Paramedics to wear new gadget to battle public aggression. Yes, it’s come to this.

It’s definitely the signs of the times. If back in the day, people were actually thankful to paramedics for their
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Paramedics have been forced to arm themselves with a new gadget.

It’s definitely the signs of the times. If back in the day, people were actually thankful to paramedics for their life-saving efforts, the same can’t be said today. Ambulance Services Minister Jill Hennessy said violence committed against paramedics was a real problem, with about 13 incidents reported each day. “We’ve had more than 5,000 emergency cases where paramedics were exposed to violence and aggression last year,” she said. “It’s about time that we started upping our arsenal in order to hold people accountable for that.” Now, Victorian paramedics will wear new gadgets in a trial program designed to better protect ambulance workers – body cameras.  

Up to 150 paramedics in Melbourne’s metro west region, including the CBD, will take part in the trial which follows a successful pilot by Victoria Police.

Ms Hennessy said the cameras would better identify perpetrators and help prosecute those responsible for the attacks where thousands of cases of violence and aggression are reported each year.

“We do take attacks on paramedics very seriously,” she said to ABC News.

“An assault is an assault, irrespective of whether or not it’s on a paramedic or a general member of the public.
“Often we’ve found that we haven’t been in the position to have the evidence to be able to pursue people that have been aggressive and have attacked people.”

Ms Hennessy said paramedics often faced difficult situations when treating patients, and were working more with Victoria Police for call-outs where there had been past violence.

“The focus of our paramedics has always been the healthcare of the people at the scene, it hasn’t necessarily been their own safety and wellbeing.”

“The health and wellbeing of our paramedics should not come at the expense of people that require healthcare if they are attacking our hardworking emergency services.”

Ms Hennessy said in 57 criminal law cases, assaulting a paramedic had been taken into account as an aggravating factor.

Do we need this across Australia? Will this solve the issue of public aggression?

  1. Joan Marshall  

    It must be so dangerous for Paramedics dealing with people who take drugs and booze to the extent they are a threat to Paramedics trying to help them. People who use drugs are so involved with themselves that they become violent and abusive. I have the problem in my own family and I have had the courage to verbally give them what they deserve and then cut myself off from them in true disgust of their selfishness.

  2. This behaviour is disgusting but it’s not new. My husband was in the QAS for16 years and mostly loved his job in the 80’s-90’s. He had worked his way up to Community ED Officer which he loved. But during his earlier years He was almost knifed by a mentally disturbed patient. There were other incidents as well and he was only there to help someone. It seems these days younger people have lost respect for the police ambos and firies. I’m not sure if a camera would help because the yobs would know where it was placed and try to wreck it or the ambo wearing it. Give them a Taser!!! At least the ambos would know how to treat them after the shock.

    • Not only ambos, police and firies, the most important in their life apart from their own parents is their teachers. I am thinking where and what going wrong to our community?

  3. Fenella  

    Damn shame the Ambos’ can’t just ‘stop’ any treatment of these drugged-out, aggressive imbeciles!

    Just leave ’em to sort themselves’ out. Maybe that’d bring them to their sesnses’, or not, as the case maybe!

  4. I agree with Tina Nielsen, they do need to have tasers to use against violent people. Or be allowed a hyperdermic gun to bring these aggressive people to a stop! Police, Ambulance and Fire officers are serving our communities and should not be putting their own lives at risk.

  5. Gerry  

    need to have a no tolerance 12 months on drugs (illegal ones ) and a good look at legal drugs and the way they are being handed out!
    then look at what is being taught in schools ,too much nastiness all around at the moment!

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