One Nation senator sent bizarre letter to Julia Gillard

A letter sent to Julia Gillard by One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts has been unearthed, revealing a series of demands

A letter sent to Julia Gillard by One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts has been unearthed, revealing a series of demands that many taxpayers could only dream of!

In the letter, Mr Roberts address Ms Gillard as “The Woman, Julia-Eileen: Gillard.” and demands he be exempt from paying the carbon tax.

The letter was sent in 2011 and is full of, what many are calling, some rather strange language.

As well as demanding he be excluded from paying the carbon tax, he also demands compensation of $280,000 if Ms Gillard did not provide “full and accurate disclosure” in relation to 28 points explaining why he should not be liable for the tax.

He also refers to himself as “Malcolm-Ieuan: Roberts., the living soul”, and claimed there is no evidence the Commonwealth of Australia “is not a corporation registered on the US securities exchange”.

Confused yet?

It’s not know how Ms Gillard responded to the letter, but many are guessing it was with a “what the?”.


Most recently, mr Roberts has made his views on climate change clear, calling it “nonsense”.

Speaking to ABC radio, he called on Australia to “cancel all of this climate nonsense” and said One Nation would work hard to “scuttle” our environmental laws around climate change.

“Carbon dioxide is a plant food, it is essential for life on this earth, and our production of carbon dioxide … cannot affect the climate in any way,” he said.

Do you wish you could be exempt from paying taxes like Malcolm Roberts? Do you believe in climate change?

  1. Every body is entitled to have there say and some have very strange way of stating what they believe is in fact what is going on with climate change,This discussion I have had and will tell the story, There are thousand’s of jet’s flying around at around 30,0000 feet the temperature coming out of the exhaust could roast a full grow pig in no time and we are manufacturing cars trucks all types of carbon producing machine’s and they run 24/7 you cannot hold your hand near the exhaust of any vehicle for long or get burnt with all these million’s of ton’s of heat and carbon going into the atmosphere this has to make a difference to our climate and this is with out all the smelting and manufacturing fire’s and a number of other thing any one can think of. Come on it doesn’t take a Rocket scientist to work out it is changing where we live. Proof is in the pudding we have more respiratory problem in the world to day than ever before

  2. val martin  

    Perhaps along with criminal checks etc prior to being able to nominate for election prospective candidates should be required to prove they are of sound mind.

    • elena  

      Yep, how ignorant and i… those climate change sceptics are! They only think about their our nest ignoring the planet as a whole. Hopefully they are watching the Olympiads opening and realise than Queensland is not the whole of the planet.

  3. John  

    Nothing strange about it, only though, if you know who and what you are.
    For example, we are not a ‘person’, but we have a person. Look at “legal” dictionaries and statutes of law of the meaning of person. Person is just about everything (including a corporation) except a living soul. The person is usually identified in government documents to do with us, in ‘all caps’ writing and words.
    If Malcolm identified himself as the living soul in his correspondence, them he was identifying it was actually him the living man that required a response.
    There’s a lot more to it than this, and I won’t go too deep for those on training wheels, sufice to say, those that don’t know actual law or who they are, are, aren’t really in a position to call this weird!

  4. lurch  

    I read the “letter twice” both times I came to the same conclusion. We the tax payers are paying this D H, but to do what.

  5. [email protected]  

    His letter doesn’t require dissecting: he’s an idiot.

  6. Climate change is a genuine natural phenomena. CO2 warming is doctored science with low credibility. No, I don’t want to pay a carbon tax – remember every C molecule also has 2 carbon molecules.

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