Nicole Kidman’s beautiful gift for hubby Keith this Christmas

Looking for some inspiration on what to get your special someone this year? Nicole Kidman has shared what she’s getting
Nicole Kidman talks about Christmas on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Source: YouTube/TheEllenShow.

Looking for some inspiration on what to get your special someone this year?

Nicole Kidman has shared what she’s getting her hubby Keith Urban for Christmas and it’ll make you love the Aussie superstar couple even more.

We’re used to hearing about how romantic the actress and country music singer are, and Christmas time is no exception.

Nicole has made a surprise appearance on The Ellen Show, talking to Ellen DeGeneres about her new movie and Christmas.

When asked by Ellen what she’s buying for Keith, Nicole revealed the couple don’t buy each other gifts for Christmas.

“I’ll kiss him,” Nicole said.

“He’s in Australia right now on tour.

“The girls and I are here and we’re flying to him, so we’re his present.”

How sweet is that?

Maybe your partner just needs something surprisingly romantic like a kiss for Christmas, sometimes they are the best presents money can’t buy!

What about Nicole and Keith’s daughters Sunday Rose and Faith?

Well, Nicole told Ellen there were a few things they wanted.

“They sort of want American dolls and they want candy… and they want, want, want,” she laughed.

But one of their presents is absolutely beautiful!

“The one thing we are doing actually which I just read an article on, which was a great thing to do, is where they get to choose a charity to donate to,” Nicole revealed.

“And then we donate.

“They get to go online and choose it.”

What a beautiful gesture this Christmas!

Nicole has been given some early Christmas presents of her own, nominated for best supporting actress at both the Golden Globes and Screen Actor’s Guild Awards for her new film Lion.

The Christmas spirit is certainly in the air for Nicole and Keith!

Are you a fan of this gorgeous Aussie couple? What are you getting your significant other for Christmas?

  1. Algernon  

    NK & KU……a very interesting combo……
    Can’t stand either of them, together, or separate.

    She married Cruise to further her career. Strange arrangement, & it didn’t last!

    Did she feel ‘sorry’ for Urban, & married him to get him out of Rehab?
    It’ll be interesting to see how long this one lasts………

      • Algernon  

        At least I’m a true-blue Aussie…..

    • jim  

      Some confusion here, Urban of course is a Kiwi..not quite Aussie superstar couple, crikey next thing Aussie will claim the Pavlova…

    • Mary  

      This comment does not demean these two people who have done nothing to you but says a lot about you and shows your character to be unworthy of compassion

  2. Kaye Paris  

    Algernon that was a story going around at one time. Never proven. What was proven was that her career took off after she and that Tom Cruise fellow split. Where is your Christmas spirit you don’t like them so what don’t make up lies and spread gossip that is not true blue behaviour even if you are an aboriginal. Most aborigines do not behave like that you are letting your race down

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