Oscar Pistorius’s wishes granted

Oscar Pistorius has last month won his claim to be moved from a high security prison to a newly-refurbished, ‘more

Oscar Pistorius has last month won his claim to be moved from a high security prison to a newly-refurbished, ‘more relaxed’ prison, aimed at ‘low risk, non violent offenders’ and disabled inmates, where he is surrounded by acres of lush gardens and trees. According to a top lawyer with knowledge of the prison, this is part of his rehabilitation programme, where Pistorius will be expected to grow vegetables and work in the orchards.

“It is the ideal place for Oscar,” a family source revealed. “It is all on one level, so he can move around easily, and the bathroom facilities are now much less dangerous for him. 

“There are some worthwhile programmes of all kinds on offer and some amazing things are happening for him. He is in the ideal place for where he needs to be at the moment.”

The prison, which has undergone a multi-million pound facelift and boasts upgraded bathrooms for disabled inmates, is described as ‘more family like atmosphere’ by defence lawyer Llewellyn Curlewis, who visits regularly.

Mr Curlewis told MailOnline the double amputee’s new accommodation was ‘very different’ from the maximum security Kgosi Mampuru II jail where the one-time sprinter lived in daily fear, refusing to eat prison food amid reports of a ‘bounty’ on his head.

In the notoriously overcrowded Kgosi jail Pistorius was one of more than 8,000 inmates. But at Atteridgeville there are just 1,000 prisoners living in greater comfort.

Last week, the South African double amputee – who is serving six years for murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp – celebrated his birthday at the Atteridgeville Correctional Centre, in Pretoria, where bags of cards and letters arrived, reports Daily Mail.

Is it fair to give special treatment based on someone’s social status?

  1. Jen Smith  

    Well that just sucks for Reeva’s Family! Where’s the justice in that, Cause Reeva is not here and must be turning in her grave watching this prick getting all sorts of benefits.

    • Totally agree. He should rot in hell or did Reeva miraculously rise from the dead? Disgusting he is enjoying his sentence whereas her family’s pain goes on forever. No justice!!!

    • Jeannette  

      He deserves nothing and should have served in the maximum security prison where he belongs to feel misery!! every day of his 6 years. Same as the misery the Steencamp’s will live for the rest of their lives at not only the loss of their beautiful daughter but the brutal no mercy way he slaughtered her. He should have got life never to be released!

    • Jaz  

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  2. Sue Mitchell  

    Once again, a well known “celebrity” gets special treatment just because he’s an amputee. Funny how this didn’t seem to hinder him when he went downstairs and shot his girlfriend to death. What he did was callous and he should not therefore be given any special advantages at all. Oh boo hoo Oscar, having to live in danger of your life with other criminals to serve out your sentence! Nothing short of what you deserve if you ask me.

  3. jenny Blakeney  

    I would say it is because of his disability. You try being a double amputee in prison surroundings and see how safe it is, it is bad enough for the able bodied. I do not think it is giving him special advantages it is catering to his disabilities.

    • Tyndall  


      Of course it’s ‘special treatment’!

      He’s a convicted murderer, & should’ve got Life, in a ‘normal’ prison!
      If he feels ‘unsafe’ there, he should’ve thought of that when he callously murdered Reeva.

      His disability didn’t seem to stop him going from bedroom to in front of bathroom door, which he shot through!

      But he’ll get ‘special treatment’ all the while, & I bet, will be released early, as a ‘non violent’ prisoner!
      That’s how CORRUPT that country is, in that they consider a murderer ‘non violent’!
      What utter balderdash!

      He’s a tourist attraction for them, so that equates to big $$$$ going into corrupt Govt coffers.
      So ‘special treatment’ it is for HIM!
      He should’ve been hanged!

    • Chantal  

      With his “disability ” he was able to kill his girlfriend with no problem…….
      He is not on vacation …he is a murderer to be punished not cajoled

    • Deelizia  

      I wonder if the fear he feels about the possibility of being raped or murdered is anywhere near the fear poor Reeba felt as she stood locked in the toilet while he was shooting at her through the door. He showed her no leniency. He committed a cold-hearted serious crime in murdering a beautiful young woman which to my mind deserves no special treatment or leniency. He is already getting off lightly with a very short sentence. He should be moving rocks, legs or no legs, which by the way didn’t seem to be an inhibitor before the murder, rather than “gardening”! He needs hard labor!

  4. Truth 13  

    South African judiciary is corrupt to the core. This shameless killer, has been moved to the, non violent offenders’ and disabled inmates, where he is surrounded by acres of lush gardens and trees. Only in South Africa, killing an innocent woman, shot four times, the killers are called “non-violent”. What a joke it is. It may be, his money speaks a lot for hm. In another country, he would have been hanged, shot to death, or sent to the electric chair. Least, he would have got a life sentence. Shame on South Africa. That is the country, where non off white people were treated like slaves for a very long time. After all that suffering, African people, came in to power, with Mandela. But the judiciary has not changed. Anyone other than a off white, person still get the ultimate punishment, as most of them are unable to BRIBE the judiciary & the prison staff. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.

    • It is a place for people with disabilities. He has lost his status as Olympic champion, ability to earn and in prison was told he would not be able to use his artificial limbs. In regular jail he would be hugely disadvantaged. what he was convicted of hos now dragged on for a number of years. No-one will ever know what really happened except his girlfriend and himself.

  5. Trish Bolton  

    I don’t call this a punishment, more like a holiday, I am totally disgusted.

    • Lurch  

      Agreed, what ever hapened to “do the crime do the time”

  6. GregA  

    During his court case I thought he never had a leg to stand on but I guess now he has somehow managed to get a foot in the door of a luxury existence. I’m hopping mad!

  7. Patricia Smith  

    Great things should be happening for Reeva but it can’t she’ was murdered by the self centred Dope Now isn’t that just wonderful for him hope Karma catches up with him .

  8. John  

    His disability hardly qualifies as ‘social status’. I think Starts at 60 needs some disability awareness media training.

  9. Joan Marshall  

    Oscar knew his girlfriend was not beside him on the bed and should have known she MAY have been in the bathroom. He should have called out to her before firing the gun. Any one with half a brain would have done that instead he says he fired the gun with out thinking leaving people around the world to think he may have purposely done the killing. How awful a beautiful woman is dead.

  10. Laura Niermann  

    I don’t think this has anything to do with privileges based on someone’s social status. Oscar has special needs because he is a double amputee, and if the previous prison was not able to provide him with the correct facilities to accommodate using the bathroom, and the present one is, then so be it. After all, he has no chance of coming out in the next week or next month, or even next year, so I really don’t know what all the hype is about. Let things be. He has been to court, been humiliated by all and sundry in the media and on social media, and been sentenced, whether sufficiently or not. I do not condone what he did in any way, but let him get on with his life which cannot be so wildly comfortable, despite what some say.

  11. Deelizia  

    Laura Niermann, you are full of s**t! Are you a friend or relation of Oscar, or some tree hugging do-gooder? Of course it has everything to do with their social status and what they have been able to swing with those in power, as was his sentence. A normal thinking person could never accept his explanation of what occurred! He didn’t seem to have trouble getting around when he was enjoying the limelight but suddenly now things have changed he is using the I’m disabled thing to get special treatment. i wish they had left him where he was to experience something of the fear Reeva went though before he callously killed her.

    • sharlou  

      Surely if he could compete in athletic events he can get to the toilet. Why should he receive special privileges he is a murderer .

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