Pauline Hanson has the ear of the PM

Whether you love her or not Pauline Hanson is already making waves in Federal Politics. Pauline took to her Facebook

Whether you love her or not Pauline Hanson is already making waves in Federal Politics.

Pauline took to her Facebook page to share a conversation that she had with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and her thoughts on the horrible events in Nice. The One Nation leader has stuck to her controversial policies that many claim are “Islamaphobic”.

Ms Hanson will not back down on her ideals no matter the criticism, even if it’s the PM himself. In her discussion with Malcolm Pauline shared “He said ‘you have every right to take your place on the floor of parliament, over half a million people voted for you’ – and that is correct”. Pauline continued “But I also told him I will not back down on my issues to do with Islam”.

She continued “We have a right to protection in this country. We cannot back away from these views, and we cannot just ignore a religion or an ideology that does not and is not compatible with the Australian culture and way of life.” According to Pauline, the Prime Minister agreed with her on principal and stated that border security was on the top of his agenda before planning a meeting between the pair about the topic in Canberra.

Pauline concluded her video with a vow to all her supporters “I just want you to know I have got the ear of the prime minister now on your behalf because I’m working for you and it’s very important, as I said to him, that we all work together to find the right answers.”

Many have taken to social media to give their thoughts on Pauline’s video.

What do you think about what Pauline said? Does she have a point? Or is she off the rails?

  1. Anne Wolski  

    She’ll start a war and we’ll be in the thick of it

    • zorica  

      Islam has already started a war on Western way of life, by not assimilating, introducing Sharia Law and not follow law of the land.

    • Frances Fox  

      We’re already in the thick of it, and it had nothing to do with Pauline Hanson. We’ve actually been there since the invasion of Iraq. Don’t see how we can blame Pauline for that !

    • Don Lerwiis  

      stand up and be australian you gutless wonder

    • Chris Skelly  

      We are at war now at the moment with terrorism haven’t you noticed????

    • Pauline won’t start a war . These people that are killing inocent women, children and men are going to start a war.

    • Tom  

      How vocal are those who claim to lead the Muslim community. I hear world leaders condem acts of terrorism but the cries of angish from leadets from the muslim community are silent – are they in support or are they frightened to condem.

    • Mark petersen  

      The war has started and you are in the thick of it..

    • Pete Hyde  

      The war has been started by people who believe the writings of greedy men back in the 5th century. It has continued, led by religious men on both sides, because of greed and power hunger. It continued fed by greed of countries that wanted to rule the world and control the riches of the world. Both sides in this war are stupid, as in all wars. However now we have a side still holding on to a book and a lifestyle determined by a man that made a religion that suited the lifestyle he wanted. It has never changed over 1400 years, while the rest of mankind more or less has learnt and changed for the better.
      Do not make the mistake this any one like Pauline Hanson will start a war. It has been going for 1400 years. Wake up Australia.

  2. Paul Hoolihan  

    When she starts that war, she can carry the firearms in the vanguard of the army. Better still, she could go for a stroll around France, particularly where some terrosist does not like people like her.

  3. Sue  

    She has been voted in by the people, for the people. The voters have spoken of what they want. The mainstream will not like her, that does not bother me at all. Pauline stay true to what the voters want and why they voted you in.

    • Carole  

      Go for it Pauline. You will try your hardest to do what the public voted for you for. Stick it to them. GO Pauline GO

    • D Carroll  

      Lived in England for many years and there was a polli called Enoch Powell who was like Pauline he was always on about the number of Parkistanis and others that were entering Britain and said one day the country would be overrun by these imegrants and Britain would have a lot of problems that cannot be solved look at Britain now now it is slowly happening here even people who came here years ago are saying enough is enough settle the people we have here now and help them and our young one to find jobs first then we will be able to help more

  4. Diane  

    Wish she would quieten down and not incite racism.

    • Helise  

      How is being critical of certain dangerous aspects of Islam “racist”? Haven’t you caught up with the information yet that Islam is not a race but a religion? How can one be “racist” about a religion? May I suggest that you do some reading about the subject?

    • Yolanda Brown  

      Your ignorance is a concern to me not Pauline. Pauline is not racist, she is factual. Please explain your meaning of Racism.

