Parking woes are ruining our local shopping centres

A consumer investigation into one of Australia’s biggest shopping centres has revealed that shoppers are increasingly frustrated by parking issues. It’s

A consumer investigation into one of Australia’s biggest shopping centres has revealed that shoppers are increasingly frustrated by parking issues. It’s a feeling reflected throughout the country!

Indooroopilly Shopping Centre in Brisbane has undergone a major facelift in recent years, one that is estimated to have cost about $500 million, and yet shoppers are abandoning the mega store.

According to a report by the Courier Mail, Indooroopilly has “been reduced to a ghost town after controversial changes to its paid parking and a series of store closures”.

“A growing number of stores have shut down after the issues with the buggy and complicated new parking system — combined with rental and advertising squabbles — devastated sales”.

Shoppers have been left searching for car parks over half an hour, whilst a confusing “pay to park” system charges people anywhere up to $20.

The carpark layout is confusing and maze-like, with one shopper even comparing it to Ikea’s endless chamber of corridors. Parking is free, but only for the first 3 hours.

Meanwhile, formerly popular stores like Earthborn, Adorne, The Tea Bar, Stitch & Co and Koko Black have been forced to close their doors.

“Without the foot traffic the centre is doomed. Impulse spending is your friend. Make people feel welcomed, invited and wanting to visit”, one shopper told Indooroopilly online.

It’s a feeling reflected not only in Brisbane, but across the country. Shopping centres throughout Melbourne have been plagued with parking issues, whilst shoppers in Sydney faced hour-long delays parking during peak trading times.

Though Indooroopilly has committed to improving its services, shoppers are still on the decline. As one frustrated man wrote online, “shopping parking is up there with being in a road battle in Mad Max 2”.

Do parking woes prevent you from visiting major shopping centres? Would you rather shop at local markets and grocers instead?

  1. Jill Austin  

    Our council has chalked up over $11,000 in parking fines(since Jan 1) in the new Eastland complex-first 2 hours are free and staff have been getting fines as well.I have visited centre once since it opened-used to visit weekly.

  2. If you are just going to shop for groceries or to grab a few things I think 3 hours is fine, but more and more shopping centre,s have movie threatres bowling alleys and cafe restaurants and pubs so they are becoming more like lifestyle centres rather than just shopping, there is a shopping precinct near where i live but the parking is impossible needless to say i go there very rarely and i find myself shopping more and more online as another thing I fine with the big shopping centres are it is the same old same old shops in every centre no matter where you go

    • Luckily we have now moved into the cbd of Melbourne and love it we walk a lot more the shops and cafes vic market are very easy to walk to parks every thing you need and exercise to boot what we all need

  3. M .Leitch  

    Luckily I live in Perth my partner and I have never had this problem.

  4. Barb  

    To me this is the most ridiculous idea ever! Why on earth would anyone pay to park at a shopping centre? Where once I would spend a good part of a day wandering around, shopping, window shopping, having coffee or lunch, now I never visit these centres with paid parking. I don’t understand how the retailers could possibly be happy with the introduction of an extra cost to their potential customers – something certain to drive many away. Don’t the multinational owners of these complexes understand that they are doing themselves a disservice as their tenants will feel the pinch and move out. Give me the old fashioned local shopping strips any day.

    • Ron  

      I agree with that one. The idea that I’m expected to actually pay for the “privilege” of shopping at your store is simply bizarre ! The public should have refused this one outright the first time it was tried on us.

  5. Betty Durack  

    I live in suburban Adelaide, and haven’t been to the city for years. Even though there are parking stations (not enough), they are so expensive it’s not worth going. I can get everything I want in the suburbs, and if they start charging for parking, I’ll scrub them as well. One of the suburban shopping hubs has been enlarged, has theatres and all sorts, but less parking. It was always difficult to find a park, then they built a huge swimming complex next door. Now it is impossible to find parking and they were discussing charging to park. What a joke. Why do they increase the size of shopping centres, hospitals etc, but never the amount of parking? Now it is so easy and stress-free to shop on the internet they are certainly missing out. I have bought shoes, clothes and jewellery on the net. No parking hassles, no damage to your car from careless people with trollies, no queuing to get rude service. I haven’t yet bought fruit & veg on the internet, but I would consider it.

  6. Frank  

    I’m happy that my local shopping centre carpark now has an overhead light over each parking space to indicate red for full and green for an empty space – easy to scan for a green light from a distance without having to hunt down every aisle

    except yesterday – after enjoying lunch there and an unusually full shop in a number of stores resulting in a rare full shopping trolley, I was horrified to be presented at the carpark exit boomgate with a display ‘$5.20 – insert credit card’ – ow – that’s the first time I’ve ever exceeded the free parking hours – thought it used to be 3 hours – now it says 2 – I’ll certainly be careful of that in future !

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