Oscar Pistorius’ “cushy” jail life including renovated bath and special privileges exposed

Oscar Pistorius may have returned to his small, single cell for up to 22 hours a day at Pretoria’s Kgosi

Oscar Pistorius may have returned to his small, single cell for up to 22 hours a day at Pretoria’s Kgosi Mampuru II prison a fortnight ago but according to sources, he’s made demands to the prison bosses to make his stay more comfortable with special privileges.

According to sources, his living conditions at the facility are far more comfortable and secure than most of the jail’s 7,000 inmates especially after some renovations that were made at his request.

Oscar has been given a specially equipped bathroom as well as a new mattress after he complained that the previous one was not comfortable for him, reports Daily Mail.

While other inmates would have to eat what everyone else does, Oscar gets to actually cook his own food, citing fears that he would be poisoned as the reason for this privilege.

It may have been the same place where he stayed during his sentence for Reeva’s manslaughter but his privileges seem to keep on increasing.

Reeva’s family is crushed. Not only has Oscar’s demands in jail have been met, now, state lawyers have also reluctantly decided not to challenge the shamed sprinter’s lenient punishment even though it means he could be a free man in just one year.

The family is happy that Oscar’s legal troubles may now finally over – adding: “It is good news – I am pleased that Gerrie Nel has finally drawn a line under this. It would have been risky for him to take this any further – I think everyone needs to move on now.”

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel, had campaigned for Pistorius to serve the minimum 15 year sentence for the 2013 murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

But Judge Thokozile Masipa decided to impose less than half of that on the athlete she described as ‘broken’.

Apparently, Oscar provoked sympathy during his sentencing hearing when he removed his prosthetic legs in court.

Her decision prompted an international backlash and a flurry of unflattering memes on social media and accusations that Pistorius’ fame and ‘white privilege’ had bought him special treatment compared to black and poor offenders.

Reeva’s father, Barry, who is ill, had wept before the judge as he described how the murder of his daughter had ruined his life and health and asked her to ‘make Oscar pay for what he did’.

But in an hour long judgment, the judge finally told the court that she had found ‘compelling reasons’ to set aside the public hostility towards the one-time sporting legend – and the ‘misperceptions’ of the

Steenkamp family said that Reeva’s murder had been anything other than a tragic accident.
“Public opinion may be loud and persistent but it can play no role in the decision of this court,” she told the packed hearing.

Do you think it’s fair that any inmate gets special treatment?

  1. Carolyn Korlaki  

    That so and so low life needs to be locked up forever. How dare he take someones life and get away with it. Where is the justice, Reevas family lost a beautiful young woman because of that ……… person. Fancy the judge giving him such a leneient sentence. Unbelievable!!!

    • Ruth  

      All indications point to guilt. Why would a girlfriend lock herself in the bathroom with two cell phones unless she feared for her life. What intruder would go to the bathroom?
      Oscar is far from “broken.” He will emerge a young, privileged man from a wealthy family and have a family before long.

  2. Christine  

    Must be bribing officials
    It stinks
    Hes a murderer!

  3. Mary Heffernan  

    The man is a great actor, and is milking the sympathy vote for all he can get.

  4. Mavis  

    In our society regardless of your disability, you cannot rob another person of their right to live. Especially when it would appear he has tried to harm previous female partners. This man is dangerous and I feel it is domestic violence of the first order.

  5. gugu  

    How to get away with murder. New season featuring Oscar and Roux.

  6. Patrick Paine  

    The sentence was as everyone knows a six year prison sentence. What does this sentence say to the world? It says that life is cheap while the scripture says that life is extremely valuable, that it is so precious that if a person takes another life that they are to forfeit their own life. No punishment is great enough to pay for the life that was taken except another life because God is the giver of life, Gen 9:6 “Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in his own image. This speaks of the death penalty and shows how God views this crime. But even taking in to account that we don’t have the death penalty the sentence is regarded by many as being far too light. According to our law the minimum sentence is 15 years, and based on this by giving only 6 years it is still saying loud and clear that life is cheap.
    In South Africa (and throughout the world) life is cheap. You can lose your life for 50 cents. People are killed by hijackers every day. When robbers break in to a house they do not only steal but commit murder as well. Think of how women and children are abused by family members and often killed by rapists. We have heard recently of people being killed for political reasons.

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