Now that’s how players should behave – incredible sportsmanship puts tennis brats to shame

In a sport where high-profile brats make the press so often, it was so delightful to see a bit of good, old-fashioned sportsmanship

In a sport where high-profile brats make the press so often, it was so delightful to see a bit of good, old-fashioned sportsmanship on the court in the Hopman Cup.

Aussie legend Lleyton Hewitt was facing off against American tennis player Jack Sock during on Tuesday night when the umpire called the Australian’s serve out.

As you can see in the video below, the American 23-year-old called across the court. “That’s in if you want to challenge it”

Lleyton looked completely confused for a moment until Sock called out again – “Challenge it!”

The crowd, commentators and even the umpire all laughed in shock and confusion as Hewitt ordered the challenge. Sure enough, the ball was in and Hewitt won the game – then later the match.

Was Sock conscious of the fact this was the last time Hewitt, who is soon to retire, would play a night match of the Hopman Cup? Or was he simply being a good sport? Take a look and tell us what you think:

Either way the young player’s actions were a far cry from those of Nick Kyrgios who was the least popular of the two player on the court in his match with Andy Murray, even thought it was a home crowd. The troubled player mouthed off at spectators who were heckling him, News Limited reports.

“Are you playing?”, Kyrgios asked the spectator. “Do you want to come down here and play?

“You just sit in your comfy chair. You just sit in your comfy seat and watch.”

Kyrgios regained his composure and went on to win the match, but has been roundly criticised on social media for losing his cool – again.


What do you make of Jack Sock’s sportsmanship? Could tennis do with more of this?

  1. wonder how old Lieyton will be when he turns the cap the right way around?

  2. Hewitt is a good sport himself and is well respected by other tennis players around the world, well done to young Sock.

  3. Ah but remember Hewitt was a tennis brat once too…..experience has matured him to where he is today! Brats have awesome potential, as a rule! They need guidance and encouragement, not judgement from the sidelines,

    • Hewitt wasn’t much better in his younger days. He was very arrogant, and full of himself.
      As for not judging, Bronnie, I think we have every right to expect people in the public eye to behave in a courteous and sportsman like way. They are, after all, the heroes of our impressionable children. If we don’t express disapproval or disappointment when they behave badly, they will continue to be obnoxious.

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