Padres badge to change because it offends Muslims

The badges on the hats of the Australian Army Chaplains are being altered 102 years after they were launched, because

The badges on the hats of the Australian Army Chaplains are being altered 102 years after they were launched, because they are apparently offensive to Muslims.  They have come under fire for their motto “In this sign conquer” which has featured on the hat since 1913. And we have to ask today is this political correctness going mad?

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that the move has come after an imam approved by the Grand Mufti was appointed to join the ­Religious Advisory Committee to the Services in June.

“A Defence spokeswoman last night denied the motto was being changed because it was associated with the Crusades, when Christian armies fought Muslims in the Holy Land during the Middle Ages.”

It is a controversial but not widely reaching change.  As of 2012, there was 67 regular and 83 Army Reserve chaplains (commonly known as “padres”) in the Australian Army, with each belonging to either one of several Christian churches, or to the Jewish faith. Until now, the Royal Australian Army Chaplains Department has had two cap badges: one for its Christian chaplains and another for its Jewish chaplains.

“The motto of the Australian Army Chaplains is being changed to better reflect the diversity of religion throughout the Australian Army,” she said.

“The new wording on the Australian Army Chaplaincy badge is under consideration and no decision has been made at this time.”

Should we be reconsidering our symbolism in this way as our nation changes or is this political correctness gone mad? 

  1. The Muslims can go to hell. As an exserviceman I find that idea offensive.

    • I to find this offensive. Who do these Moslems think they are.? Leave our country, go to a Moslem Stateand leave us alone. You are not welcome, not wanted or needed. You contributeNOTHING. Please go away as quicly as you can and give us back our lives.

      • Look into the history of this country and learn about how the people of the Muslim faith have contributed to it throughout the years, you would be very surprised. Without the Afghan cameleers the heart of the Centre would never have been opened. It is not the Muslim faith you should be concerned about, it is Daesh – they are two very different things.

        • Jill Edmonds  

          Well said Ally.
          The ignorance being spewed here is appalling.
          Disappointing as I thought we were a tolerant society.

        • Dianne  

          Yes, read the History in Australia of the Battle of Broken Hill 1915. It involved 2 x Afghans who pledge allegiance to the Ottoman Empire (read about this too and broaden your history Ally Morgan.) The 2 Afghans shot and killed four Australian Civilians and wounded 7 others before themselves being killed by police. This is the earliest terrorist attack planned against Australian Civilians.

        • Les Jackson  

          Times do change , if it is to reflect on changing attitudes with in army/ defence force(i also served ) let it change. But if it is because of a particular religion Leave alone.

    • I am sure the moslems in the middle east felt ( and feel) more offended when your lot went to bomb them!

    • If the muslim don’t like the way we live our lives, either conform or get the hell out, x serviceman

    • I too find it very offensive. By the nature of their profession in this country a Padre is of the Christian faith. They are non denominational but Christian. Perhaps the military may need to employ a Muslim padre if there are so many muslims in our military ! Political correctness will change everyones lives in this country and not always for the better.

    • Paula, funny talk from a person of an imperialist Country which has survived by unvading other Countries and by wedging wars against moslems Countries. Perhaps is about time you and your f****n people stay back in your hole!

      • Robb Gee  

        Maritsa et al of the left. The point is that they have come to Australia to theoretically escape a bad situation. We have established a way of life that theoretically attracted them. Now they are demanding we cast aside our attractive way of life for a medieval backward ethos and system of laws. What they want is to make us into the beast they theoretically ran away from. Why do we need to dispense of the things that are part of our lives. Political correctness and know it all dogooders have already begun to drive out faith replacing firm foundations with situational ethics that is ruining us (study the fall of the Roman Empire for an outcome guide) and now you are demanding we kautow to the latest demand. No other group of immigrants have been as stridently demanding as these. I am not racist, I have physically embraced people from the Middle East who told me their heart breaking stories and asked why we are allowing “those animals” to come and spoil the life they escaped them to come to? Look past your lefty theory and go and talk to the real victims of the Moslem way of life. You could start with women and young girls forced into early marriages wth brutal husbands or the poor women who suffer immense pain during sex and childbirth because they have been circumcised in the name of allah.

        • Well said, Robb Gee. If you are asking for hospitality you abide by the host’s rules. You do not dictate your own. If there are special needs that can be accommodated, fair enough but the expectation should be that accommodation will be undertaken by those seeking entry, not the other way around.

    • Desley Hines totally agree. Next think the will ask for no christmas carrol services !! Hope e not

    • Julie Chauvet they already have, and now they want to change Christmas to just holiday – yes if they dont like us go back to your own country ……

    • I totally agree with Desley this is very offensive to the Padres that are serving our country and do a wonderful job

    • Also Marisa if Muslim men stayed in the middle East and fight for their rights and freedom against daesh instead of hiding in western countries like cowards we would not have got involved in the first place!!!!

    • I am not anti Muslim but we have many cultures in this country, if we change things to suit everyone we will have no emblems left of our own. I do not agree with this

    • No . I don’t agree . Time to stop this political correctness B/S . We did not change for any other Race or religion

    • Read the whole article. It has nothing to do with is simply an intention to bring an outmoded motto up to date

      • Robb Gee  

        A statement of faith in the one true God can never be outmoded. If, by chance, you own a Bible, read Ephesians 6:12-13. It explains the meaning behind the motto. That is the work of the Padres in the army to minister to the men who, because of their patriotism, have come up against and seen boundless manifestations of evil both physically and spiritually.

