Our Melbourne Cup Queen honoured by Camilla and Charles

What a week it’s been for Michelle Payne. Shortly after winning the Melbourne Cup, making history as the first woman

What a week it’s been for Michelle Payne. Shortly after winning the Melbourne Cup, making history as the first woman to do so, she has been in a whirlwind of interviews and events, honoured in so many ways.

But yesterday was a particularly incredible day for the 30-year-old jockey.

Last night, she attended a dinner with none other than the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, looking absolutely lovely in what’s fast becoming her trademark lace and pearls.

One can only imagine what Camilla said to her as they were introduced, Camilla sharing her deep love for horses, but the jockey has so far kept mum about that moment.

Rosy Batty and Dick Smith also attended the event at Admiralty House.

No doubt Michelle’s head is spinning from all the sudden fame and glory, but we do hope that the praise is sinking in, because it is so well deserved.

Earlier in the day yesterday, the most talked-about woman in sport in the world at the moment, boxer Rhonda Rousey told a crowd in Melbourne she was disappointed to miss Michelle’s history-making ride.

“She’s been amazing. She really set the tone. Right when we landed she went and made history for women in Melbourne,” Rousey said.

“It was such a pleasure and a honour to meet her today and she said she’s coming to the fight so I’m really, really excited … next time I’ll have to come and watch her.”

What do you think Camilla would have said to Michelle Payne? And doesn’t she look lovely?  

  1. Greg meek  

    Jolly good effort. I’ve ridden a few well bred ones myself.

  2. perhaps the royals should be honoured by being in Michelle’s company….at least she has a job …

    • Nobody chooses to be born into a family…Rosanne Taylor I wonder if you could keep up with their hetic lifestyle…I know I couldn’t…not forgetting cameras being shoved in their faces wherever they go…wouldn’t be a royal…subjected to tabloid press…NASTY!!!

    • this was all about Michelle, not a sounding board for Royal hatred…you could have said something nice about Michelle and left it at that….

  3. nice kid and talented at her sport and she scrubs up well, she could be a pint sized model

  4. michelle was resplendant,the royals should have been honoured to be recieved by the queen of oz racing,what a great ambassador michelle has been for racing,at home in any setting,well done

  5. Whoever organised the guest list did a great job. Michelle, Rosie Batty & Dick Smith. Wonder who else? Wish I’d been there. Would have been lively conversation.

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