Pauline Hanson has a strong message in the wake of Brussels attack

Pauline Hanson has never been shy about voicing her opinion loud and clear. And in the wake of the devastating

Pauline Hanson has never been shy about voicing her opinion loud and clear.

And in the wake of the devastating terrorist attacks in Brussels this week, Ms Hanson has released a new tirade against Islam and terrorists.

She released a message on her Facebook page calling for Australia to ban all Muslims from immigrating here, to stop taking in Syrian refugees, and to ban women from wearing the Burka or any full-face covering.

“Murder and mayhem has been the message sent out around the world, including the USA, Paris, Australia, Turkey and last night Brussels as a reminder to all non-believers of Islam who dare to oppose, stop, disrespect, or criticise Islam,” she wrote.

“They leave their rubbish and shit all over the place; they rob, steal and bash the innocent. Rape is a common occurrence. They have no respect for women who are not fully covered or touch them up on the streets. There is no other word for these perpetrators, other than scum.”

Many have come out and blasted her for the post saying she is causing unnecessary tension and stirring up trouble in already tense times.

They criticised her failing to draw a difference between the majority of muslims and the minority of extremists whose acts of unfairly terrorism tarnish the religion.

Others though, threw their full support behind her.

“When their numbers increase in suburbs, Australians are forced to move out of their homes from abuse or gunshots through windows,” she continued.

“The police are in fear of performing their duties to the best of their ability, due to a lack of back up or discrimination laws that are a joke. They also fear for their families safety, asking the question is it worth it?

“Islam and its believers are a cancer on our society and should be removed. It will eat away at us as it grows and will eventually kill us if not cut out.”

She finished the post by listing the key points she says she would work to enforce if elected:

  • We must stop the intake of the 12,000 refugees from Syria.
  • Stop further Muslim immigration.
  • Ban the Burka or any full-face covering.
  • Stop the building of more mosques and have cameras installed for surveillance at all times. Muslim schools must also have security cameras installed and if their teachings are not appropriate for Australia and our culture, close them down.
  • Muslims must respect our courts by standing before a Judge and if not, immediately imprison them.
  • Stop the Halal certification tax immediately.
  • Review our anti-discrimination laws to stop frivolous claims against anyone who speaks out against their religion.
  • We must have a full enquiry to determine if Islam is a religion or a totalitarian, political ideology.
  • Ensure Sharia Law is never practiced on Australian soil.

The post has caused hot debate, with some accusing her of deliberately causing tensions and others praising her for her views.

Where do you stand?

What do you think about Pauline Hanson’s stance on this issue? Is she speaking the truth or just causing trouble?