One Nation candidate wants to ‘go back’ to the 50s

When it comes to “a better time” there is no doubt when One Nation state secretary and candidate Jim Savage

When it comes to “a better time” there is no doubt when One Nation state secretary and candidate Jim Savage would go to.

Talking the ABC Radio Brisbane Mr Savage said, “I miss the values, and the lifestyle and the community spirit and the better representation our government gave us in the ’50s.

“I’d like to see us go back to that. That doesn’t mean you’re regressive; it just means that when things were working better once, we should be doing something about it.”

When it comes to families, he thinks we could learn from our past. Mr Savage stated, “If we can bring up our children properly educated, healthy, respectful, law abiding they’ll come into the workforce as adults decent, contributing members of our society”. He then added, “If you can have a strong family with at least one of the parents with a job and not priced out of the soaring prices that were epidemic in this country.”

It was then brought to Mr Savage’s attention that similar comments were made by former Prime Minister John Howard, which he later had to apologise for. An apology was something on the cards for Mr Savage though as he said, “If I was accused of the same thing, I would say ‘absolutely, you are damn right’”.

Do you agree with Mr Savage that there needs to be a return to certain values from the 1950s? Do you think society has progressed past them? If you had an era of culture that you would bring back which would it be? We would love to have your feedback in the comments below.


  1. The Watcher  

    yeh, loved the smelly fifties. Unrestrained pedophiles, “obey authority” beatings at school, importing slave labor kids from other countries…great times, wonderful days.Rampant homophobia, misogyny, bigotry and racism, aboriginals registered under the Flora and Fauna Act… Dads with war PTSD going troppo…I lived through them days, some things were great but beleive me, they are MUCH better now and my millenials are much nicer people with better teeth and more love than we ever had…
    It wasnt all bewitched and Mister Ed you plonker…

    • Jude Power  

      Yeah, I remember the 50’s too: as well as the issues you’ve mentioned, people wanting to divorce had to prove fault (usually via a fake “co-respondent” caught in a motel room); divorced people (especially women) were ostracised; rape victims were rarely believed and rapists rarely charged; there was no Supporting Parents Benefit so children unwillingly given up for adoption; police almost invariably exercised their legal “discretion: to not get involved in “domestics”; there were no women’s refuges; women died from illegal abortions …….. I could go on, but I hope that’s enough to convince anyone that even if it were possible, going back to the 50’s is a very bad idea!

  2. Carmel  

    I grew up in the 50’s and while the values were better then, respect for elders, everyone had manners, I would not like to go back there. Children (I was one) seen and not heard, No-one had any of the labour saving devices we have today, women were subservient to men and the home. The war had just ended there were no luxurious items to be had if you had the money to buy them . Thrashing with the cane at school ,it would be called child abuse today, if you voiced an opinion No-one listened, girls had to leave school at 15 to get a job while most boys were given a higher education. And I could go forever. No thanks give me the better life we have to-day over the awful society it was back in the good old days.

  3. Mungoman  

    No. definitely not.

    I reckon that if you want to go back to the 50’s, you never were there in the first place.

  4. Rob  

    I think you all need to learn to read. He NEVER advocated going back to the 50s as they were. He says he’d like to go back to some of the values of those days with all the improvements made since then, included. There is constant lamentation about lack of manners of family values, eating together, good manners etc etc etc. We’ve done away with all of those things – things that were once ‘normal’ and while in a lot, if not most cases, that’s a good thing, it’s not in all cases. We’ve thrown the baby out wit the bathwater. I think he has a very good point.

    • Eric  

      Finally, a common sense comment instead of hysterical babble!

      Totally agree Rob, and the rest, read his comments properly!

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Yes Rob totally agree. I was born 1950, Also they should go back to the 3 R’s in school, as most children and adults have no idea how to do manual maths, speak English correctly. Most cannot spell for their life.
      I total agree we had values. Also teachers these days have no control over their class, the cane did no harm, and should be bought back for respect for all concerned.

  5. marilyn flynn  

    I think his values include women staying at home and not being able to work. Thank goodness those days have gone.

    • Maureen  

      Hear hear. The only things I like from the 50s are the music and the women’s fashions. I was a child in the 50s. My dad was at Maralinga and was badly affected by the atomic fallout. This ruined his health, he was discharged from the Army, we were summarily evicted from our house, and our family has suffered ever since. And the Howard government and later the Brits refused to acknowledge the suffering of these soldiers, or give them Veterans’ benefits, or any form of compensation.

  6. jaywalker  

    Rob is absolutely right. All he is saying is that there were SOME things that were better in the 50s and he’s right about that. Of course some things were worse BUT some things were better.

    And you can’t make a judgement about an era based on a personal experience. I grew up in the 50s, had a happy childhood, a brilliant education, and my mother worked, and I went to Uni on a Commonwealth scholarship and went on to a profession. On the other hand, I knew families that didn’t encourage girls, but not all were the same.

    Why can’t people read things properly before jumping in.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Yes jaywalker totally agree. People do not read properly.

    • Strummer  

      The great majority of people alive today were born after the fifties and would not have any idea what it was like. Might as well suggest we got back to the 16th century.

  7. Robin Henry  

    Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your view we can’t go back to anywhere. We live in a changing era and what we’ve got to do is make it work the best we can. Governance seems to be at an all time low, but social media means people are more informed than they were in the 50s and also better educated. Society has many different groups all pushing or pulling in different directions and those who govern us have to somehow keep everyone happy which will never happen.

    Hopefully, we’ll improve our society gradually over the coming decades.

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