One Nation senator unleashes on Bill Shorten

One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts has taken a major swipe at Labor leader Bill Shorten, accusing him of pandering to
Bill Shorten was at the receiving end of the tirade.

One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts has taken a major swipe at Labor leader Bill Shorten, accusing him of pandering to union bosses and being involved in “dirty dealings”.

Mr Roberts was speaking about proposed legislation to tackle union misconduct and put Mr Shorten right in the firing line during his speech.

He also used the example of Hillary Clinton’s crushing defeat in the US election to make his point.

“The world dodged the Clinton bullet, and holds out hope that by passing this legislation we can dodge the union bullet as well, the union bosses bullet,” he said in the Senate today.

Bill Shorten was heavily involved in the unions before he took up his role as leader of the Labor party – something Mr Roberts was intent on driving home.

He was repeatedly asked to withdraw his comments and warned to watch his language, but that didn’t stop him from going in hard.

Saying the legislation was about bringing the rule of law to “elite” union bosses, Mr Roberts accused Mr Shorten and his party members of being in the unions’ pockets.

“Stopping this bill is what an elite would do.

“In Bill Shorten’s Labor, theft and malfeasance is encouraged and flourishes unpunished with complete abandon.

“The leader of the Labor party, a man who would not be Labor leader if it were not for the shady dealings he has engaged in with the most ill-reputed union, the CFMEU.”

While Mr Shorten has always proudly claimed his union past, he has previously been ridiculed by the government – particularly Treasurer Scott Morrison – who declared he would run the country like a union if he was ever prime minister.

Mr Roberts attack today seems to have divided many voters commenting on social media with some throwing their support behind him and others saying he was out of line.

What do you think?

Is Labor too involved with the unions? Or is Malcolm Roberts being unreasonable?

  1. Rosanne Newton  

    About time someone spoke the truth.

    • Vida  


      • Adrian Campbell  

        As opposed to the government who are so deep in the pockets of the rich that they seem intent on driving everyone else below the poverty line. Wake up!

  2. Loz  

    Needed to be said. Labour has always been in the unions pockets.

    • Bruce Taylor  

      Why would any intelligent person labour or liberal take any notice of what Malcolm Roberts has to say? He is there representing a party that has all the hallmarks of Hitlers Germany.

    • i.bokor  

      The Australian Labour Party was esrablished as the political arm of the union movement. It changed its name by dropping the “u” about 100 years ago. But it has tried to distance itself from the unions, ad tried to undermine the unions. That is why it scores so badly at elections. The ALP needs to return to being the political arm of the labour movement.

  3. Guy Flavell  

    Totally agree with Senator Roberts on this one. Shorten is the ‘complete’ union stooge.
    His consistent obstructionist ‘politicking’ about the ABCC legislation is abhorrent and
    derives itself from his CMFEU and AWU masters’ wishes. This legislation would enable
    the savings of up to 30% for housing and infrastructure in this country. And where would
    this 30% savings come from? … the greedy pockets of those evilly corrupt union bosses !!!

  4. Garry Bates  

    What does he expect. The Australian Labor Party grew out of the Union movement. Having been around Unions for most of my life, I can guarantee there are a heck of a lot less Union bosses with greedy pockets than big business and the Banks. We have CEOs of companies in Australia being paid millions of dollars a year – if anyone is ripping off this country, it is them; not the Unions.

    • Rosemary Waters  

      At least someone has a sense of history.

    • Guy Flavell  

      “Not the unions” Garry ? Thompson, Jackson, Shorten, Seltja to name a few … plus the
      100 odd union heavies being investigated under the Royal Commission findings.
      No Mate, they ARE bloody corrupt and you know it !!!

  5. Chris henry  

    Unions have destroyed the manufacturing industry in australia with there outrageous demands how many jobs have been lost because of these criminals

    • John cropper  

      No.the free market did that. Both major parties opposed protectionism through tariffs which the unions in many cases supported. The turning point was when Keating went across. It is ironic that the far right have adopted the protectionist policies formerly held by the left.

