Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Turnbull go at it in war of words

She’s never been one to mince her words and it looks like Pauline Hanson isn’t about to start now, sending

She’s never been one to mince her words and it looks like Pauline Hanson isn’t about to start now, sending a strong warning to Malcolm Turnbull.

The pair traded insults after the prime minister was asked whether or not he would negotiate with her if she was elected into the Senate.

“Pauline Hanson is, as far as we are concerned, not a welcome presence in the Austrian political scene,” Mr Turnbull replied.

“You’ve got to remember she was chucked out of the Liberal Party.”

Bill Shorten also jumped on board, saying she practices “the politics of fear and hate”.

“Australians didn’t like her views then, they won’t tolerate them now,” he said.

Ms Hanson was quick to respond to Mr Turnbull’s criticism, describing the Liberal party as “arrogant”.

“That’s why I was thrown out of the Liberal Party — because I was standing up on principle,” she said.

“No actually I ended up walking back in and saying I’m resigning because I’m not going to be a yes person.”

Thanks to voting reforms, largely promoted and pursed by Mr Turnbull, Ms Hanson has a strong chance of being elected the Senate come July 2.

She has a battle on her hands though, as the Coalition is reportedly organising a campaign to stop her from winning.

While the Coalition no doubt has the power to back a forceful fight against Ms Hanson, it’s the power of the people that really matters, with Ms Hanson convinced she will prevail on the day.

She sent a sternly-worded warning to the PM, making it clear that she has no plans to negotiate on her tough stance on immigration and a number of other issues.

“You are going to be so sorry that I am back in that Parliament,” she said, as reported by News Corp.

What do you think Pauline Hanson’s policies? Do you support her, or is she out of touch?

  1. Richard Wegener  

    I Welcome Pauline Hanson back to Australian Federal Politics – and as I’ve stated earlier on FB – she will receive my First vote on the Senate Ticket on 02 July ‼️

    • Wayne Mclean  

      if i am able i would vote for her as she has the support of the people for the people as opposed to the Lnp and the labour Mob who as you can see are both arrogant and treat the people of Australia with contempt with examples of taken their local representations away by getting rid of their local councils when promised by the lying Turnbull that tehre would be no Forced amalgamations , and labour not doing a damn thing to help so people of australia only one thing to do vote for only independants and stick it to the useless lying people in politics now

    • What sane -minded Australian, wouldn’t ? ? I feel honored and geateful to, have a women with such love for Australia to, never give up.

  2. Trish  

    Oh so the liberal party is planning on discrediting Pauline once again. This is what turns me off the LNP they have lost my vote. And who does M Turnbull think he is to say Pauline is not welcome in the parliament. It’s not for him to say, arrogant to say the least. This statement should work in Pauline’s favour.

    • Maree Dawson  

      Trish, there are very valid rumours that Turnbull and the LNP are bank rolling Pauline Hanson because of her far right wing views. She will be targeted as anti immigration and anti Muslim and in actual fact be the spokesperson for the Turnbull conservative government. That way the government won’t be accused of far right wing views. However you are right to distrust the LNP. Put them last on July 2nd.

    • Hear, hear. What a breath of fresh air is, Pauline Hanson. Now, I have something worth voting for.

  3. Brian Lee  

    Unfortunately I can’t vote for her down here in Gippsland, unless she has a colleague standing with her here. One can only hope!

  4. Marg  

    I would vote for Pauline without hesitation she knows what she is talking about wish she had someone standing in Gippsland go Pauline show them what Australia is about

  5. Rob johnson  

    Hope Pauline gets elected .

  6. Kerry Bunting  

    I will vote for her,at least she,s got the guts to say & do things,not like these other politicians!!!

  7. Maree  

    3 cheers to Pauline. I voted for one nation and she gave the 2 mainstream parties a shock with her success. As I recall they found a way to incarcitrate her. They KNOW she is a risk and whilst they may find a way to prevent her winning a senate seat THEY WILL NEVER STOP US VOTING FOR HER HONESTY AND STRAIGHT SHOOTING, calling a spade a spade Aussie attitude. You go gf

  8. I would most certainly vote for Pauline the last election if the votes had been recounted she would have got in , Because she shoots straight is why they are so scared of her pity I now am in another state I thorughly enjoyed meeting her and listening to her.

  9. Pauline voices what we ( who
    DONT have our head in the sand) all think and feel… I am afraid for Australia’s future ( and my children’s future) look what refugees and Muslims have done to other Countries..
    Don’t want that to happen to the best Country in the world..
    I’m with her all the way

  10. Jean Knight  

    Pauline Hanson says what everyday Australians are talking about, but, we do not have a
    voice. Shorton and Turnbull are absolutely useless, out of touch with wage earners struggling pensioners and low income families. They have never worked a day in their life. Shorton straight into unions, Turnbull into glorified Liberal port folios. So out of touch, a world apart
    from us all.
    Bring back John Howard and Paul Keating and let’s get our Country back to the way it was before Rudd. Gillard and these fools we have in Canberra now

  11. Newton Hill  

    Its enough to make want to form the Australian 60 Plus Party to stand for what we need. A platform built on health, pensions, superannuation and public safety AND a committment to roll back all the perks so that the money can go to our Mental Health Policy.

    • Linda  

      I will join your party Newton !!!
      Let us know so we can join up time we had someone in the mad house to look after us .

      • Newton Hill  

        I think a coffee with like minded people would do no harm at all. Perth people take note.
        “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” -. Edmund Burke

  12. Jimbo  

    She’s as mad as that idiot running for president in the USA

    • Rozzy  

      Jimbo your delusional Pauline Hanson is on the pulse unlike the pathetic examples we have running our country now. Bring it to them Pauline and typical low tactics to discredit her. Fortunately Australians will be with her all the way.

      • Jon Lawrence  

        No Heart, no pulse, no brain. An ignorant racist with no knowledge of our ethnic diversity. tried as a criminal fraudster. No place on the ballot for a criminal

        • Kevin Garnaut  

          Jimbo and John Lawrence. You are sadly out of touch.

    • walter price  

      The world is ready for Don .

    • Joan Marshall  

      Pauline Hanson and Donald Trump are exactly what we need in this day and age. They are prepared to kick ass and get the country and the people in to shape

    • Garry Bates  

      I totally agree. She is barking mad.

    • I hope she will get in ,and Turnbull loses his seat! He is not a liberal! We didn’t vote for him ,he is an imposter a cuckoo he doesn’t belong Go Pauline Hanson

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