Paul Hogan thinks Donald Trump is “pathetic”

Another week and another time that US President-elect Donald Trump has taken to his social media website of choice, Twitter,

Another week and another time that US President-elect Donald Trump has taken to his social media website of choice, Twitter, to send another barrage of tweets towards Alec Baldwin and Saturday Night Live for their portrayal of him.

Trump has labelled the long running hit comedy show as “unwatchable”, but he continues to tune in each week as they continue to mock the behaviour that he continues to do including going on Twitter to attack things he doesn’t like.

This week Alec Baldwin has hit back saying that he’ll stop doing the character if Trump releases his tax file.  Something that was a sticking point during the election.  While another activist has had her “rant” against Trump’s behaviour go viral when she tells him that his job has millions of lives attached to it and he’s more worried about people making fun of him than the job at hand.

Our very own Paul Hogan has weighed in on Trump in typical Hoges fashion.  In Australia to receive the Longford Lyell Award, for “a truly outstanding contribution to the enrichment of Australia’s screen environment and culture”, at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards, Hoges let fire.

Hogan told reports, “It’s pathetic, isn’t it,” before adding “Alec Baldwin is lovely in it. He just nails him to perfection.”  Hogan thinks that the US has outdone Australian when it comes to Trump being a leader.  Compared to Trump, though, Hogan said: “I’d rather have Sir Les.”  A reference to the Barry Humphries’ rude and ghoulish former politician Sir Les Patterson character.

What do you think about Hogan’s comments?  Do you think Australia could have their own Trump in the future?  Do you think there is a Trump-like politician in office already?  Is everyone being unfair towards Trump?

  1. Dianne Evans  

    Trump just invites it by bieng himself!

  2. Guy Flavell  

    Like it or lump it … Trump is the new POTUS. Paul Hogan should be far more energized into
    contributing his expertise towards this country’s ailing movie scene.

    • Marjorie Smith  

      Paul Hogan is a fine one to talk about pathetic! A “man” who dumped his wife of many years for a younger version! People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones! Trump certainly isn’t perfect but look at the choice the people had! A crook or a womaniser! Glad I didn’t have to vote!

  3. What on earth does he think he is doing going on social media like a teenage child.He is supposed to be running a country not being so vain as to be worried about what anyone is saying about him.He is an absolute disgrace and I have no idea what the people of America were thinking when they voted for this stupid stupid man.He is a disgrace to their country.No good can ever come of this.

  4. Considering that the inauguation does not take place until 20th January and Mr Trump has stood down from the companies he owns, then he is just filling in his spare time keeping up with social networking. Would you not do the same?

  5. Joan Marshall  

    Paul Hogan no doubt is a Socialist why else would he rubbish President elect Donald Trump. I have said this before and I will say it again THERE IS NONE SO BLIND FOR THOSE WHO NOT SEE all that Hillary Clinton did which set the people against voting for her. Julian Assange our Australian Hero exposed Hillary. God help us if she came in. To be fair no body is perfect but Donald Trump is a Saint in comparison to Hillary.

    • Lauris Drummond  

      He sure is better than Hilary.

  6. Greg Hills  

    Good to see that Paul Hogan is true to his routes of working class Australia. Unlike another ex-pat celebrity of ours, Greg Norman, who has certainly changed into a right wing conservative activist over the years.
    It is rather ironic that the President elect is taking to Twitter to make these comments, after stating that Hillary Clinton should be charged over her email scandal. I think email is still rather more secure than social media at the moment. Maybe Trump should have his Twitter account investigated too.

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