Pauline Hanson gives a stern warning to haters

The One Nation leader is hitting back at claims she's lost control of her party.
The One Nation leader has hit back.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has hit back at critics who say she has lost control of her party and become a puppet under the control of press secretary James Ashby.

The accusations come after a third One Nation senator, Peter Rogers, was dumped over the weekend for an article on his website claiming the Port Arthur massacre was fake.

Rod Culleton was dismissed just weeks ago after being declared bankrupt, making him ineligible for his seat, while candidate Shan Ju Lin was dumped for making anti-gay comments.

The whole ordeal is reminiscent of the party’s 1998 downfall, which saw One Nation crumble and Ms Hanson sent to prison.

Having made an extraordinary comeback last year, Ms Hanson has hit back Mr Rogers who told media she had become James Ashby’s “puppet”.

“My personal view is Pauline is the puppet and he (James) is the puppeteer,” he told AAP on Saturday.

“Regardless of what the media says, I’m the leader of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation and I have the final say on who represents One Nation,” Ms Hanson wrote on her social media.

“I can assure you, [with] 20 years’ experience, knowledge, wisdom, understanding … I’ve taken over the leadership of this party,” she later said.

“No-one, no-one is going to take it over and destroy what I want to achieve, what I want to do.”

With the party getting ready to make a major grab for seats in the Queensland and Western Australian elections, supporters are worried the party could be self destructing.

Those who oppose her policies and views, however, are already celebrating.

What do you think?

Do you hope the party thrives and survives? Or do you think it will eventually come undone?

  1. don campbell  

    pauline is paying the penalty for being honest not acceptable in politics nowdays ,..

    • Diandra  

      That is why I will keep supporting One Nation and Pauline.:) her honesty and her love for Australia put above the love for herself. Very rare.

      • Andy ford  

        Silly Pauline, someone tells her what’s trending in the world and she offers her simple minded followers the solutions they want to hear, all the time knowing full well she can never deliver them.

        • Diandra  

          Simple are we? Well….my friend I can wear that. With a smile I might add.
          Liberal and Labor are useless and neither leader has a spine.

      • Tony  

        Can someone please pass the sick bucket I just won’t to puke

    • Tony  

      Yep real honest like her personal invite to trumps inauguration which which was so honest op’s roberts begged hounded pleaded and at the end of the day the invites were left overs, yep that a personal invite so honest.

  2. Robert connell  

    It does not matter who calls the shots, any politivian saying stupid things, in public or not, deserves the chop. Labor or the Libs would have chopped them too, Pauline is learning she can’t have idiots representing her name

    • Cliff Bernard  

      Why not? It seems appropriate that idiots should be represented by idiots.

    • Marg  

      Why then didn’t Malcom turdballs get the flick after he said all those stupid things such as ” children should make sure they are born to wealthy parents ?” And all ate other stupid remarks. What a weak Wally .

  3. Marcellus Calleja  

    It will be as successful as Clive Palmer and his party.

  4. lyn clark  

    I’ll be voting for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party. She has the strength and courage to speak out against the political correctness which has kept Australians quiet.

    • Olga spooner  

      There should be more like Pauline Hanson,however like every other person who has ever put nation before self they are either assinatted or drummed out by some scandal miraculously uncovered.

      • Tony  

        Ya we should have more like pauline because more Australians are just crying out for their ears to bleed; well said olga

    • Cliff Bernard  

      Excellent Lyn. You would almost certainly have otherwise voted for the coalition. Your stance means another vote for Labor, the only sensible alternative. The greatest service Hanson is doing for the country is dividing the conservative vote. With a little luck, and little more success from One Nation, we’ll get a Labor government in.

  5. Bruce Taylor  

    Would do everyone a favor if this idiotic racist bigot of a woman just went off somewhere and never opened her mouth again.

    • Not racist or bigot,but she has the view of the people .Go Pauline Hanson! Brave lady

      • Tony  

        What people? and I would love to know what constitutes a bigot or racist in your la la land.

  6. Frank  

    I think that she is one of those very rare phenomenons. An honest politian. She got my vote.

    • Guy Flavell  

      And mine too. All we need is for Cory Bernadi to take his troops over to
      One Nation and then you’ll see some amazing political clout come to fruition.

  7. Andy  

    Pauline is HONEST says it like it is People nowadays are not used to hear straight honest talk ,she got my vote

    • kelvin turner  

      Pauline might be honest and speaks her mind,which is admirable,but if what she says is a load of divisive ,populist clap trap,why would you vote for her?

      • Tony  

        only honest in her little fantasy land to the rest of us it’s all pathetic,how anyone can conceive she can make a change deserves to go to her fantasy land and they can all hold hands and dance around some XXXX and pass the bong.

  8. Beth  

    The media / Labor / Liberal / Nationals and Greens will all do anything to get rid of One Nation – after all, it is the only party that is trying to put Australians first in all their policies and that’s just not PC these days. Sure, there will be mistakes – but holy, moly how many mistakes do the others make all the time but for some reason they are just glossed over and all is forgiven the next day. Pauline has proved that she has the tenacity of a bull dog and more will in her than the rest of the pollies put together – most Australians can see that too and will not be fooled by the headlines.

    • Mareela  

      Pauline is a far right conservative and WILL NOT help working class people. Why can’t you see that? A vote for Pauline will be a vote for LNP. At least it will divide the conservative vote and most likely help Labor get in. So go for it!

  9. Joy Anne Bourke  

    Bruce Taylor, you are an idiot. Pauline is not a idiotic racist bigot. Pauline tells people the truth directly to the people and this is what some people think is wrong, but is the best thing for Australia. Not like Lib/Lab/Greens all bloody liars.

    • Joan Marshall  

      Yes Joy if more politicians were like Pauline Hanson and President Donald Trump we would not be under the threat of immigrants who use and abuse this country and take advantage of social security. People with no pride and lacking the basics of life and that is honesty, respect, trust, appreciation. It is no wonder no relationship of theirs works be it their children or partners.

    • Christine  

      Joy not only an idiot but probably a communist as well, most lefties are!w

  10. Cliff Bernard  

    Actually the ALP is quietly cheering Hanson on. Nearly all her votes come at the expense of the coalition. She is doing to the Libs wha the Greens did to Labor, and the result will be a Labor government in power next election. And that would be a very good thing indeed.

    • Guy Flavell  

      Good on ya Cliffy … another ‘DURR’ comment. Oh yes, we’re all looking forward
      to another 3 years of ALP’s total economic mismanagement with bated breath.
      You obviously think that Greece is a wonderful economic example to the World and
      that Australia should be emulating them ? God, what a dipstick you show yourself to be !!

  11. julie Lee  

    I feel she’s confusing political correctness and good manners

  12. Lesley Sullivan  

    If Pauline has quality candidates she will do well at the next election. Pity the other leaders didn’t take a leaf out of her book and have the guts to get rid of their dead wood/non performers and those that are rorteding the system.

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