Outrage over sentence handed to 70 year old Aussie pedophile in Bali

You might remember reading about the 70-year-old Australian man who argued he shouldn’t be punished for sexually abusing young girls
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You might remember reading about the 70-year-old Australian man who argued he shouldn’t be punished for sexually abusing young girls in Bali?

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Well, he’s had his day in court and the sentence he’s been handed has outraged child rights activists.

Melbourne man Robert Fiddes Ellis was found guilty of molesting at least 11 girls in Bali since 2014.

The girls were aged between eight and 17 and were mostly street kids.

So, what jail sentence did he get?

You might expect the death penalty given that’s the sentence previously handed to drug smugglers from Australia?

That’s not the case for Ellis.

He was sentenced to 15 years in prison and fined $200,000.

The Australian is reporting that while Denpasar District Court judge Wayan Sukanila argued that Ellis “damaged the future of his child victims”, he said he believed the 15 year sentence was appropriate.

“The defendant first lured his victims by taking them for sightseeing,” he said.

“The defendant would later buy the defendants food, bags, ­bicycles and money of varying amounts.

“The defendant has admitted his crimes and promised not to repeat them again.”

The 15-year sentence has frustrated child rights activists, who earlier this year successfully pushed for pedophilia to be punished by chemical castration and the death penalty.

It turns out Ellis couldn’t be sentenced to chemical castration or death because the laws came into effect after he was charged.

Ellis told reporters outside the court his fears of dying in prison.

“I am 70 now, it will take me to 85,” he said.

“I don’t know if I will live for that long.”


His lawyer intends to appeal the sentence.


Ellis once penned a letter to his lawyer arguing he shouldn’t be punished because “he paid the girls in full” – an estimated 20,000 rupiah ($20 each), according to prosecutors.

“I am solitary and unmarried and my sex instinct was not ministered to in my own country,” he wrote.

“In all probability my young friends desperately want me returned to them.”

Do you think Ellis’ sentence is adequate?

  1. Eve Thomas  

    He is a sick minded pedophile, he deserves what he got. Its a shorter sentence for him than the ones he gave his victims, they have a lifetime to think about this predator and what he did to them . He has the nerve to say 20.00 would wipe the guilt from him . Eight to seventeen yr olds. This makes me furious, he says he couldnt get his sex instincts ministered to in Australia. He should be castrated that would take care of them.

    • I don’t care how old you are, you low life. Dont think because you’re 75 the sentence is too harsh . You have ruined these girl’s lives and you think money will get you off! #@@# you. All pedophiles should be castrated. You deserve all thats dished out to you and you rot in the Bali jail.

  2. Graham  

    I hope that when the Lawyer gets that appeal for this monster, that the Judge increases his sentence. That would be “Karma”

    • Elizabeth  

      His sentence should be LIFE. Never to be released

      • Melinda  

        Totally agree, Elizabeth!
        Better still, death penalty, done NOW!

  3. Pam Walsh  

    You dare to worry that you may end your days serving 15 years in prison – how many years will all those victims you have subjected to your pedophilia on take to get over being ravaged by a ridiculous old man like you – you have mentally and physically invaded these poor girls and they will take their nightmare to their graves – and let’s be real – what worth are you to society – good riddens to you, you horrible old man. Suck it up !!!

  4. No sympathy whatsoever. Bet there’s a long list of previous assaults that never caught up with him , from his prior years. Karma ,

  5. Sue Taylor  

    Wouldn’t it be a shame if he died in prison – NOT. He deserves so much more than a lousy 15 years.

  6. joanna galea  

    I do not care if he is 70 or a 100. I do not care where he committed these injustices. Young girls are the same all over the world. No matter what color or creed. I am glad he got a 15 year sentence. Wish he got more. Let him die in jail and rot in hell.

  7. Roger  

    15 years in an Indonesian prison would be one heck of a long long time. Just as long as the Australian government or some bunch of do gooders don’t try to get him returned to Australia. Absolutely zilch sympathy for him.

  8. Gaye rumbles  

    He deserves everything he gets

  9. Rose  

    I hope dies quickly into his sentence so there is no chance of appeal or the Australian Govt getting him transferred back here. Shame he didn’t die much earlier in his teens before he ruined other lives. So what of his family or friends didn’t they suspect he was up to no good in a foreign country. All pedophiles regardless of where they come from are much better dead then alive.

  10. yvonne stengel  

    let him die is prision he is disgusting and has ruined those kids lives he deserves everything he gets the sentence is good considering his age

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