Pauline Hanson has a strong message in the wake of Brussels attack

Pauline Hanson has never been shy about voicing her opinion loud and clear. And in the wake of the devastating

Pauline Hanson has never been shy about voicing her opinion loud and clear.

And in the wake of the devastating terrorist attacks in Brussels this week, Ms Hanson has released a new tirade against Islam and terrorists.

She released a message on her Facebook page calling for Australia to ban all Muslims from immigrating here, to stop taking in Syrian refugees, and to ban women from wearing the Burka or any full-face covering.

“Murder and mayhem has been the message sent out around the world, including the USA, Paris, Australia, Turkey and last night Brussels as a reminder to all non-believers of Islam who dare to oppose, stop, disrespect, or criticise Islam,” she wrote.

“They leave their rubbish and shit all over the place; they rob, steal and bash the innocent. Rape is a common occurrence. They have no respect for women who are not fully covered or touch them up on the streets. There is no other word for these perpetrators, other than scum.”

Many have come out and blasted her for the post saying she is causing unnecessary tension and stirring up trouble in already tense times.

They criticised her failing to draw a difference between the majority of muslims and the minority of extremists whose acts of unfairly terrorism tarnish the religion.

Others though, threw their full support behind her.

“When their numbers increase in suburbs, Australians are forced to move out of their homes from abuse or gunshots through windows,” she continued.

“The police are in fear of performing their duties to the best of their ability, due to a lack of back up or discrimination laws that are a joke. They also fear for their families safety, asking the question is it worth it?

“Islam and its believers are a cancer on our society and should be removed. It will eat away at us as it grows and will eventually kill us if not cut out.”

She finished the post by listing the key points she says she would work to enforce if elected:

  • We must stop the intake of the 12,000 refugees from Syria.
  • Stop further Muslim immigration.
  • Ban the Burka or any full-face covering.
  • Stop the building of more mosques and have cameras installed for surveillance at all times. Muslim schools must also have security cameras installed and if their teachings are not appropriate for Australia and our culture, close them down.
  • Muslims must respect our courts by standing before a Judge and if not, immediately imprison them.
  • Stop the Halal certification tax immediately.
  • Review our anti-discrimination laws to stop frivolous claims against anyone who speaks out against their religion.
  • We must have a full enquiry to determine if Islam is a religion or a totalitarian, political ideology.
  • Ensure Sharia Law is never practiced on Australian soil.

The post has caused hot debate, with some accusing her of deliberately causing tensions and others praising her for her views.

Where do you stand?

What do you think about Pauline Hanson’s stance on this issue? Is she speaking the truth or just causing trouble?

    • Audrey plant  

      I agree with Pauline..I am a stranger in my suburb.. I am shocked by this change over a few years..

    • In the last year, more olive skin Muslims have been killed by suicide bombers than all white Christians combined. Why is that not the story? Why is it not know that most captured Taliban and ISIS recruits know little about the precepts of the Muslim faith. By your reasoning all white people should be responsible for atrocities on indigenous people and all white Christians should be accused of child molestation. You can not blame 3 billion Muslims for the atrocities of a few radicals who know little of their own faith. Or will you make up any pretense to get as much oil from the oil rich nations?

    • ian  

      why is turnbul so blind is he a traitor to Australia yes get rid of the lot of them like Iceland

    • Pily Ynsua  

      I totally agree with Pauline .Allways admire her carridge

    • Debra Hebditch  

      Im voting her she is def saying that we will not stand for terroism

  1. Alice Johnson  

    I would like to suggest that Ms. Hanson come over to the United States and run as Trump’s vice president!

    • Dee Novello  

      So behind Pauline Hanson she speak what we are all thinking!

    • Dee Novello  

      So behind Pauline Hanson she speak what we are all thinking!

    • Tracey rigbye  

      I agree 100% with Pauline. She is not afraid to speak the truth. You go Pauline!!!

  2. jeanine gage  

    you go Pauline to much softy softy happening I like to read what you have to say I hope you win

    • Chris  

      I hope she wins too! She’s got the guts to say what we can only think. She’s been knocked down over and over – but she gets right back up and keeps trying. Thats true Aussie spirit I reckon.

    • Chris  

      She’s got the guts to say what we can only think. She’s been knocked down over and over – but she gets right back up and keeps trying. Thats true Aussie spirit I reckon.

  3. Catherine Bowles  

    She speaks the truth. And what most Australians believe but are too scared to admit and voice in these insane days of political correctness.

    • Janet robins  

      Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims. They should all be together in a Muslim country They can’t/won’t assimilate to western ways so they can only have one motive- to defeat us on our own soil.

      • Robert Green  

        Exactly Janet. Islam is far from a religion of peace. It is an arcane devil inspired political system bent on stamping out any other belief and political system. They need to be rounded up and sent back. If that won’t work, sterilise male and female so they can’t outbreed us.


    I Think what Pauline is really saying is Australia and Most of the Rest of the World is Pissed Off. We have All had enough!.

