Pauline Hanson abused by Aboriginal elder at art show

Newly elected Queensland senator Pauline Hanson isn’t a stranger to controversy, but when the politician rocked up to the Cairns

Newly elected Queensland senator Pauline Hanson isn’t a stranger to controversy, but when the politician rocked up to the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair on July 16 she was subject to a bombardment of verbal abuse and criticism.

Aboriginal elder — and a controversial figure in his own right — Murrandoo Yanner was quick to inform Hanson she was not welcome at the event.

“Now you are kicking the Muslims around, you are just a racist redneck with red hair,” Yanner yelled at her.

“Go away — go back to Ipswich and your fish and chip shop.

“You are intellectually dishonest and you are not welcome here.”

Not usually one to shy away from confrontation, that Hanson and her team walked away from the event.

There has been support of Yanner’s behaviour towards the politician, with some on social media saying:

While others have condemned the Aboriginal activist.

One person said, “I’m no fan of Pauline’s politics, but goading someone out of a public event like this, while abusing them for being redneck with red hair is not OK in my books. Wouldn’t it have been better to have let her attend and have the chance to learn something, either from the exhibition or from talking to the people there?”

What do you think? Should Pauline Hanson have been chased away from the event? Or was the elder justified in his response towards her?

  1. Jean Kiem.  

    I’m afraid Pauline is going to have to develop a very thick skin as there will probably be a lot of this type of abuse. A lot of people don’t really know what they are talking about….a case of follow the leader….

    • Carryn  

      She has a very thick skin when you look at what she has been through… Yanner just exemplified the disrespect & ignorance that comes from blinkered opinions. Pauline you showed more class by turning away from blind ideals…… Got my vote!!

  2. Annette  

    Very Sad…if he only realised that Pauline could be the savior of our country…obviously not on her own but with the assistance of other parties who share hers and many of our views…like ALA. RUAP etc…

    • Susan Knowles  

      She was kicked out of the Liberal party for anti aboriginal comments. She only wants to save white Australia.

  3. Rosalind Higginson  

    I think he was Gertrude indeed. Pauline Hanson looks out for us Australians and I support her.

    • John Seaman  

      I support her she has the guts to say what other people are afraid to say what they really feel . Good on her

    • Vicki rice  

      I support Pauline Hanson she is the only one who will look out for genuine Australians including indigenous Australians

  4. Carol McEwing-Anderson  

    I find her arrogant, ignorant, racist and rude. She is not a good ambassador for Australia.

    • Lesley  

      The way to handle her is to be calm & engage her in conversation by being rude & abusive towards her is showing our ignorance.

    • Linda Sweet  

      Have you seen or heard of any other politition standing up for the Australian people.???? Please list them so I can support them as I do Pauline

    • Darryl  

      You are passing judgement based on misinformation

    • Darryl  

      You are passing judgement based on misinformation

    • Leah  

      The human race is of one race, right?? So how can one race be racist against the same race?? Doesn’t make sense does it?? And by the way Islam wouldn’t even be classified as a race it’s supposedly a type of religion…. That’s what she apposes, and she’s not alone!

    • Patriotic australian  

      Sorry she speaks for most Australians you sound like your the racist

  5. Heather  

    In one of the original reports of this event, it was stated this occurred as she was LEAVING so she was already on her way. No mention in this article that she rocked up with a TV crew in tow.

  6. Teresa  

    Sorry but Australia is a democracy, right?

    • Yes Teresa everyone is entitled to have their say Mr Yanner and Ms Hanson and here’s my two bobs worth She was voted in by thousands of ppl she was trying to advance her knowledge of the aboriginal culture and as far as him saying that she is racist what was he being I welcome all ppl to this beautiful land of ours if they r willing to learn to assimilate and not wear the burqa wrong spelling but

  7. Who’s the bloody racist redneck I only saw one there and he had a racist shirt on . Pauline has been elected so there are a lot of people who are interested in what she says .It’s a free country so let’s keep it that way ,just imagine if Pauline had said that ,boy one rule for him one for her

    • Rae Bryant  

      Can you imagine if Pauline had of done the same to him all hell would have broken out,but its ok for him to say that to Pauline.Yes Gordon you are right he is the redneck and racist,and also a nasty person.

  8. Elizabeth Gardner  

    A shocking and disgusting attitude from an aboriginal elder of all people; they are not racist? and there are no rednecks in this country you stupid man. I have met Pauline Hansen at spoken with her at length she has a great nature is certainly not xenophobic nor racist she simply states it as she sees it and in my book she has a right to say that. This man really could take a leaf out of her book and state only what he believes in and not criticise others, after all people who live in glass houses should NEVER throw stones. He has denigrated himself and his people by this outburst; what happened to free speech in this country his outburst does not constitute free speech it is downright rude and abusive.

