Orlando doctor pens moving letter about shooting victims

An Orlando doctor has taken to Facebook to tell his story about the night he treated victims of the nightclub

An Orlando doctor has taken to Facebook to tell his story about the night he treated victims of the nightclub shooting that has already left 50 people dead.

Joshua Corsa, a senior surgical resident at Orlando Regional Medical Centre, was working overnight when the victims began to flood in, many riddled with gunshot wounds and fighting for their lives.

He worked through the night treating the men and women and when he returned to work the next day he shared a photo of his blood-soaked shoes and message about the night he “will never forget”.

“These are my work shoes from Saturday night. They are brand new, not even a week old,” Dr Corsa wrote.

“On these shoes, soaked between its fibers, is the blood of 54 innocent human beings. I don’t know which were straight, which were gay, which were black, or which were hispanic. What I do know is that they came to us in wave upon wave of suffering, screaming, and death.

“And somehow, in that chaos, doctors, nurses, technicians, police, paramedics, and others, performed super human feats of compassion and care.”

He wrote that he would always see the faces of the patients and those who “gave everything they had in those dark hours” when he looked at the shoes.”

“There is still an enormous amount of work to be done,” he said. “Some of that work will never end. And while I work I will continue to wear these shoes. And when the last patient leaves our hospital, I will take them off, and I will keep them in my office. I want to see them in front of me every time I go to work.

“For on June 12, after the worst of humanity reared its evil head, I saw the best of humanity of come fighting right back. I never want to forget that night.”

The touching post has already been shared over 300,000 times, with people using the message to show that out of the darkness, something positive can emerge.

It is hoped that people around the world will continue to share the message and prove that love conquers all.

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  1. Mia Van Der Stam  

    What a night of horror- a horror that will never go away for family, friends, doctors, nurses and paramedics- bless them. All because of one crazy idiot- looking at his picture, he looks narcissistic- when will it end.

    • Bette Campbell  

      When someone in the government of the USA has the courage to stand up the gun lobby and say that automatic guns are not to be sold. I am proud of what John Howard did after Port Arthur.

  2. Joan Marshall  

    The Orlando deaths is so disturbing. Donald Trump has the courage to say something radical has to be done to Muslims who dare to partake of all the American facilities and then bite the hand that feeds them. Not all Muslims are the same but for a minority the majority suffer. Hillary Clinton and Obama are typical of the socialist system that take a soft stand about Muslims who are ungrateful. How dare they do all that they are doing? If Muslims born in America are Americans why then do they turn on their brethren ask yourself this question. I hope to God Mr. Trump becomes President they will have a force to reckon with.

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