Over 63% of Australians want Tony Abbott to retire

He was a polarising leader and now, after being ousted late last year, Tony Abbott has again tipped the opinion

He was a polarising leader and now, after being ousted late last year, Tony Abbott has again tipped the opinion polls when it comes to his popularity.

According to an Australia Institute poll of 1412 people, over 63 per cent of Australians said they wanted the former PM to retire from parliament, reports 9News.

The poll also found 57.6 per cent of people either agreed or strongly agreed that Mr Abbott was still quite visible to the public because he wanted to try again at being PM.

However when asked about the latest poll, Mr Abbott told reporters he wanted to help carers at a Pollie Pedal charity fundraiser.

At the start of the annual Pollie Pedal charity bike ride fundraiser for Carers Australia in Canberra on Sunday, Mr Abbott told reporters his focus was on helping carers, who he considers “uncanonised saints”.

The poll comes after Tony Abbott has vocalised his views on Malcolm Turnbull’s political decisions. In February, Abbott authored a piece for The Australian that outlined each and every one of his former party’s policies and how he could have won the election if he was still leader.

“The Coalition won the 2013 election despite promising tough measures: to abolish the schoolkids bonus and the low income supplement, to delay employer-provided superannuation benefits and to reduce Labor’s promised funding boost to schools and hospitals beyond the next few years. I’m confident we could have won the 2016 election with a program of budget savings and lower tax”, he said at the time.

Prior to that, the former PM wrote a letter to the editor, describing the biography of his life and time as prime minister as “partisan advocacy” and “riddled with errors”.

His unusual talkativeness has made voters wary of his intentions, and speculation has been rife the former leader wants to have another go at the top job, ala Kevin Rudd era.

But Turnbull refuses to be concerned by the gossip, telling Sky News he is “utterly undistracted” by the views of Mr Abbott and simply, “the choice is between me and Bill Shorten”.

Tell us, do you think Tony Abbott should retire? Would you like him to be PM again?


  1. frances  

    Why are politicians so egotistical that they believe they can. Are a comeback. Tony, retire gracefully and with dignity. Yes that right dignity and integrity which a. Lot of our politicians song have.

    • Magi  

      1412 is the whole of Australia and our view on this story? Most likely in Turncoat seat or a labor held seat. Why not make a national poll that we can all vote to get a true picture. Then I would believe this silly story, bit like Niki Savva made up fairy story on gossip she got in Canberra and after Abbott sacked her husband.

    • Carol A Miller  

      If anyone has dignity it is Tony Abbott. He continues to raise money for charity, he sits on the back bench, head down working away but still listening. He is welcomed overseas for talks. Now what has Turnbull done to make him a worthwhile P.M.? He talks, he waffles, he flip flops, he just doesn’t know what to do, but take credit for Tony’s policies which were achievements. What is wrong with you people.

  2. on your bike phoney tony..ride into the sunset but before you do that put your budgy smugglers on and have one final swim with the media present.
    Thank God no more Phoney Tony

  3. Margaret Pinney  

    What was phoney about him sure he made some gaffs who doesn’t?
    Personally I like him he always called a spade a spade not like Turncoat who rarely has any thing to say.
    Hope Tony keeps on keeping on he is a genuine Australian.

    • Carol A Miller  

      Totally right Margaret,, he is a decent man who works so hard, now he is doing the pollie pedal to raise money for carers. He is welcomed overseas and he did more in two years than many P.M.s
      I have voted liberal all my life but not anymore while Mr Turnbull and Bishop and the other traitors, so scared of losing their jobs. Turnbull has done nothing but live off Tony’s accomplishments and taken credit for them.
      We need Mr Abbott who is a strong leader but didn’t have the gift of the gab like the waffler who is only there for prestige. It is well known he was prepared to do anything to be P.M. which of course we now know. He plotted and schemed for years and struck when he saw Mr Abbott wasn’t popular, never mind his achievements. It is also well known Turnbull didn’t care if he joined the libs or Labor. Ask Richo.

