Pauline Hanson accused of fat shaming

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is dividing opinions with her latest commentary on the Women's March.
She's no stranger to speaking her mind and Pauline Hanson didn't hold back.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson isn’t afraid to tell it how she sees it, but her comments about a group of protestors has caused some to wonder if she took it too far this time.

Ms Hanson has been accused by some of ‘fat shaming’ after she made a pointed remark about protestors in Brisbane at the weekend.

The group had taken to the streets in Brisbane as part of the Women’s March to show solidarity and strength in the face of Donald Trump’s presidency and Ms Hanson had a few choice words for them.

“Don’t these clowns have anything else better to do with their time other than to hold sad, anti-democracy protests?” she wrote on her Facebook page.

“Why on earth would anyone want to walk around in this heat chanting about One Nation and the new President of the United States of America, Donald Trump?

“Oh well, at least they didn’t seem as bad as the left wing protesters in Washington who were vandalising businesses and committing assaults.”

It was her next line that caused some to accuse her of bullying.

“And I suppose it’s good that they were out and about and doing a bit of walking because it looked like a few of them needed to get a bit of sun and do a bit exercise,” she finished.

With so many people out there struggling with their weight and body image, some are saying Ms Hanson should have known better.

Others say it’s just plain wrong for a politician to resort to name calling – especially when it’s aimed at voters.

With so much talk lately about politicians failing to live up to the role, should we expect more from someone like Pauline Hanson, or are people overreacting here.

Lately, we’ve held pollies accountable for misusing taxpayer money and there are calls by some to do the same with Ms Hanson for these comments.

Do you think she took it too far here? Or are people being over sensitive?

  1. Waugh  

    What happened to freedom of speech. People lighten up!!! Aussies used to be able to have a laugh at themselves.

    • Bec Urbs  

      Yep, why is Pauline out of jail and why is she attacking the rape victims??? Is that allowed in Australia (criminal pollies???))!!!

    • Ros Philips  

      Are you calling for Australian mothers to laugh at rape? Or to laugh at our teen girls who were raped? Or at their being fat shamed publicly? Or at their protesting of rape turning to a discussion of female bodies? I can’t find the joke. Oh wait, is the joke: “Pauline”?


    • Bec Urbs  

      Because she aimed it at teenage rape victims.

    • rob Clarsen  

      Unfortunately even the truth hurts. We as a nation have stopped that low that we actually try to make an issue even when it is a fact.

    • saskia graviou  

      she was being judgemental ..she said it looks like some of them could do with a bit of excersise

  3. Bev duncan  

    Poor little bunnies – really – who takes offense to that. A bit of sunlight and excertise never hurt any body. Home truth more like it. If you want to be treated with repect show some respect. As far as Pauline goes – a bit of fresh air for a change – someone telling the truth – excellent.

    • Odious little woman, worst thing to happen for the women of Australia, bigoted, racist and very, very nasty.

      • Mareela  

        Agreed Lawrence. It amazes me how anyone can think Pauline cares about working class Australians. She is one of the worst far right conservatives in politics who cares only for herself and her wallet. More than anything else she is an uneducated bigot.

  4. Steven Webb  

    Can’t believe they ever let Pauline out of jail. She is a convicted CRIMINAL; relying on racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Muslim extremist right wing rants for press.

    • Julie  

      She says it as it is and a lot of Aussies love her for it.

    • brian1940  

      Steve Webb.
      Get your facts right pauline was convicted yes but it was over turned when they found out the accusers were lieing and she did nothing wrong. But the Labor state Gov. in Queensland refuse to pay her back the $500,000 she was falsely accused of misappropriating.

  5. Heather Wells-Jones  

    For goodness sake, i agree with their protest, I am not a fan of Trump, in fact I find him a particularly dangerous man, but people getting upset at a remark like that is ridiculous. They probably were overweight and walking is good exercise. Stop being so touchy about your weight. Go for a few more walks and do some exercise.

    • Steven Webb  

      Nope. Wacol prison inmate Pauline’s fat-shaming of women won’t distract me from Trump’s admitted molestations of women. Real insensitive move, fat shaming rape victims. She is a typical criminal, zero empathy.

      • Guy Flavell  

        Steven, your comments on this article are very close to THE most inane I’ve ever read on Starts At 60.
        “A bit of sun and exercise” doesn’t warrant your loony and extreme leftish garbage on this site.

  6. tisme  

    I’m fat but I eat very little , i started gaining weight when I started taking anti depressants exercise does nothing

    • Heather Wells-Jones  

      Stop taking your antidepressants and go to the gym and do some walking. May make you see the world in a better way

  7. “Go Pauline!” I agree with you whole heartedly.

  8. Cliff Soulby  

    Steven Webb Get a life / she is Right Right,

    • Snowwhite  

      Cliff Soulby get a life she is right right right wing. Deal with it.

    • Maureen Hall  

      Yes agree we all need excersise and a healthy diet, never hurt anyone.

  9. Peter  

    If the cap fits

  10. Well seeing is believing and the Media defending the rights of poor buggers being mentioned as they may just need bit of exercise so what is this a reason to have a shot at Pauline Hanson we all know that the media is driving the protests in America and this Gender Revolution the same just to keep the lefties happy well we are looking on with disbelief because you are not doing avery good job of it you got Turnbull elected sheesh that was a good move?????? he needs a bit of protection lets give it to Pauline, you Media people are so predictable, we know people struggle with their weight some can’t help it but 65/70% ofAustralian have trouble with their hands that can’t stop shoving food in their faces,

    • One can always lose weight however, there is precious little one can do about being so unintelligent as to believe in silly Pauline!

      • Chatterbox  

        She didn’t say anything silly but sensible remarks. What is the point of protesting here in Australia about Trump. It’s ridiculous.

        • Guy Flavell  

          Totally agree with Chatterbox. I couldn’t see any reason for these women protesting … apart from
          getting “a bit of sun and exercise” … and the pathetic need to be seen as making some kind of
          ‘do-gooders’ statement’.

  11. Chatterbox  

    You have to be kidding me? Loosen up reporters and stop feeding us crap. This story has nothing wrong about it. Cripes, your doctor would be the first to be pleased some fatties got off their arse and got some sun and exercise and if it takes an anti-trump march to do it, then do it every day. I think Pauline is funny. I’m tubby and the mirror does not lie. I guess if I didn’t like Trump then the sun and exercise would have done me some good too. haha. Who bloody cares. Get a life.

  12. colin  

    silly woman just needs to keep her bigoted racist homophobic mouth SHUT

    • Chatterbox  

      As you should !!

      • Mareela  

        And you chatterbox. Everyone is entitled to an opinion which, because you believe Pauline’s crap, find difficult to understand, let alone acknowledge.

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