Pauline Hanson cops criticism over Great Barrier Reef dive

Pauline Hanson has decided to leave her suits behind and take a dive into the ocean to talk about another
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Pauline Hanson has decided to leave her suits behind and take a dive into the ocean to talk about another one of her passions.

The One Nation senator has dived off Great Keppel Island, near Rockhampton to dispute claims that coral bleaching was having its worst event in 2016.

Hanson spoke about how the publicity surrounding bleaching was negatively impacting on the tourism industry.

“Tourist operators like the Freedom Fast Cats have seen visitors to the Island drop from an average of 200 per day to under 20 as a result of lies being told about the Great Barrier Reef dying,” she wrote on her Facebook page, Pauline Hanson’s Please Explain.

“When domestic and international tourists are told by the Greens that the reef is dying, of course they don’t want to turn up.


She said she wasn’t convinced global warming was to blame for any bleaching.

“We can’t have these lies put across by people with their own agendas,” she told the ABC.

“If you actually go deeper, 12-20 metres deeper in the ocean, the reefs there are in pristine condition.

“And they’re growing all the time.”

While many are supporting Hanson and saying it’s good to see a politician out of their office and on the reef, some aren’t so supportive.

Many environmentalists and conservationists have criticised Hanson and her One Nation senators for choosing a healthy section of the reef to dive in.

The ABC reports that where Hanson dove is actually 1000km from a serious bleaching event near Lizard Island.

Australian Marine Conservation Society’s Imogen Zethoven told the ABC she believed One Nation was in denial about the Great Barrier Reef. 

“I’d really ask her to get off the SS Ignorance and come back to shore,” she said.

“Head up to Port Douglas or Lizard Island see what it really looks like right now and accept that climate change is real, it’s having an effect on the reef.”

A representative from WWF was also critical.

WWF’s Richard Leck told the ABC he believed One Nation was “on a voyage of climate change denial”.


“I suggest to the senators that they actually get to a place that did bleach,” he said.

What do you think? Is it fair for people to criticise Pauline Hanson? Or do you think it’s good to see her out and about?

  1. Joy Anne Bourke  

    I think it is excellent for a pollie to get out and actually dive down and personally look at the reef. As Pauline said at least Great Keppel Island is not dying. I don’t see any other pollies diving to check how the coral is going? If some people can only criticise then why say anything at all. You probably criticise everything Pauline does. But a lot of people voted for her to tell the truth to people of Australia not like the other pollies lying through their teeth like TURNBULL. Also Pauline’s popularity is increasing because of the her telling the truth to the Australian People.

    • Greta Humble  

      Pauline is telling the frightened, envious and ignorant people what to believe in line with her racist, intolerant, ignorant views !

  2. Pamela  

    Reef life fluctuates, growing and dying in parts for various reasons. They are not static!

    If so-called ‘global warming’ is the cause of dead parts, why aren’t they all dead?

  3. Claire Hancock  

    I agree, Joy Anne, that it’s good idea for pollies to get out and see the issues that are of concern … but choosing to dive in an area that has NOT been identified as an area with the worst damage, and even qualifying what damage there is around Great Keppel by saying that if you dive deep enough then the coral is doing well at greater depths, is hardly giving an unbiased picture of the overall health of the Reef.

    Looking at one small area which has relatively minimal damage, then saying to effect: “Nope, there’s no problem with the Reef – the Greens are lying” is hardly being honest.

    • Benson Kane  

      We are being told many lies about global warming by green groups, and many other global warming profiteers, including many other groups with invested interests such as so called climate scientists who wouldn’t be called scientists if the global warming scam didn’t create a market for them.We are not being told the facts. Global warming means world wide. But as I stated in my comment that other coral reefs in other parts of the globe are thriving. Global warming doesn’t mean just in Queensland.

  4. Benson Kane  

    They call it global warming ,but it seems that the only coral reef in so called danger is the Australian barrier reef, There are numerouse off others coral reefs world wide living in all kind of different water temperetures, and they are all healthy and thriving. It is even said, that some coral reefs in other parts of the world have a far more exotic ocean cretures than the Australian barrier reef ,but the only creature that other coral reefs don’t have is the King of thorn star fish population. If the so called climate scientists are really serious to save the barrier reef, then they should get the explosion population of the Star fish under control, and let God worry about the climate.

    • Claire Hancock  

      Benson, a simple search of the internet will reveal that the increasing level of coral bleaching and die-off is a recent phenomena and it is occurring right throughout the world’s coral reefs to varying degrees, not just within Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Likewise, outbreaks of high numbers of Crown of Thorns starfish is not isolated to Australia, but rather it occurs throughout the Indian and Pacific oceans.

