Now you can tell sales people what you really think about their service

It’s no secret that the state of customer service in Australia has seen better days. These days, largely thanks to

It’s no secret that the state of customer service in Australia has seen better days.

These days, largely thanks to social media, we hear countless stories about customers being ignored, dismissed, or treated with outright rudeness by retail staff and hospitality workers.

Now, a small business in the UK has answered all of our prayers and come up with a way for customers to give anonymous and immediate feedback to a business.

The company developed a program called TruRating, which works with EFTPOS machines.

When you pay your bill you will be prompted to give a rating judging your customer experience and best of all the sales assistant or restaurant worker won’t be able to see your answer.

This means customers can be as honest as they want without feeling uncomfortable about the person of the other side of the till seeing what you’re saying about them.

The program has five core questions that are suited to different industries.

For restaurants these questions revolve around food, value, service, atmosphere, and whether the customer would recommend the business.

You’ll only ever be asked to answer one question at a time, so you don’t have to worry about getting caught up trying to answer a heap of questions on your way out the door.

The program is already a hit in the UK, where customers feel like they’re finally able to be brutally honest about their service experience without having to worry about being blacklisted for their opinion.

It’s hoped that the program will help businesses understand where and how they can improve their customer service and create a better experience for people next time they visit.

The program is set to roll out in some Australian businesses over the coming months.

Would you use a ratings program like this? What’s the worst customer service experience you’ve had? Do you tell staff if you’re unhappy with the service?

  1. colin  

    you only ever hear the BAD stories. I always smile at the sales person and don’t remember the last time I received poor service. Actually I think People expect just a little too much these days, but a lot of service especially in cafes etc is over done just like the USA they are after tips…. The only NO service I get is on the rare occasions I go to ALDI. They have no idea how to smile, are rude and could not care less..

  2. I would certainly use a ratings program like this. I do it on Expedia all the time. I get customer satisfaction email surveys from the likes of Specsavers. Vodafone and others. I’ve experienced rude customer service from a few retail outlets including supermarkets until they introduced self-checkouts. What a blessing that is! The worst customer service that I experienced is price gauging and the arrogance and lies that follow when questioned.

  3. This is my 2nd time I have had to write this, I need one of these machines….who is at fault? I do not know, either Windows.10 or Starts at Sixty, apparently I post too quick, I must slow down. What ? I only pressed post!
    Anyway, roll this machine out in Australia – I love to give compliments & approval to good customer service in a loud & succinct voice! Complaints & negativity I prefer to do quietly & softly…I welcome this gadget with open arms. Customer service certainly has decreased over the years, but, in some areas is much better than ever.

    • Penny Shepherd  

      Just had the same experience as you when trying to post a comment on where I was born…..I definitely think this machine should be rolled out here. I am sorry to say that at times I have had some very bad experiences when shopping; almost felt like apologising for giving them my custom and paying their salaries. On the other hand, when my husband and I visited South Africa we couldn’t get over the phenomenal service we received there (consider that English is not the first language of many of the folk who served us and they had to contend with my husband’s Aussie accent).

    • Susan Bell  

      second time

      i am trying tp post this. I am despairing the constant problem with trying to post a comment. Let us see if this second post gets through.

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