blue  

      Racism and bigotry raises its ugly head as usual???? It appears either you are a troll or very ignorant, since when have muslims been a race??, you need to take a look at what’s happening not just in the Middle East, but in Europe, is this what you want, obviously, time to wake up. A small small minority of radicals.???? There are millions of muslims who want Sharia Law introduced, and once it is, the rest of them will soon become” radicals “, most muslims are too gutless to do anything unless they have their tribe behind them. The best thing that even happened was ISIS, etc, it may have woken the intelligent ones of us up in time to stop them

    • WELL majeed I say to u like it has been said before IF U DONT LIKE go u wont de missed I can assere u

    • Rodney Oliver  

      Majeed khan,
      As a Muslim , you believe in Sharia Law , therefore your comments cannot be taken as Truth , your bigoted ORDER ” learn your history ” is a good start to you “Muslims” trying to take over Australia , you and your Sharia Law loving Muslims can go back to your pathetic home where you belong

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