      Levels of damage due to coral bleaching from higher water temperatures varies throughout the world’s coral reefs because all areas have varying conditions, such as ocean currents, underwater topography etc. So some areas will experience greater rises in ocean temperatures in certain areas compared to other areas, and greater levels of damage. Hence, Pauline Hanson choosing to examine one small part of reef in an area where damage is light compared to other areas, and then concluding that there is no problem, is just plain deceptive.

      … And Benson, … “let God worry about the climate”? If you stop to think about it for a moment, wiping from humankind the responsibility for our impact on climate and laying all responsibility in the lap of God is a cop-out and theologically unsound.

  5. colin  

    she is giving older people a bad name. goes to one small area where the coral has been lucky to survive the warmer water and the massive pollution and says its a no brainer/ younger people see her and the comments and as I overheard some say in the coffee shop ” stupid OLD woman” typical of oldies

  6. Dee  

    I’m thinking maybe this woman is not too bright or maybe she thinks her followers are a bit thick. She goes for one dive and tells the world that she is right and scientists are wrong. This is the same person who thought that Muslim and Islam were two separate things. Spare me!

    • Greta Humble  

      Well said. Unbelievable that people buy this!

  7. Paul Schofield  

    This is one stupid woman. Followed by stupid people. Wake up. There is very little chance your grandchildren will survive the traumatic events ahead now. If no action is taken urgently world wide in the developed world they will die along with most of the world’s species. Wake up and take time to educate yourself

    • Guy Flavell  

      Are you that loony bloke I saw at Southbank last weekend with his “Repent, the end of the World is Coming” sandwich board ?
      Your manic ranting sounds exactly same as his imbecilic Greens’ twaddle.

    • Phineas Franklin  

      Yes. One stupid woman. Followed by some very gullible people it seems. The only loony thing going on here is pretending the science of climate change can be ignored … that we can kid ourselves that it’s all going to just go away and everything is going to be just fine. Sticking one’s head in the sand and pretending like it’s not happening is one way of dealing with it I suppose. But the ice caps are melting … the reef’s dying. So spare the smart arsed rubbish about sandwich boards please and have a think about the hard cold scientific facts. We’re well on our way to becoming tomorrow’s fossil’s if we don’t.

  8. Elvira  

    The whole one nation club is just full of hypocrites and basically liars the crap Malcolm Roberts is spreading about climate change and so many other issues he comes out with just does my head in.

    You have to ask is there something in the water in Queensland that makes people ignorant and full of there own self worth at the expense of everyone else.

    The world knows that the barrier reef is in dying and Hanson jumping in proves nothing all it shows is how stupid her and her followers are, as well as being very Un Australian because at the rate the reef is dying in a couple of years a lot of the tourist industry will be gone with the reef.

    • Graeme  

      Your written English is appalling!
      So your denigration of Pauline Hanson is worthless!

      Maybe you should learn some Marine Science, if you’re capable of doing so, at the same time as English Grammar, & Spelling, as you know NOTHING about the ‘living’ activity of the WHOLE, vast area that is the Great Barrier Reef.

      You are an extremely ignorant person, in many ways!

      • Claire Hancock  

        Graeme, trying to demean and denigrate others is never a good look! Address the issues in the debate, rather than resorting to personal abuse against a person who simply wishes to have their thoughts heard. Manners cost nothing, so try using them more liberally.

  9. Joan Marshall  

    My visit to Queensland was an eye opener for the beauty it has to offer. The great Barrier reef and numerous islands I visited was Daydream Island, Frazer Island, Rainbow Island just a few of them that will take your breath away. God bless Australia the lucky country.

    • Janet  

      …….try ‘Fraser Island’….it’s not part of the GBR!

      The Great Barrier Reef stops offshore of Bundaberg.

  10. Albert  

    Our Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years’ old.

    It’s been ‘changing’, or evolving, for that whole length of time, & will continue to do so until until it ceases to exist.
    This it must do as a ‘living entity’

    Humankind, since the Industrial Revolution, has had a small effect upon it.

    The GREATEST threat to it, is the eruption of Volcanoes.

    If the so-called ‘super-volcano’ of Yellowstone National Park actually does erupt, well, good luck to the continuance of ‘life on Earth’.

    If there’s another ‘Deccan Traps’ fissure volcanic event take place, bye-bye in totality!

    Google ‘Laki’, & read the havoc its’ fissure eruption caused mostly to the Northern Hemisphere.

    One only has to study Geology to know what’s happening to our beautiful ‘Blue Planet’!
    It’s ALL there, laid down in the rock strata, which can be studied, as well as through the ice cores’ of the Arctic, & Antarctica, or through tree-rings, ie dendrochronology.

    These are well-documented SCIENTIFIC situations’, based on fact, & not ‘climate change’ bulls@&$!

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