  6. Cassandra of Troy  

    Good on Malcolm Roberts for continuing to shine the light on Bill Shorten’s questionable past.

    • Bruce Taylor  

      Why would any intelligent person liberal or labour take any notice of anything Malcolm Roberts says? He is there representing a political party that has all the hallmarks of Hitlers Germany.

  7. bill farr  

    It’s great to finally see these truths come home to roost. Even not so surprising is that Shorton
    doesn’t have the courage of his convictions and deny them.

  8. Time to Drain our swamp too. Come on Pauline,get stuck in and drive a wedge between
    the Corrupt Labour and Greens. I am tired of the negative,spoiling political B/S.

  9. Empirical Man shooting off his mouth again. I bet Bill is trembling in his boots following this exposure from the resident clown. This is the consequence of standing in the sun way too long. The only thing this guy gets correct is his name, then again he has to add a bit extra to make sure we understand he is a full slab short of a fruitcake.

    • Guy Flavell  

      Ian, I don’t agree with some of his ‘policies’ … BUT he is THE smartest person in the Senate
      by a street. Put his Wikipedia site up and check out his background and qualifications. Envy is not really a soul-enhancing characteristic, Mate.

    • Bill  

      What a waste of space. Identity politics at its worst. If you want to convince me attack his premise not the man.

  10. Jo  

    I worked in the building industry for 30 years and some of the union request was unbelievable one particular instance the union delegate would turn up drunk on the job make trouble and the only way to get rid of him was to promote him give him a good reference .At onsite union meetings the union guy would walk amongest the workers and threaten them and there family if they did not vote in the unions favor. Scaffolders would start early undo clips on scaffold then report it as unsafe and strike for the day. another instance the new section of a building was being flooded from heavy rain and the foreman placed some blocks to stop the water entry because there was no other laborers on site at the time the union found out and called a strike foreman doing laborers work another instance the workers could smell Chinese cooking from nearby restaurants so demanded that they be supplied with Chinese meals for lunch. this is just a very small sample of what went on in the building industry in my 30 years there

    • Guy  

      And two union thugs sitting in your office demanding a paper bag with $15,000 cash inside
      be delivered to their shop steward’s office within two days or else my company would be
      black-listed off all their building sites. Sadly, my potential losses forced me to accede to
      their criminal demand … to this day I’ve never forgiven myself for being so corruptly
      intimidated by these despicable hoons. Oh, and I’m only talking some 10 years ago.

  11. rikda  

    Here we go. Union bashing.
    The Libs put down their brown paper bags & throw a bone into SAS & watch the dog fight.
    Just remember that the 80 million dollar RC caught a hand full of crooks that were members of a union.
    The biggest crook of all was the darling of the Liberals.
    There were a lot more bank crooks caught without an RC, & given paid leave, after they robbed 1000’s of investors & retirees, & we don’t hear a peep out of anyone.
    “Pass me another tax rort Mal. The Cook Islands look nice. Send it there”.
    Give us a break.

  12. Greg Hills  

    Firstly, I must disclose that I am an A.L.P. Member, but I am not affiliated with any union now. I was a member of the Bank Employees Union for my entire 32 year banking career.
    The A.L.P. was originally built on the proud traditions of the union movement in this country. Without our Unions we would not have reasonable working hours, annual leave, and most importantly, workplace health & safety guidelines in place.
    But of course, that is what the conservative side of politics wants to erode. Their wish is to return to their glory days of the 19th century, where workers were exploited, placed in high risk situations and given no benefits whatsoever. That is the Utopia position of the Far Right Movement.
    Yes, sometimes our more extreme unions can go over board, but generally, they are kept well under control by the A.L.P. Caucus.
    The American version of the Far Right – the Republican Party – did nothing but obstruct President Obama’s initiatives at every opportunity.
    The Far Right Movement, of which the coalition has been hijacked, moving them a long way to the right of their grandest days of the moderate Howard Government. This hijacking has included our Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, who if he had his way, would return the coalition to the moderate position akin to Howard’s days.

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