Olivia Newton-John named worst dressed at CMA awards

She’s often regarded as one of the best-dressed women on the planet, but Olivia Newton-John has been turning heads for

She’s often regarded as one of the best-dressed women on the planet, but Olivia Newton-John has been turning heads for all the wrong reasons at the Country Music Association awards this year.

Olivia walked the red carpet in a daring look, with a driking black and blue jacket, leather pants, white shirt and bow tie.

Despite her effort though, she has been named one of the worst dressed stars at the awards this year with people taking to online commenting to slam her look.

Some media sites even branded her outfit “cringe-worthy” and “in need of assistance”.

“I reckon it must get harder to dress nicely as you get older but Olivia Newton John looks like a trainwreck at the CMAs. Whoever let her walk out the door like that should be fired,” wrote one particularly harsh young observer.

“I know they call it a penguin suit, but something about Olivia Newton John’s look reminds me more of penguin than any real penguin I’ve ever seen,” said another.

While people are always quick to judge, not everyone was so harsh with some saying they absolutely loved her bold choice.

“I think Olivia looks great. Still beautiful at 68,” said one fan.

“Olivia is a talented woman who still looks as good as she did in her 20s! I love her look, proves there’s hope for the rest of us yet,” said another.

Olivia attended the awards with her dapper looking husband John Easterling and later presented an award on stage.

What do you think of her look? Did it really deserve worst dressed?

  1. Elizabeth Gardner  

    Actually the older you get the simpler your dressing so I have found out. But that was a disaster. She is too old to wear what she wore and even on a younger woman it is just a tad ridiculous. She must have some really nice outfits this one certainly was not.

    • John Massetti  

      are Obviously you have never visited a CCW store. Her dress was just typical modern female dress up attire. And age has nothing to do with her look. She was bwasteful at 16 when she hit the charts and she is still beautiful now. Some are great looking no matter what. Others think their opinions actually matters. Me just a 50 year fan

  2. Disey  

    Oh Olivia, I usually love what you wear, but this is ghastly, what were you thinking ?

  3. Mark  

    Olivia looks great! Ya so what she did not dress like the status quo! Good for her! She looks young, hip and fantastic at omg 68!!!

  4. Big ONJ fan but please don't do this again  

    Olivia Newton-John was an extremely talented folk, country, pop and country rock singer in the 1970s before Grease and her 1980s pop, dance and New Wave influenced pop phases. She is a show business survivor who never was credited for her chameleon career like David Bowie, Madonna, and Linda Ronstadt were. She looks incredible and has remained relevant. I love her voice and her timeless, age-appropriate but youthful style, even at almost 70 years old.

    But this outfit sucked and I was stunned to see her look so tacky at the CMAs. I can’t imagine she’ll make this mistake again. Just awful.

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