  5. Jim Mitchell  

    Pauline Hanson was elected to parliament originally because she was forthright enough to voice what the majority of Australians were thinking. Perhaps, with a federal election imminent, the lady may be persuaded to stand for election again. Pauline is what Australia needs, someone with enough guts to say it how it is and maybe liven up some of the dough heads who currently waste valuable space in Canberra. Far to much sucking up to minority groups who have nothing positive to offer our great country.

    • sandra fox  

      Totally agree I am so sick of these weak money grabbing people who are suppose to be working for us AUSTRALIANS and stop all the extra travel and pensions they get when they retire. GO PAULINE

    • robin monk  

      Pauline hanson for prime minister and Jacqui lambie for deputy pm , they are the only two with the courage to do something about the problem ,and they don’t care what other pollies think about their views.

    • Kingford  

      Good ONYA Pauline.. On this one issue alone you have my vote.

  6. Pamsiwamsie  

    Absolutely 100%. Only one with any guts or brains. This should go viral.

    • rimi  

      as a Kiwi Aussie citizen i fully support your stance on these scrum’s if we went to live in their country we would have to abide by their law’s they immigrate around the world after their country is in ruin’s and come here and want to do the same i don’t want them here or NZ send them all back to their country’s if they love sharia law

  7. Robert crawford  

    Pauline, is a voice for many Australians. Her views are not just hers. This Australian by her actions and speech, proves that she is a person of respect. What some find difficult is that she respects Australians first, like all other nations.
    Pauline is often fodder for the media, someone they can misinterpret, deliberately, to annoy the natives, led by the politically correct brigade.
    This heroic Australian woman mirrors the spirit of the ANZAC and their sacrifices. I am happy to support her and all Australians that believe in her.
    Robert, Noosa.

    • Anne Woods  

      Go Pauline!! All the world needs someone like you

    • DeborahDenny  

      I agree with Paulines principles she says what we all feel. …it’s time to take our country back and live the Australian way. ..and that means everyone that is here. .no Sharia Law or any others. ..just Australia. .if anyone doesn’t respect that they are free to leave. ..i will vote for you Pauline.

  8. J Badke  

    Pauline is the only one to openly speak the truth and admit to what we are all saying, thinking and really want for our country. She is a very strong and determined woman – Go Pauline enough is enough


      J BADKE you are wrong there are many people in this country saying the same thing.

  9. Peter Dunn  

    Good on her for speaking her mind, bombs, murder, rape and the cowards way of getting what they want speaks much louder than the the odd few who say they are a moderate society.
    Pauline Hansen calls the Muslims a cancer on our society, she is right. I have always felt that ISIS fight like maggots, they eat away at the centre and gradually destroy the whole of where they are at.

  10. Maryanna  

    Go Pauline. You are a brave lady. Unfortunately there is only 1 way to cut out a cancer.

    • Alan  

      Israel. Is fighting the same war
      Muslims…They don’t come looking for a higher standard of life, a better one. They come to conquer and take over your democratic free way of life and force Sariah law on you. That’s exactly what the Koran they follow blindly and fanatically tells them to do!

      Wake up and defend your free democratic way of life, and do so before it is brutally taken away from you and replaced with stone age Sharia law. The West can no longer afford to pretend that there isn’t a problem. Political “correctness” is a serious mistake.

  11. Magi  

    Sad to say but Ms Hanson is a serial want to be MP she has for the last 18 years applied at every election in fact she is making a living by doing this, she gets paid for every vote to her and last election she raked in more than 250 thousand. Why work? When all you do is make good statements she know the public want to hear and hand out ballot papers on election day. If she was genuine she would tell the public how much she has made in the last 18 years by doing this. NO I would not vote for her for her to rake in more tax payers money, it is very easy to get on TV and say what the public want to hear and for that more money in her bank account. THINK ABOUT IT and ask her the hard questions how much has she made.

    • Helise  

      Would you care to give facts and figures instead of making blanket accusations? And while you research those facts and figures, would you care to research the income of other politicians? Perhaps you can then present a comparison of Ms Hanson’s income to that of ‘mainstream’ politicians. That way, you would still be able to exercise your bias and accuse her of all sorts of heinous crimes, but you would not be guilty of accusing her of financial fraud. I would be careful with that latter accusation, if I were you.

    • Doug  

      So Magi, what has that got to do with this matter?
      She’s getting a lot less out of us than the sitting parliamentarians and those who achieved nothing for a lot of years and then retired on a fortune.
      Having said that, you need to face the cold hard fact that Pauline Hanson is merely voicing what we all feel and what we say in private. Those who say they do not agree with what she has said represent the minority view and in so doing are helping the terrorists win.