    • Wrong Deanna … the very first sentence says “The badges on the hats of the Australian Army Chaplains are being altered 102 years after they were launched, because they are apparently offensive to Muslims”.

      • Laurel Earea  

        This is taking over our country little by little by the back door. Just think about it look at other small things that are happening
        we are not supposed to say anything because we are then considered racist.

    • There are Muslim members of the ADF. How about a Colander that signifies members of the the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Our ADF has changed so many times since I was in there in 1967, they don’t use horse anymore though there was a cry when they were withdrawn. This is Much ado about nothing.

    • Jill Medew please read the article. You are entitled to hate Moslems if that makes you happy but at least find a legitimate reason to do so. The defence dept. have denied that the possible change has anything to do with Moslems.

    • One would need to ask the question “WHY now do we have to change something that has stood for 100 YEARS, with NO CONFLICT in the past ??????????

  2. Yes totally agree. Why give in to the bastards. I would not want to wear the badge without it being on there

  3. This is PC gone mad indeed!! Why do we have to change anything ‘because it offends Muslims’? They don’t change anything of theirs because it might offend us.

  4. How far does this go, for goodness sake do all our traditions mean nothing?

  5. “might offend moslems” ? who gives a fuck ? islam offends every decent human being on earth.

  6. If they already have a separate one for the Jewish Padre why not one just for the Muslim Padre. Stop this “political correctness” rubbish. It won’t be long before we cannot refer to someone as a man because it upsets the women, or as a girl because it upsets the boys.

    • You’re on track Bev, that’s what we are heading for, look at how hard it is for teachers now. They can’t “offend” by their praise or reprimands of a child. But when those kids get out in the real world they can’t handle it. So we are asked to change to accommodate a situation we have allowed happen. Too many precious personalities to satisfy!

    • Helen Miles  

      Yep…makes more sense than changing…..3 badges…easy!

    • Thanks Angela – it is nice to know I am not the only one horrified at recent rulings. The number of likes for my comment is astounding.

    • The main reason is because muslims really believe in Islam, so have demands. Jews really believe in Judaism. Unfortunately, most ‘Christians’ are actually no long ‘believing’ Christians and therefore don’t have the depth of faith to make them want to retain their Christian identity. It’s the same here in the UK and also in the USA.

    • These responses just show how many people are looking for a reason to hate. Obviously few people have read the article , just the very inaccurate headline. This is not to appease Moslems it is simply to update an out of date motto. This is pathetic reporting by Starts at Sixty

      • Jill Edmonds  

        I agree Deanna – you seem to be the only sane voice in these forums when it comes to all the ranting and raging anti-Muslim comments.

        • Robb Gee  

          Sorry. Deanna is not sane, just sadly deluded. She believes in a process called appeasement. They tried that before WWII and look where it got us! Winston Churchill commented wisely on appeasement when he said “an appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last”. So Deanna hold the fish high so you don’t lose your arm, but remember when the crocodile bites, you and your lefty gang were warned.

    • The referring to “men” and “women” is already happening amongst some of the politically correct sadly Bev. A charity I volunteered with was having a stall at a festival and were looking for volunteers to staff it. I said I would “be happy to man the booth for as many hours as needed” and was given a right royal telling off for saying “man” the booth! I was told in no uncertain terms that was sexist and belittling to women. This political correct environment we live in has gone way too far!

    • I have read the whole article Deanna and I stand by my original statement – just have separate badges.

    • Did you also read what the Defence spokesperson had to say? It has nothing to do with Muslims if the name badge is changed, and for that matter it may not even be changed. Starts At Sixty look like they are trying to cause a division between people yet again.

    • Has the world gone mad. Why are we so determined to cow tail to this Religion. For goodness sake they are not the only people who believe. Each has its own symbol. Why should we change ours…do we no longer have our own faith that we defend and protect. If people of other religious beliefs are offended by our Christian practices Go LIVE IN A COUNTRY that supports both their religion and their culture. Why come here if they don’t like the way we live. I wish our leaders would have the courage to pack these idiots up and send them somewhere where they can live their lives ad they want and allow us to continue living ours.

    • Christine just the response that was wanted from this post. I think,as I said in my response to this post, that the a average man in the street couldn’t care less whatever his religion.

    • Bev I agree with you that polical correctness has gone mad but in this case it is about bringing a motto up to date. Most people commenting here are simply venting their hatred without checking the facts.I would be totally against changing a motto to appease any particular religion .

    • At the end of the day, it isn’t just political correctness, it is the very fact that once again religion has come into play. There is only one God snd he knows which religion is the right one. So people, it’s simple stop rubbishing each others beliefs, start loving and respecting one another and we’ll all be doing what is right and that’s loving respecting and honouring your fellow man/woman. The article states that they wish to change the outdated motto, that’s all.

    • Did you all read in the Telegraph, that the imam who complained about the badge, also wants Shariah Law for Australia

    • I did listen to the article Deanna Dunham and agree with you that it is to update an out of date motto that was used when christians and muslims fought each other. But if the muslims want this changed so they wont be upset by it why are they not willing to change so they dont upset us.

    • No. Tell them to go jump. If they dont like it bloody ho home!!!!! They are supposed to assimilate with our culture not the other way round in this Country.

    • Is this one of the imams who want to get into politics to change our way of life, as they are saying they are going to put up a party at next years election. Also we have had the motto for over a hundred years so why change it.

    • Like Carmel said if you don’t like it then pack your f…ing bags and go back. They wouldn’t change anything for us. Just saying

    • I’m with you Bev give them there own and leave the others alone. I bet our new PM won’t agree with us though.

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