Oscar Pistorius “freed” from jail

Disgraced Paralympian and convicted murderer Oscar Pistorius was secretly allowed to leave his maximum security prison for a few hours on

Disgraced Paralympian and convicted murderer Oscar Pistorius was secretly allowed to leave his maximum security prison for a few hours on Friday, to be able to attend his grandmother’s memorial service and spend time with his family.

The shamed Olympian was given “compassionate leave” to attend the event because he is considered “low risk” by management at Kgosi Mampuru jail, where he is serving six years for murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Pistorius’s sister Aimee tweeted on October 9 that her grandmother‚ Gerti Pistorius, who was 92‚ had passed away. The siblings are among Mrs Pistorius’ 26 grandchildren.

In a statement on Monday‚ the Department of Correctional Services said Pistorius had requested permission to attend the funeral of his late grandmother.

“The funeral was scheduled for Friday‚ 14 October 2016. This request was processed in accordance with the Departmental Policy on Amenities of Inmates‚” Department spokesman Singabakho Nxumalo said on Monday.

He said the policy gives a number of privileges for offenders‚ and it was introduced primarily to encourage offenders towards good behaviour‚ to instil a sense of respon­sibility and to ensure their interest and co-operation in the integration into de­tention and treatment programmes.

“Compassionate leave is granted for the at­tendance of funerals and/or a serious sick­ness where it is expected that the person is dying. This concession is only granted when it concerns a direct family member (father‚ mother‚ child‚ spouse‚ bro­ther‚ sister‚ grandfather and grandmother).”

A source close to the family confirmed the double amputee was ‘devastated’ at hearing of the death of his ‘oumi’, and immediately applied for permission to attend her memorial service, which was held at a discreet hotel just a few miles from his cramped cell.

Pistorius often used his limited ration of phone calls to keep in touch with Mrs Pistorius, and her husband Hendrik, who had helped raise him following the death of his mother when he was a teenager.

Before her death, Mrs Pistorius, who is survived by her 99-year-old husband, told MailOnline how proud she had remained of her disabled grandson, despite his conviction for murder.

“We pray for Oscar, we love Oscar, and we are very, very proud of Oscar. He is the same wonderful boy he always has been.”

A day before his brief taste of freedom, Pistorius’s lawyers were back in court to fight the latest legal battle since he murdered his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp three years ago.

The runner’s legal team filed papers before the Supreme Court of Appeal to oppose a petition by State prosecutor Gerrie Nel for leave to appeal against what he termed “a shockingly lenient sentence” for killing Reeva on Valentine’s Day in 2013.

In legal papers filed last Thursday, Pistorius’ lawyers say it is an insult to allege that Judge Thokozile Masipa misdirected herself by overemphasising his personal circumstances.

However, prosecutors have applied to appeal Pistorius’ six-year prison sentence saying it’s shockingly inappropriate for the crime of murder.

Do you think the circumstances made it okay for Pistorius’ leave to be granted, or do you think he’s being treated with unfair leniency?

  1. Tracy Barakat  

    Would he have been given preferential treatment if he was ‘coloured’ ??.

    • yes Tracy, they abolished apartheid years ago and the Government is the ANC. How is your personal racism ?

    • Joan Marshall  

      Hi Tracy please allow me to comment on your comment about Oscar Pistorius it has nothing to do with color it is to do with is the man guilty or not. From evidence he is guilty of murder of his girlfriend. Compassionate leave from jail is given to every body guilty or not black or white. This race card was played by O. J. Simpson which worked but…there is a God above and the horrible man was finally put in prison for another crime to serve 33 years and it serves him right if he did not commit the murder he had hired people to kill his wife. Nicole’s fault of low self esteem was putting up with a bully and she was a money hungry woman from her school days, she paid with her life.

  2. Val Alexander  

    Your headlines on Facebook are very deceiving. Came to this site thinking he had been released, only to find that it was for his grandmothers funeral. 😡😡

  3. Truth 13  

    What compassionate leave, for a murderer, who had no compassion to the woman he killed, brutally, and tried to get away, with a bag full of lies. He had an intruder, “who locked himself” inside the toilet. Everyone knows, any intruder coming in to a huse, comes only to rob. They OPEN the doors, and NOT LOCK THE DOORS. It looks, in CORRUPT South Africa, MONEY SPEAKS VERY WELL. How did the same Judge, presided on the same murder case, three times. South Africans wanted the apartheid thrown out, deservingly, but have ended up with one of the MOST CORRUPT Judicial systems in the world. On the face of that woman Judge, all I could see was a highly corrupted look. Shame South African justice system.

  4. Malcolm  

    Even though he’s a convicted murderer, & in goal, he’s still bringing ‘money’ to SA, through Tourism.

    AND money’s all that corrupt Govt wants…………..

  5. Heather nicholson  

    For gods sake leave him alone everyone sick of hearing how he hasn’t heen punished enough .Oscar has to live with his crime and he has lost everything what more do you guy’s want ?

    • Johanna  

      Agree with you why carry on there are people out there that do much worse things i cannot believe people can be si cruel to mankind so plse leave him alone people

      • Kessa  

        I agree with Heather and Johanna leave it all alone.
        What the world should be focused on now is the ISIS crisis how many innocent people have those deranged terrorists killed.

  6. Joan Marshall  

    It amazes me as to how Oscar did not call out to Reeva before he fired that gun. If Reeva was beside him in bed and she was missing he should have called out to her before he fired that gun. Oscar’s life is in tatters for the rest of his life. Reeva’s parents are doomed as well for the rest of their lives with sorrow.

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