On the eve of Australia Day, our leaders are revolting

Was it King Louis who made the quip in response to an urgent messenger bearing the news, “The peasants are revolting!” “Yes,”

Was it King Louis who made the quip in response to an urgent messenger bearing the news, “The peasants are revolting!”

“Yes,” he replied, “they are.”

One wonders if the Queen has a similar feeling this morning as, on the eve of Australia Day, all but one of Australia’s state and territory leaders have a signed a declaration calling for an Australian head of state.

Led by the Australian Republican Movement, the push for a republic has grown momentum, and chair of ARM Peter FitzSimon insists both the Prime Minister and Opposition leader are also on board.

The only leader to hold back is Western Australian Premier Colin Barnett who say says he supports the republican movement and expected it would happen soon, but didn’t sign the petition because he “did not think that the time is right .. to prosecute the argument for constitutional change”, Fairfax reports.

ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr told Sky news, “It’s time for us to grow up and stand on our own two feet.”

Meanwhile Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk believes it’s time for Australia to be led by an Australian, while SA’s Jay Weatherill thinks becoming a sovereign nation would “profoundly change Australian mindsets”.

Mr FitzSimons said this wasn’t a case of turning our backs on the Commonwealth or the Queen: “There are 54 Commonwealth nations. Under the Queen’s watch, 33 have become republics,” said Mr FitzSimons. “They are still a part of the Commonwealth of Nations. They are still going to the Commonwealth Games. The Queen hasn’t fallen over.”

Where do you stand on this issue: Yes to a republic; No; or Yes but not right now?

  1. Our leaders are becoming more revolting with each passing day!

  2. my first thought on reading that was to think..yes our leaders are revolting , we have been telling them that for years!! But on reading the article, I think it is time, to gauge Public opinion again. I am all for a Republic, it WILL happen in time but I can wait till the time is right to broach this. ALL Australians should be allowed to give their input on this, and EVERYONE’S opinion should be respected

    • What model republic are you advocating Libbi, a Congo style, Mugabe style? You need to be very clear on what you are wishing for!

    • Michael Siddle I am not advocating anything, we have a great many intelligent people in this country who can work out the right model for us. Once again EVERYONE should be given a clear choice..let Australians decide

    • Not all republics become dictatorships. There are many democratic republics in the world. We need a referendum putting forward clear choices not like the last which was biased towards the no vote because of the terms in which it was written.

    • I must admit despite being a Republican I voted against it the last time as I thought the proposed model very poor. They need first to put a selection of ideas on what our republic will look like, select the model with greatest support then put it to a referendum.

    • Barbara if the options we have are clear, I think many will vote for a Republic but if they muddy them like Howard did, it might have a different outcome, the one grace we have is that both leaders support it

    • The first thing to do is a yes or no vote, which should have been the question when the last vote was held. Then the brains in the country can work on the models to then be put to the public for a vote. This could take a few years but it’s time it was started.

    • There are plenty of republics in the world. I am fed up with having a foreigner as our head of state

    • As long as it is not based on the American model I’m okay with it. I agree with Libbi in that the people, ALL of them must have a say.

    • Becoming a Republic will not fix the problems in Australia. Paul, the current head of state does not interfere in Australian politics, only advised of what is happening (the same as UK).
      The Governor-General is empowered by the constitution to summon and prorogue parliament, and call elections; however the powers are almost never exercised without advice from the Prime Minister.

    • The only thing that I can see that will get rid Australia’s immediate problems is to get rid of this current Government. But once again this is an emotive issue and one some agree on and one which some don’t and everyone should have a say. While I agree with a republic, I love my country and will accept a majority decision

  3. WHY? another great waste of money to change something which is not broken. Are there not a lot of more important issues to worry about and FIX.

  4. YES it is time for Republic, we need to stand as a capable country Independent and alone. It is time to get rid of the chains that bind us to our convict past

    • I think that reply is the most ridiculous yet Rosalind…Chains to our convict pass…just ridiculous.

    • I am a Australian, I was born in this country and so were generations of my family, time to cut the British apron strings, if you don’t like it..to bad I don’t really care and my opinion is supported by BOTH leaders of this country

    • don’t worry about my mental health Judith Barrie, you worry about your own bad manners and your arrogant attitude to others who have a different opinion to you

    • if you want to come to me and be rude Peggy Knowles..I DON’T CARE who you think you are..I will block you.. now toddle off..they asked for my opinion I gave it..if you don’t agree put your own opinion out there

    • They can’t handle that others may have a different opinion to them, so they are rude. As if that will make anyone change their minds..well said Rosalind.

    • John Schuurman
      We aren’t discussing the model yet , just yes or no for the republic

      • Betty Lloyd  

        NO, NO, NO . . . . get rid of States and become A Country first!

    • Mike here-but Paul, how can you vote yes or no for a republic without knowing what the pollies are conspiring to do to our country, I agree that Rosalinds comments are relevent & intelligent but even if they weren’t, she is entitled to make them as for the forseeable future we live in a democracy, at least until we become a republic

    • thank you mike but even in a Republic we will have a democracy..look at the USA..like them or not they are a democratic country

    • Lesley  

      We’re being duped, Rosalind. We should never say “yes” to Australia becoming a Rupublic before seeing, and being allowed to comment, on the rewritten constitution and finding out who it benefits.

  5. Yes I do, a lot of us have no ties with England. As for copying their judicial system, lot of good thats done us hasnt it, with letting wife killers, and pedophiles off with slaps on the hand!

  6. Maybe but I don’t think the country can afford to do it rite now !!

    • I agree Col, they are consistently cutting spending which affects the lower earners & this will cost a BOMB that should be spent more on getting things working better WITHOUT cost cutting to affect the people who can least afford it. Maybe stop lifetime pensions for politicians then there will be money in the coffers (although it should be put into Medicare instead of costs cuts).
      I would love to see a different flag that reflects the changes in Australia but agree now is not the time to spend money on this.

  7. I’m all for a Republic, however it should be a decision the whole NATION has a say in.

    • Give more power to the pollies? cause that why they want change “special y the left wing” unions labor Fabians etc

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