Pauline Hanson claims Australia is in danger of being swamp by Chinese

Twenty years after Pauline Hanson gave her maiden speech in parliament, she is back in the spotlight and reiterating one

Twenty years after Pauline Hanson gave her maiden speech in parliament, she is back in the spotlight and reiterating one of her most controversial lines.

On the 20th anniversary of her maiden speech in parliament, One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson has hit out at Chinese buyers, saying we are in danger of being “swamped”.

“If we keep heading down the path of selling our land and our houses and everything, we will be swamped by the Chinese,” she she today.

When Pauline made her speech, she found a whole lot of support from voters who felt the same way and had the same worries and fears.

Others though, accused her of promoting fear and hate and of starting a hateful dialogue.

In 1996 she said in her now famous speech, “I believe we are in danger of being swamped by Asians”.

It was a line that defined her moment in the spotlight and stirred up plenty of controversy.

So how much of her speech actually stacks up today?

Census data from 1996 shows 4.78 percent of the Australian population was born in South-East Asia, north-east Asia or southern and central Asia.

The most recent census data from 2011 shows this number had almost doubled, to 8.08 percent, but the rest of the population has also grown and English ancestry is still the largest portion of Australia’s population.

The UK is also Australia’s largest foreign investor, having the biggest stake in land holding across the country.

China is the fifth in the biggest owner of agricultural land in Australia and own less than half a percent of Australian farmland with about 85 percent owned by Australians.

So is Pauline wrong on this one and was she wrong all along?

There is still a lot of fear around Chinese ownership in Australia, with many people saying the government needs to stop allowing them to buy up so much business and land.

What do you think?

Is Pauline Hanson right here? Or is she just creating fear and controversy?

  1. Trevor  

    If you go for a walk around the Sydney CBD or through Hurstville,Eastwood,Epping,Chatswood etc you have to wonder if this figures are correct

  2. Rob McPherson  

    Pauline seeks to start a debate. She won’t start one by meekly standing in a corner and saying nothing. On both the immigration and land ownership issues the Australian Government should review both and set a policy in line with the best interests of the country, our cohesive society and our productivity. Once the decisions are made and policies implemented we can then judge the Government against these. We now seem to have no policies on these issues but make ad hoc decisions without overall direction.
    The Australian people need to know the policies and the reasons therefore.

    • S Le Lievre  

      Well said. We want firm policy and not just” trust us” we know what we are doing. Please explain the long term gain and not just a short term money grab, and if the economy is doing so badly, why aren’t we chasing the big corporate tax dodgers, oh! It’s legal what they are doing?,change the tax laws please!

  3. Ian Howland  

    Like all Australians we do live in a democracy where people are free to have an opinion or make a comment. Rightly or wrongly. But that’s the law.
    One doesn’t need to agree or disagree. One that note one doesn’t even have to read it.
    The media has a lot to take blame for in sensationalism of the comments or stories because it sells newspapers or creates headlines.
    So we can thank them for making some of our most infamous lunatics famous or giving them airtime..
    Most Australians wouldn’t bother with them if it weren’t for the medias attention being headlined to their crap..
    So thanks..
    Better off reading the comics they’re more factual

    • Laurie  

      Yes, but lying is not a point of view. It’s a dishonest way of trying to promote your viewpoint. And Pauline does lie in some of the things she says!!

  4. Phillip arbuckle  

    I agree 100% she is only saying what the majority are to scared to admit especially the pollys ,
    And the greens are a disgrace for walking out on her speech imagine if the happened tho them.

  5. Russell Boucher  

    I have no doubt that the amount of Asians will increase with the sale of real estate and the sale of our businesses to asian companies and people this is a given just how the government is going to allow the fast tracking of these people into Australia will be something to watch and i think that Pauline will be found out to be correct As with Muslim race they will be come an influential part of Australia. Change is coming and their is nothing that can stop it We will be come a divided country as assimilation is part of becoming multicultural this ands government of the future should not allow clusters or sects grouping of immigrants they shoo;ld not all be pit into public housing in the same area diversify put them all over the country were they have to mix in, Pauline may sound racist but if you listen to what she has to say there is a lot that should be taken on board she is very passionate about Australia something that a ;lot of other politicians are lacking, no mane mentioned

  6. i am a brit . for 20 years . lived in canada 50 years . the way i see whats best for your country . allow people from all countries in the world . not just china . it helps everyone to be a better person

  7. SL  

    You can close the door & be isolated & only speak your own language. You risk putting yourselves back 50 years because you can no longer make a pair thongs, jeans, iphone & even a car.

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