    • Hear hear!!! I remind everyone of her original campaign based on hatred of Asians taking over….then she jumped on the indigenous bandwagon n a time when gays were in her sight.. they are all celebrating muslims giving them a break from her crap hehe….she is failed politician….no ..she has not been successful in an election for over a decade n yes is paid by the taxpayer for failing….not a bad gig. . Never says anything positive or have any costed policies….just bigoted or racist or homophobic rants…she just puts one group of people against another….sad really….she needs a snickers

      • Gerda  

        Pauline, you have guts and brains. You realize what is going on and dare to speak out. Please come to Europe, to Belgium! Fundamentalism is not the only problem, it is the fundamentals of islam itself that are the problem.

        • Phillip  

          Pauline at least speaks the truth and is bold enough to say what most Aussies think ! We are tired of seeing our polititions trying not to offend other groups. This country is a great country let’s keep it that way!

    • So does every other politician! They just say it in such a mealy mouth fashion that simple people like you believe them!

    • Susan Bell  

      So true, she is making a living spouting hatred. Most of her statements are total lies. She is an ignorant racist. It horrifies me that so many posting here are also ignorant racists. . She is a liar raking in money from the electoral system I wish she would go away to another country.

      • Total lies? Which sand bucket do you bury your head in? I suppose they call you ding dong as well?

      • Elizabeth Litster  

        Susan try actually doing some research before you show your absolute ignorance about what is happening in the world today and Islam’s part in it. In the last 30 days there have been 23 attacks by Moslems in 22 countries. 1018 innocent men, women and children have been murdered some set on fire. 2008 people have been injured. Yet you accuse a woman that finds that unacceptable as racist. I wonder what you can condone as acceptable?

      • june Stephens  

        Pauline is not lying as you well know she does speak for most Australians .do you know how she knows what we want ,because she gets of her a###se and gets out there right across Australia meeting and talking with every day Australians and listening to them even getting her hands dirty helping out she is there for her country ,so don’t give me any of your 🐂💩About her only being in it for herself the lies the Libs and lab try to tell us about her will not wash this time ,we need to get a Royal commission in there to sort out their corruption and treasonous goings on .l stand behind Pauline and OneNation all the way she is a true Aussie .end of rant.

      • markus gowie  

        You can’t be racist against a religion , Islam is suppose to be a religion although anyone with any intellect knows it is a political ideology, please educate yourself on the meaning of racists , but well done you have mastered stupidity

    • Sue  

      Magi, you may not agree with Pauline, but she is the ONLY one who has the backbone to stand up and be counted and not care what others may think of her, including you. Australia will end up like Europe if no strong action is not taken. Would you like to be living in Brussels right now with the fear of more terrorist bombs going off and ripping your life apart? No, I guess not, and the majority of peaceful loving citizens would not want that either. This has already happened in Australia, we do not want it to happen again and as such should be protecting our citizens. The only way to make sure of this is to come down really hard on the perportrators just as Pauline has suggested. We are a Christian country not Islamic. We do not require their teachings etc here in this country. Let’s keep Australia safe for it’s citizens and be a peaceful country without terrorists invading our peaceful land.

    • Josephine Coyne  

      Brave words. She sounded sincere. I don’t think burquas should be worn. I do not think God wanted women to be enclosed in black tents. I have seen them in the Middle East sweltering inside in 34 degrees heat.In Saudi Arabia of course the men swan around in white clothing which deflects the heat of the sun..

    • John  

      Garbage, she won the primary at the last election but lost by 150 votes after preferences. Research before u comment.

    • Tom  

      You hypocritical moron. First, you say Pauline is saying what the MAJORITY want to hear then you mention that she is only doing it for the money. Please tell me which politician doesn’t do “IT” for the money? I believe that what she says is both correct and the only option left for us Australians……protect our way of life, culture, freedom and our children. Do you think we should welcome with open arms all the drawbacks of a Islamic way of life? The mutilation of women, under age marriages, covered headwear, Sharia law, etc.etc. murder, rape, groping, disrespect of women’s rights, Hala tax, ….give me a break.

    • Paul WALTER  

      What has she said that upsets you so much? Is the truth she speaks that make you turn your attention to the fact you think it’s about the money? You have no proof of your allegations so you should really do some proper research and get the true facts before shooting your mouth off and maybe while your at it do some more research on the message that she has been trying to tell everybody for years and you will see that for the most part it’s the sad truth!

    • markus gowie  

      What has how much money she made got to do with it and I notice you have not given any source to back up your claim, are you aware we give Indonesia over 600 million a year, Pauline Hanson will save this which will pay her wages for life

    • Mick McGowan  

      Its people like you who are the reason Australia is in the predicament it is in we need more people like Pauline to run this country and do what the people want not what the current parties want just lining their own pockets and selling the country out go for it Pauline hope you make it this time

    • Kim  

      We pay our politicians wages and how much have they sucked out of us in the last 18 years? They can’t and don’t protect us not to mention we are not supported when it’s needed unless we beg unlike these people who come into our country and vet paid three times as much as our senior citizens get annually. Violence the use of guns, rape and murder have increased dramatically and yet we support them. Bring on Pauline Hanson then maybe just maybe our country will thrive once again

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