One Nation candidate slammed over comments about Port Arthur

If you’ve been paying attention to the news during the past week you’ll know there’s been some controversy surrounding One
One Nation candidate Peter Rogers is under fire over comments he made about the Port Arthur massacre. Source: Peter Rogers - Pauline Hanson's One Nation/Facebook

If you’ve been paying attention to the news during the past week you’ll know there’s been some controversy surrounding One Nation candidates standing for the Queensland election.

First there was Shan Ju Lin, who was dumped as a candidate for saying “gays should be treated as patients” on her Facebook page.

Then there was Tracey Bell-Henselin, who claimed gays and lesbians were “out to destroy families as we know” them.

And now another candidate is causing controversy online, this time over comments he made about the Port Arthur massacre in a blog.

No doubt you’ve probably heard all the conspiracy theories claiming Port Arthur was “fabricated” to bring about gun control.

But hearing it from a political candidate is practically unheard of.

Peter Rogers, who is standing for the seat of Mulgrave in North Queensland,  insinuated that the Port Arthur massacre was “total lies” and a “fabricated incident”.

“The greatest social changes that happen in Australia are founded on total lies and a fabricated incident. Look at Port Arthur,” he wrote on a blog on his website.

The comment has outraged many Tasmanians, including Greens senator Nick McKim.

He told the ABC that Rogers’ comments were a “really grievous insult”.

“They should result in him being disendorsed as a One Nation candidate and Pauline Hanson apologising to the people of Tasmania for what is a really grievous insult and big lie,” he said.

But that’s not all Rogers had to say.

He’s also under fire for claiming the photo of a drowned Syrian boy on a beach is fake.

“The whole photo thing was fabricated, as it turns out this kid was alive and well,” Rogers wrote in his blog “The drowned boy, the lie that changed the world”.

“It’s all fraud. All of this explains his dry crocodile tears. They’re intentionally frauding the system. And now they also push propaganda to open the floodgates to the rest of these fraudsters.”

So, what do you think about Rogers’ comments? Should he be disendorsed as a candidate? Or is he allowed to speak his mind?



  1. Cynthia Power  

    What a surprise obviously candidates for Hanson party aren’t hand picked unless the criteria is stupidity.
    This last attack on the deceased victims and families of Port Arthur have reached an all time low.

    • Phil O'Grady  

      Quite right, Cynthia. It definitely appears that the basic criteria for membership of the One Flat Earth Nation party are stupidity and the ability to talk BS without any hint of awareness or shame.

  2. valerie thomas  

    I agree with him and always have felt he was used and chosen to be a part of what happened. Why is he kept alone in prison and silenced with no visitors? Why oh why!!

    • Lindsey  

      Possibly because he has an IQ just higher than vegetable soup and would be very vulnerable in prison

    • Rochelle JANG  

      This is so disrespectful to the victims. The only person who doubts his guilt is his mother?

      • jaywalker  

        valerie – How ridiculous. I can’t believe anyone could think the way you do. And, yes, extremelyI disrespectful to the victims’ famliies. I live in Hobart and know people who were affected. I lived through the news footage. It was horrendous.

        As a retired teacher, I know teachers who taught Martin Bryant here in Hobart. He was a sad case of neglected and untreated mental illness. He is now almost a zombie and is kept in isolation because of his mental state. Anyone who believes the rubbish of Peter Rogers probably doesn’t believe that the Nazis killed Jews in the Holocaust.

    • Karen  

      WTF I have always felt Pauline Hanson does not delve far enough into her candidate’s past or their leanings. I fear once again this will be her downfall. and I voted for her. she needs to smarten up. in regard to the mongrel in jail for the Port Arthur killings, I hope he never sees the light of day. |He should have gotten the death penalty. where are your brains ?

  3. Jenni Ramsay  

    I worked with a victim of the massacre who was badly injured both physically and mentally. Believe me it was no hoax.

  4. Jan  

    He is segregated from other prisoners because like any child molester or rapist or murderer (which is what he Is) he wouldn’t last five minutes if he was allowed to mix and mingle with other prisoners. He is mentally unstable and has a very low IQ and is not one bit repentant for what he has done. I have a friend who lost her precious son in this massacre. Try telling her this was a “planned exercise”!!
    Mr. Peter Rogers needs to stick with what his mental capacity can cope with and crawl back into his hole in Queensland.

  5. I am a supporter of a lot of things that Pauline Hanson believes in BUT if she wants to get people to stand for The One Nation Party she needs to really look into the Candidates she chooses Past and Present things they have said or done as these 3 candidates Definetly wouldn’t get my vote. Gay people are not sick or mentally retarded or anything else it is Genetic and they are Human Beings like everyone else and deserve to live their lives how they wish to. The terrible Massacre in Tasmania was one of Australia biggest Tragedies and to say otherwise must upset their families terribly. So please Pauline choose your candidates carefully before they do a lot of damage to The One Nation Party.

  6. Kaz  

    Port Arthur Massacare fabricated?? What rock has this guy been living under???? Did he go through the archives, check with the survivors??? Did he check records???

    Nah – too lazy, too entitled, and looking to “make a name” for himself.

    Well, he has sure done that – but perhaps “stupid” is not the name he was looking for….

  7. Diandra  

    I truly believe it happened but let me tell you…..THOUSANDS of people believe it was fabricated. Was listening to radio last year and the topic was about this. 95% of the people who called in that night said they believed it was fabricated.

    • Andrew  

      So 95% who phoned-in!, What % of those who didn’t phone-in, believe it was a hoax? Just because thousands of people believe it was fabricated, doesn’t make it fabricated!

      • Diandra  

        Oh for goodness sake! That is ridiculous. I am just stating what the outcome was. It was a phone in poll. That was the RESULT the broadcaster gave out at the end. Don’t blame me!!
        I believe it HAPPENED!

  8. Pj  

    I just can’t find it in my heart, to forgive this type of numb/dumbnessm are we being set up.? To react? This loser with a huge “L” must not have done any research at all. VALE, the lost soul souls due to MB’s actions.
    An horrific time for many.

  9. Sue  

    How old is this joker? He may not remember the date 28/04/1996, but he’s making comments that what happened that day at Port Arthur in Tasmania didn’t exist and was all ‘mocked-up’.

    Has he ever been to Port Arthur both before and post 28/04/1996? If not, he shouldn’t make comments on what he knows nothing about!

    Keep Queensland politics in Queensland and not comment about something that happened nearly 21 years ago in Tasmania!

    I have friends who were either killed or orphaned in the slaying. My sister-in-law was actually living just around the peninsula from the incident. She was complaining about all the media that were camped just outside her village!

    Here is a friend’s bio, including the fact that his father was killed on that awful day:

    Now, let him tell me that Port Arthur didn’t happen!

    It also happened on the 26th anniversary of my parent’s death, so I know where I was on that tragic day.

  10. Peter Brown  

    He can speak his mind, those that were affected by this horrific event and those that can still remember this calass act will not agree with him and am sure will correct him by debate or just not vote for him.

  11. Bruce Taylor  

    Here again we have proof that it should be required for people to pass an intelligence test before they can run for election.

  12. Julie Primmer  

    Come and visit my town in Victoria and I can take you to speak to widows of 2 wonderful men who died trying to protect their wives. See what sort of reception you get! It was not fabricated!

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