‘Paleo’ Chef Pete Evens claims “doctors don’t know” what he knows

When people use the term extremist, a lot of time people think of religion. While that can be true people

When people use the term extremist, a lot of time people think of religion. While that can be true people can be extremist about a lot of things. Just look at the culture online when a celebrity does something that a group of people don’t like. That’s extremist.

Many have labelled Celebrity chef Pete Evans as a food extremist because of his radical views on nutrition. He has blasted a lot of science backed eating before but this time, he’s taken aim on the “myth” that calcium from dairy is helpful against Osteoporosis.

While taking part in a Facebook discussion, a person that had just been diagnosed with Osteoporosis was asking him for his advice. His suggestion was that she remove dairy from her diet “as calcium from dairy can remove the calcium from your bones.” When the user said they were going to have to do more reading into that, he responded with “most doctors do not know this information”.

One Endocrinologist and medical director of Osteoporosis Australia took great umbrage with Pete’s comments. Professor Peter Ebeling told The Daily Telegraph “He shouldn’t be saying these things. It’s really bad and just not true.

“The keystone to preventing osteoporosis is adequate calcium intake and this is achieved by three (daily) serves of calcium-rich foods like dairy. Dairy is the most easily available source and has the highest calcium content in it.” Peter continued that Evans “has a high media profile and he does have a responsibility, but you can’t assume what he says is scientifically correct”. He concluded with “Osteoporosis Australia is happy to work with him and make him an ambassador to give the correct message.”

It’s just not Osteoporosis that Pete Evans criticised but also another user’s cholesterol tablets. Telling the user “look into the side effects and the science showing how dangerous these meds are”. Pete also told the user that cholesterol medication could cause Alzheimer’s disease and then directed them to his $149 10-week program.

Cardiologist and Heart Foundation chief medical adviser Professor Garry Jennings fired back at the Celebrity Chef saying “I don’t think he has the background training to be making these kinds of ­judgments, and they are not without consequence”. He concluded “People are put at risk of death (with this advice). It’s ill considered.”

With Evans already in the hot seat for claiming that sunscreen had poisonous chemicals in them and advised people not to use them, he seems to be kicking it up a notch.

Do you believe he has information that doctors don’t? Or do you think he is only saying these things to get people to buy his products?

  1. Deb  

    Lets face it…He was a no body until he started making all these radical claims about things he is not trained in…Well it worked..he is now a “” Celebrity Chef”” over night sensation… People like that are dangerous…they take advantage of sick people who will try anything to be better..Shame

    • Faye Dapiran  

      Well said, I couldn’t agree more.

    • Wayne Watkins  

      You are correct Deb , once some people become famous on TV , they think they can walk on water .

    • I think you are wrong in him not being a celebrity chef – He has been since being on Ready Steady Cook on Ch 10. Then on Ch 7 with the foodie program there. Plus countless other guest appearances in other shows. He has been around for a very long time. It did not happen overnight.

    • Lisa  

      He has been a well know food identity in Australia for a long time. His radical views didn’t make him famous. Some of what he says about lowering cholesterol with diet rather then potentially harmful drugs is correct. I lowered my Cholesterol this way. Try reading the book the “grain brain”.

  2. Sharon  

    Please leave the medical
    Science alone Pete and just cook

  3. Elisabeth  

    I also agree with Deb – people are too gullible and it isn’t always what is good for them personally – everyone is too different making this dangerous for some- he doesn’t look at the whole picture

    • Angie  

      Yes, people are not only gullible, stupid too! Many GP’s do not have more than 3months training in nutrition, to advise us.
      FYI Lipitor is highly dingerous, has debilitating side effects on our muscles… And, I am proof of this. I researched, stopped Lipitor and took CoQ10 for the same purpose, without the side effects… CALCIUM, naturopathic research shows, is far higher in green vegetables & nuts than in dairy food… Dairy food causes, obesity, allergies and dangerous overproduction of Oestrogen in the breasts of women and of MEN too … Many men are sporting flabby boobs… They drink copious quantities of iced choc milk & iced coffee, coke & eat pastries … Not fruit and veggies… I think Pete Evans is quite right

  4. alison  

    i don’t know this guy from a bar of soap and have never heard of him before, but his claims are scientifically correct, and true, general practice is yet to catch up. See the article that debunks the milk myth – with the sources of scientific research quoted so you can read the reports yourself.