    • Mandi bennett  

      Abuse in any form is showing inability to control ones temper. If you believe in what you have to say, you don’t have to shout derogatory remarks to get it across. Well done to Pauline for walking away.

  9. Colin  

    Personally I’m totally sick of some people who, because a distant relative may have thought that someone in their family generations ago may have some ties to an Australian indigenous person, who claim they are better than other Australians and can make racist rants against other Australians because they claim to be indigenous. I was born here and I’m a proud Aussie – no better no worse than others.
    I may not agree with some of Pauline’s policies but many people voted for her so let’s ALL respect that fact.

    • Hear hear. It amazes me how many people claim to be of aboriginal descent ( even those with fair skin and red hair) and expect to get freebies from the Govt. it’s time they realised we are all Australians and should be treated equally, no freebies just because your great 10 times removed grand father was indigenous.
      After all didn’t they originally come from Africa as a nomadic tribe?

      • vic roby  

        I agree…I think its about time that the Indigenous peoples THANKED the European people for coming here, dragging them up out of the stone-age and trying to give them civilisation. If it hadn’t been Europeans, it could have been the Indonesians. The Indos would have completely wiped out the Indigenous nomads that were here back then…Plus, Capt Cook and others were NOT invaders, they were explorers. Just sayin’

    • That Bloke should have had Pauline in. She was elected fair and square by the people in a democratic society. He has to learn a lot how to manage himself.

  10. Catherine Coleman  

    He is so bloody rude….

  11. He will find out there will be no “Dreamtime” if the muslims take over that is if he survives the first onslaught of their barbaric ways. It is not nice to treat a newly elected member of our parliament the way he did. You may not agree with the things they believe in – but tolerance and freedom of speech gives us a democratic system which is far more enjoyable to live in than a dominant force without any recourse to question. Mr Yanner you have a lot to learn and you need to listen carefully to what Pauline Hanson is saying and not what the papers are painting her to be. She would be far more helpful towards the first Australians and the ordinary people than you give her credit. Watch how she is going to make a difference to our everyday lives for the better. Pauline you showed such constraint and I congratulate you on that, walk with dignity.

    • Chris  

      That’s one of my thoughts too .. No handouts and no sorry will be said if the Muslims take hold .. The Aboriginal people will be extinct fairly quickly

    • Gloria  

      Wonder what he will have to say about refugees beeing housed in thier elder villages its looking very likely gov trying to house refugees

    • john  

      I believe Pauline to be a very rare politician who manages to get fair comment and some support from a very wide range of Australian people, not because she supports workers,{which the labour party purports to do,and fails miserably},or the liberal party who purports to back business and errs regularly, or the greens who purport to want to save our environment,but quite seriously has not had a believable leader with genuine concerns for 20 years,we do have an independent in south Australia who I think gets a similar backing of a wide range of our population due honest comment and unswerving belief in what they say,
      this can not be said of any of the political parties or their politicians In Australia,and that has been the case for most of the last 50 years or more

    • Be  

      Oh perleeees, where did you get your biggoted ideas from? Muslim cameleers were here marrying aboriginal women over a century ago I see no evidence of what you describe…….nitwit.

      • Jean  

        Check his track record, he is ‘known to police’ as they say. Been a trouble maker since he could talk. Foul mouthed, not that popular with the Aboriginals from where he is suppose to come from. To my knowledge, when I lived out in the North West, he was not accepted in most places. He is mist certainly very racist, and if journalist did some homework they might find some nasty truths about him, but due to POLITICAL Correctness, they would never dear to print or talk about it on Morning (talking head) TV. Sad how it’s all a one way street with the pathetic media.

        • G Rogers  

          He’s not even black….he looked like a grey on the Centrelink gravytrain to me!!

      • Mack  

        You have to go back that far to ATTEMPT to discredit this person. Where’s your proof they married them? Hot air. You just look foolish!!

    • L.Downes  

      [email protected] said and I totally agree with all that you said.i also have met and spoken to Pauline.She was having coffee next to the shop where I work .I was struggling to get my rack of clothes onto the verandah and she jumped up and helped.we had an amazing chat.She is for us ordinary people and this was well before the election was even called..Give her a go for goodness sake.She has been proven right with what she voiced all those years ago.!!!I hope she and her team can change the things that are so wrong with our country,little by little.Go PaulineπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘

    • Tony  

      Well said , mr tanner needs to wake up

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