    • Margaret webb  

      It’s not racism, Islam is not a race,..

    • John Bezuidenhout  

      She is standing up for Australianism. If their country is so bad that they have to leave it, why are they trying to change our country to be like theirs. Are we going to give Australia away to radical foreigners for fear of being labeled “politically incorrect.” Let’s not be the victims of misguided compassion.

  5. Ian Holschier  

    I stand by her islam is a dangerous religion and has no place in australia they will not try to comply with australian law and will not fit in with australian people ,the come here to get away from a dangerous country and then try to change us to there way the one they ran away from.

    • John Powell  

      Yep Ian I agree with you I grew up in the 50-60 sixties all my friends were Italian whose familys all contributed to the Australian community either in the trades or market gardening, the issue here is that Islamic people do not merge with other cultures full stop all they want to do is try to convert all cultures to their way of thinking, its just not on in Aussie full stop!!!!

    • Laurie  

      Totally agree we are getting taken for a ride by the do gooders who are playing into terrorist hands with their lily livered softly softly crap and our Grandchildren are going to pay a horrible price because of it

      • Yvonne  

        Pauline is the first and only politican to stand up for the people, and that is not racist just wanting the criminals to be caught, bless her. The rest of the politicans dont care for us but just for their wage.

    • Malcolm Rose  

      Here in Enzed we need someone like Pauline to stand up and tell the truth. She is absolutely right and those politicians who thought they he’d destroyed her before ought to arrested for treason.

    • Margare king  

      I have always agreed with Pauline when she first stood for parliament they were afraid of her and what she was saying now 3yrs down the track all she has said is happening No one is save from terrorism how do we know that their is sleepers in Australia waiting to be called to do what they must, you have already seen what they can do here wake up people don’t Rubbish pauline she will hold here ground and do the best for this country so instead of rubbishing her give her a fair go

    • Forgive them who know not of what they speak.
      So … how many 5th generation Australian Muslims do YOU know!!

  6. Roy Bridges  

    Need someone like her at least she is honest and say what she thinks, not like mal and Bill both tell untruths just to get in to power what a disgrace they are, sick of these types what sit on the fence then say anything to get power. Then just build up debt because they don’t have guts to make tough choices

  7. Alex Lyall  

    The ultimate outcome from not doing the right thing will become very clear when the extremists take a more serious look at Australia. I hope to God that i am wrong but i have grave doubts that the majority of politicians and uninformed politically correctees cannot see the evil thats exists today.All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to stand aside and do nothing.

    • Frances Fox  

      Very well said, Alex. Political correctness is getting in the way of common sense, and is leading us down a path of “no return”.

  8. Greg  

    Our country is already involved in war with terrorists. Let’s not bring it to our shores and ruin this great country.
    I’m totally on Pauline Hanson’s side.

  9. Cheryl  

    We wouldn’t be in the position we are today if immigration was tightened up 18 years ago when Pauline first came to the attention the public . I don’t believe pauline or the people who voted for her are racist just that we expect immigrants to integrate and take on our values not bring their problems with them.

    • Patricia Rumbold  

      Well said, Pauline is for Australia and the Australian way of life.

  10. Anthony kennard  

    It’s great to actually gave a politician who says exactly what they believe, agree with get or not. Much better than the usual run who avoid direct answers

  11. Michele  

    Wherher you like Pauline Hanson or not, she is voicing concerns that a lot of people are thinking but not game enough to say for fear of being called Islamaphobic. Just look at what has happened in other countries with large Islamic immigration. Personally, I fail to understand why Muslims want to change their country of immigration to what they escaped from in their country of birth. Islamic immigration should be to those countries that embrace Islam rather than a majority Christian country. And no, I didn’t vote for Pauline, but I am now thinking that maybe I should have.

  12. Pee  

    I can totally understand where she’s coming from. I agree with her. What she is trying to tell us is that if we carry on doing what we’re doing we are going to end up with the same problems Europe is having. Why is it that when something like what happened in Paris and all over the world, when it’s connected to Isis or some radicle islamic group, why aren’t the rest of the so called moderate Muslims not out there in their millions all jumping up and down and yelling at the top of their voices ” this is not ok and it has to stop ” it just doesn’t seem to happen, and that worries me!

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