  5. Jacquie  

    Great as a cook, terrible as a role model. Stop talking now.

  6. Lyn mcgowran  

    Oops, I have just been diagnosed with osteoporosis in the socket where the bone joints into the hip socket. I am a total cheese addict and have been since my teens (in he 50’s) sooo, has he got the scientific data to back up his claims – I don’t think so (an empty vessel makes the most noise!)

  7. Christine Whyte  

    I think he’s an idiot, a dangerous idiot

  8. Mellisa  

    Petes only trying to help us all get well with good choices in foods we eat .So much junk is eaten today that is contributing to our poor health and chronic disease. We are the biggest consumers of dairy products yet our osteoporosis rates are very high.??? Something wrong with this picture especially when the Chinese of 2 decades ago ate no dairy yet had low rates of osteoporosis!!?? Just think about it folks!! ❤️

  9. jane jefferies  

    Pete is correct..Ask any number of Thyroid sufferers there are 1in 3 of us that have this..Ask them what the doctors tell us to do….I have been on so many pills because doctors are ignorant of a n awful lot.And we SHEEP have held them in reverence like GODS that they know all…Well they don’t…They make mistakes,they misdiagnose .And swear black and blue this will work…….Pete is correct regards some of the things he says its been proven…Don’t be a sheep do your homework and take charge of your life…

    • You’re right about the thyroid issue! GP’s will send you to pathology to test for Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, which most of the time comes back as ‘normal’. They should also test your T4, T3 and Reverse T3, but this is not usually done. My bloods for TSH usually come back ‘normal’, but I feel far from normal. It’s hard to function when you’re feeling totally exhausted, among other things!

  10. Carole Morrison  

    Every single person needs calcium to KEEP their bones strong! FACT ONE! FACT TWO ! He knows absolutely nothing about Alzheimers and needs a kick up the arse for speaking out with such false information. PETE! YOU ARE A LOSER! Hopefully no one in your family is unfortunate enough to suffer Alzheimers as mine have. Try being a carer as I have.

  11. lurch  

    Never liked him on the cooking show, the more he opens his mouth about medicine just proves that he should stick to the TV cooking show. Tried the “paleo diet” for 2 weeks, between throwing up and diarrhea I did lose weight then I spent the next few weeks eating sensible for my age and medical conditions. Have regained my energy level and fitness from before “that diet”. I won’t repeat what my doctor told me about that diet for a person of my age and medical history

  12. Maria  

    I think Peter Evans is a wise man. My mother-in-law took a lot of medication for her cholesterol, ended up getting Dementia, and took her three serves of dairy every day and still got osteoporosis. I think you can get all you calcium from both Hemp and Bone Broth.. Besides, the absorption of calcium is very dependent on Vitamin D for assimilation and which Magnesium is counter dependent on for absorption into the system. These can be found in bone broth and Hemp seeds and Hemp Protein – (The Food Certified variety that is THC free). Hemp can be eaten raw and is yummy, in fact all above writers will find marked improvement in their conditions with the above.
    DO YOU REALLY BELEIVE IN ALL WHAT DOCTORS SAY? Because if you do you are only supporting the Big Pharma and multinational companies who either condition them or whom they do not want to upset. Their jobs depend on this. Good on you Pete for voicing your opinion. David Wolfe expresses similar sentiments to you.

    • Leone O'Sullivan  

      I agree Maria. I’ve read a lot on the subject of dairy.
      I’m not a fan of Pete Evens at all – but in this instance…..

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