  4. Warwick Hines  

    If they’re so keen he go, it tells me Abbott should stay
    The Sydney Morning Herald buys this poll commissioned by a Left-wing “think tank” of a little-known polling group which asks questions whose wording we don’t know to produce an answer hyped by a former Greens advisor:

    A new poll commissioned by The Australia Institute has found 63.4 per cent of Australians want the former prime minister to retire. Just 26.3 per cent believe he should stay on, while the rest are undecided.

    More than half of Coalition voters want him to go… Ben Oquist, the executive director of the left-leaning think tank, says the message is clear.

    But here’s what’s most interesting about the poll: that the Australia Institute thought it worth its money to commission this poll to try to blast Abbott out of Parliament.

    For me it’s just more proof that Abbott must stay if the Australia Institute is so eager to have him gone.

    • Wiso  

      Spot on Warwick !!
      A good man who also tells the truth and has loads of integrity.

    • Carol A Miller  

      Warwick you absolutely correct. The amount of people I speak to and see written on face book is astounding. They want Tony back, they don’t like nor trust Turnbull on bit. He flips and flops. Tony has admitted he made some mistakes but what annoys me is the policies he has achieved has not being mentioned. what has Malcolm done? Nothing but take credit for Tony’s achievements.
      Look at Peter Costello no one like him either for what reason I don’t know but look what he achieved.
      The lefties are on Tony’s back again.

  5. Robyn Townsend  

    Obviously believed and reinforced by Credlin, that he was “born to rule”. Unfortunately the career on the international speech making circuit went nowhere and he is now desperately searching for fame and fortune to return. Not going to happen Mr Abbott, get over it and move on!

  6. Judy vecellio  

    Always voted liberal in all honesty couldn’t again with Turnbull leading the Liberals,

  7. Anthony J  

    As with most politicians, their ego steers them. Abbott should just walk away. He’s tried, got the prize but was not able to look after the people. Disastrous is one word to describe this man. Hopeless is another. Do I need to go on?

  8. Warwick Hines  

    The Left are demanding Tony Abbott leave Parliament because they fear him:

    Tanya Plibersek, press conference, yesterday:
    (Tony Abbott) plainly wants to be the leader again. He’s been haunting this government from day one, I think there’s no question and you would have seen the reports the same as I did that a majority of Australians want Tony Abbott to get on his bike.

    Tanya’s wish, Tony’s command! Phillip Hudson in The Weekend Australian on Saturday:
    Tony Abbott is getting back on his bike for charity and will be joined by ministers Josh Frydenberg, Christian Porter and Angus Taylor for his ­annual “pollie pedal”. The former prime minister will also be accompanied by riding buddy Kevin Andrews, as well as David Gillespie and senator Zed Seselja, for the fundraiser he started 19 years ago. It has raised more than $4.5 million for organisations such as Carers Australia and the Royal Flying Doctor Service, and medical research. … The eight-day, 1000km ride … starts from Parliament House in Canberra (on Sunday).

    Note how many Liberal conservatives are peddling.
    Conservatives tend to look to themselves to help.
    The Left tend to demand government do it.

  9. trisha  

    I don’t vote Liberal, but do wonder why an anonymous 63% get to decide whether he stays etc etc.
    These polls swing one way and then just as quick swing the other way.
    How about we all make our own minds up at election time?

  10. Tony Breavington  

    No keep him there, Abbot is the best advertisement for a change of Government that has ever been in the Federal Government for a change. While he is there Turnball and his Micky Mouse cabinet have to keep looking over their shoulders to make sure there are no attacks coming. Abbott Started the attack on workers, all workers not just unionist, and Turnball continues the attack protecting his Millions and the millions of his buddies. The time has come to look at all politicians no matter what party they belong to and vote for those that relate and understand the problems and hardships and with a desire to do what the people want, the the protection of our sovereignty our way of life, keeping Australian farmland in Australian hand, keep the PC police and radicals from ruining all of the Australian freedoms to name a few. I have been mainly a Labor voter but this time i will be voting for the person who puts Australia first and stands up for our freedoms, rights and is not afraid of the truth offending any one. Its time for Australian to reclaim our heritage, respect and recognize our Indigenous heritage, our colonial heritage and start to rejoice in our identity as a the lucky country once again.

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