Pauline Hanson ‘honoured’ by Donald Trump

It might be one of the hottest tickets on the planet, and One Nation leader Pauline Hanson might feel a

It might be one of the hottest tickets on the planet, and One Nation leader Pauline Hanson might feel a little like Charlie finding the Golden Ticket to visit Wonka’s chocolate factory.  Today Ms Hanson announced that she had received an invitation to United States President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Sending out a tweet to her thousands of followers, Ms Hanson wrote, “Would you believe it? I have been gifted tickets to the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony of [Donald Trump] – What an honour”. She also tweeted, “Because of my duties to the people of Queensland & Australia I’m still deciding if I can attend the inauguration.”

While Ms Hanson stated that it was a “fantastic opportunity” she had declined the invitation. She told News Corp, “I thought about it for a minute; it would be a fantastic opportunity, but I’ve got too much happening in Australia”.  She added, “It’s more important for me to be in Australia. I really want to have a big impact.”

The invite most likely is a form of “thank you” for Ms Hanson and the One Nation party’s celebration and video of congratulations that was sent to Mr Trump after his historic election win this past November.

While Ms Hanson won’t be there in person, she has sent her support to the President-elect and looks forward to meeting with him if and when he comes to Australia.

What do you think about the invite?  Should there be a representative from Australian politics at the event?  Will you be watching the inauguration?

  1. Grace  

    No. I won’t be watching this event and no I don’t think Australia should have a representative there. If such a representative was needed it should be the Prime Minister. However, if she want to go I will gladly help to crowd fund a one way ticket.

    • Sandy Balfour  

      And me!

      • Gerard Carmody  

        She should attend , and stay Trump may give a free green card 😂

  2. Kym Stewart  

    I think she should go as it will help Americans understand we in Australia have a strong movement that will stand with our American brothers and sisters and give her valuable experience and relationships. We are going to need the USA when the next level of the action for freedom evolves. It would be smart of her to fund it herself as it is obvious that the left would crucify her if the government funded it. Perhaps someone could set up a crowd funding campaign to cover the costs.

    • Phil  

      I’d chip in for her ticket provided it was only a one way ticket. Australia would be better off without her and she’d fit right in with the Flat Earthers who voted for trump.

    • Rob  

      No no, the government should fund her, it’s a diplomatic representation.

    • Joan Marshall  

      Kym I totally agree with you about Donald Trump. If Hillary came in we would have had the bullet from Russia. Thank God he saved us from the clutches of the FRAUD Hillary Clinton. To be fair Donald Trump is no Saint but….Donald is a Saint in comparison to Hillary.

  3. Diandra  

    Love this lady. The only politician who really cares for her country. She has been out with the farmers talking to them for quite a few week now. Pays her own travel expenses. Got nothing to hide…….unlike the other scum who are only in it to line their own pockets.

    • Joan Marshall  

      Diandra you are so right about Pauline Hanson a true Aussie!!!!

  4. congrats Pauline, feather in your cap, it would have been a great experience, I’m glad you will remain here as you are needed here atm, I hope Mr Trump appreciates the fact that you have taken your country’s need over him. Onya, Pauline.

  5. Julian R Cole  

    Go Pauline — Make history – witness the end of America as we know it — why not -????

  6. Terry Hill  

    No big deal I got tickets for the same event via email invite. I am sure thousands or millions had the same offer. Doubt that trump has even heard of Pauline Hanson, Good news story for Pauline

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