Pauline Hanson defends Trump’s comments about women

If you missed Sunrise this morning, you missed a fiery exchange between Pauline Hanson and Derryn Hinch about Donald Trump.

If you missed Sunrise this morning, you missed a fiery exchange between Pauline Hanson and Derryn Hinch about Donald Trump.

Hanson started by saying she did not support Trump’s “vulgar” comments.

But then she went on to defend what he said.

“It was said not on camera, it was said behind the scenes, and it was a tape recording,” she said.

“Now let’s be honest about it, there’s a lot of men out there that say horrific things, probably up to the same standard.

“What is happening in America is that people have had enough, they’ve had a gutful of the major political parties, their country is going down the tube, there’s no work, there’s problems in the country.

“It is up to the people now: will they overlook these comments that were said in private … or will they say, no, that he may be different man?”

If you missed the segment, Derryn Hinch interjected, with a strong “No Pauline!”

“A normal man in a private conversation would not talk about this,” he said.

“A normal man, Pauline, would never consider invading a woman’s space so much…That is sexual assault!”

But, the clash of opinions didn’t end there.

After the Sunrise interview, the pair had another fiery clash in a hallway in Parliament House over the issue.

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that Hinch followed Hanson to debate her “disgraceful” attitude.

“That you, as a woman, could even make any justification for what he has said and what he has done is just …,” he said.

Hanson responded by claiming she didn’t condone what he said.

“No, you said the people of America will decide,” Hinch replied.

“If you are even slightly right, then God help the country and God help the world. The man is a sexual predator and he is a disgrace.”

If you missed what Trump said, in a 2005 recording he said “You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful women — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait.…

“And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. … Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

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You might be wondering what the rest of Australia’s politicians think?

Well, there’s been no shortage of politicians having their two-cents on Donald Trump this morning.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has also slammed the Republican nominee’s comments.

“They are loathsome and they deserve the absolutely universal condemnation that they’ve received,” he said in a press conference.

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce described the comments as “unacceptable” but pointed out the comments were from 2005 when Trump was 59.

“It is 10 years ago. If he doesn’t profusely apologise for his statements it’s certainly not (an excuse),” Mr Joyce said on ABC radio.

“I just think this whole debate in the United States is turning into a dirty, filthy concoction which belies the respect the American people deserve.

“They’re all digging up rubbish from each other’s past and I just think the whole thing is pretty unsavoury.”

But Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm has both defended and denounced Donald Trump, suggesting people “could cut him a little bit of slack”.

“Well, he is 70 years old and saying stuff – I mean, what he said was pretty distasteful, quite frankly – but saying stuff like that used to be a lot more common than it is these days,” he said.

“He is a man of his times, perhaps. So perhaps you could cut him a little bit of slack. A lot of nasty things are said about men, too, incidentally.”

Who do you side with on this one? Is Pauline Hanson right? Or was Derryn Hinch right to criticise her opinion?




  1. Val Gamble  

    I think the Americans should choose a younger man anyway. Trump is past it.His money must have got him selected.

    • elaine hardie  

      who recorded this conversation and why hold on to it for 11 years. what was the motive for this.

  2. Deb Lancaster  

    I agree with Derryn, the man is loathsome. I don’t think any person man or woman would think it acceptable.

  3. Brian Tierney  

    They are all hippocrits Hinch????????? Mr goody two shoes you have got to be joking!

  4. DrPhil  

    Hinch grandstanding again, see his eye on the camera.
    Hanson did NOT condone the potty mouth utterances of Trump but she correctly disagrees with the gutter political tactic of taping something almost 10 years ago and storing it for a rainy day when the lust for POWER is at full volume from the socialists of America

    • Dawn  

      Agree with Pauline, Barnaby Joyce, David Leyonhjelm. She didn’t condone it and it’s true that was common back in the day .Mr holier than thou Derryn Hinch doesn’t ever let her finish. Yes Derryn, and Kochy, it does still happen. Go past a construction site and listen…not as bad these days maybe, but how do you know when you live in your ivory towers. She wasn’t talking about you two or most men. She said some men!

    • Billb  

      whilst I don’t agree with what Trump said you would have to be pretty stupid to think that it didn’t happen back in those days and possibly still happens to a certain extent now days.Would have to agree with other comments on this page asking why bring up things ten years later. The guy said something at the time he probably thought was funny but has since aged and apologised realising it is not the right thing to do or say. Bill Clinton actually did some of those things but did not face this kind of backlash.I thought the idea of a live debate was to put their ideas to run the country to the people but they just appear they only want to disgrace each other. This is American politics and sadly our politics seems to be heading the same way.

  5. I agree with Pauline Hanson she is correct and if Derryn Hinch thinks this sort of talk does not go on he is wrong at least Pauline H is aware of what happens and it happens everywhere.

  6. Leanne Patroney  

    What about Bill Clinton as President and the countless women he has had and abused while he was in office!. Derryn Hinch is an idiot! Isn’t it funny how no-one seems to condemn Bill Clinton and yet they attack Donald Trump for just saying something 11 years ago. The Clinton Foundation has taken many millions of dollars in bribes from Arab countries. Imagine if Donald Trump had done that. Good on you Pauline! Derryn Hinch is a has been.

  7. Toni Ardill  

    I think Trump is not the type of person to be president.. I do not think Derryn was being respectful to Pauline and letting her have her opinion.

  8. I bet over half the people that have slammed Trump, have said far worst things in private and more recently. I am not condoning anything he has said. Hillary has done far worse than Him.

  9. Some of those perfect (ha ha) people want to be careful as one day they may fall on there own sword when some, not very nice, person records their conversation and uses it against them 10 years latter.

  10. Isabel Liddle  

    4 channels yesterday were broadcasting the US candidates debate. Can’t the AustTv channels communicate and not all show the same stuff.
    If Australian politicians think that comm ents like what Trump has said are not said or at least have been said to women in the past it is another example of politicians not being aware of the life of people. Both in family hotel business and working as a nurse things as misonogystic as that have been said to me or in my earshot. I don’t like it, I don’t condone it but to say it doesn’t happen iis choosing to live in a fantasy world – removing oneself from the reality of constituents experiences.

  11. Pamela  

    Private blokey talk plus some wishful thinking, I would suggest.

    I would be more concerned with what Clinton has DONE, rather that what Donald has SAID!

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